BF AUCTION: 1972 Pontiac LeMans


Beyond the bright yellow paint, this LeMans may not seem that exciting. It’s fitted with Pontiac’s 350 V8 and is a no-frills two-door post coupe. That also means it’s lightweight and with the few upgrades that have been, I bet it actually haul! This is a Barn Finds exclusive auction so keep reading to learn more.

Nothing fancy in here. Bench seat, column shifter, no AC, and no radio. The lack of creature comforts would normally be a bad thing, but not when we are talking about muscle cars or sleepers. It’s almost the lack of luxury that makes this car cool.

Not that this is really a high-performance car. Pontiac’s 350 V8 was powerful and I’m sure the Edlebrock intake, 4-barrel carb, and 12-bolt rear end help liven this one up even more. I’m sure it would surprise a few guys though when it takes off.

The formula of taking a barebones car and sticking a powerful engine into it has always equated to fun. Fender flairs and spoilers look cool, but do they really do anything? How about stereo systems? Do you need those when there’s a V8 rumbling? Be sure to check out the photo gallery here and place your bids below if you like this one.

  • Location: Lincoln, NE
  • Title: Clean
  • Mileage: 67,419
  • Sold For: $10,000

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Classic Steel

    This is a nice ride that’s perfect to leave the outside alone👍
    No need for radio ever with blue tooth portable speakers …(even a option of blue tooth speaks to attach and hide under visors by pulling up when not in use)


    The engine can easily have the ponies boosted a little with exhaust and simple changes yet look clean like now.

    Nice write up!

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    • bry593

      Someone has removed heater box as well. That ain’t factory….

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        Rigged up and riveted…wonder where the AC Partz are?

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  2. Will Fox

    Wow…and only about 55 miles from me! You don’t see `70-`72 Lemans base models, primarily because no one bought them. This one is simple, yet eye-catching. As long as the 350 is up to par, needing little if anything, the buyer of this will have a real draw at auto shows! I like it, and it looks like the hard work is already done. Complete with Poncho dog dishes; what’s not to like?

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  3. local_sheriff

    Personally I’m not so found of this year Pontiac intermediates, but I really like its stripper personality.
    I don’t care ’bout the lack of AC , however is that heater delete plate a factory item or just a backwoods fix to avoid the ‘expense’ of replacing a leaking heater core…?

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    • Steven Ligac

      Hey, Local_Sheriff. I’m a Fla Boy and “not care(ing) about the lack of AC is just not an option here in the Sunshine State 💥
      Be Well and Happy

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      • local_sheriff

        Haha; I have no problem agreeing with your point there… I remember 1st time I went to Miami I was wearing long pants and immediately got soaked with sweat at my first single step outside the airport building. Just don’t think I had much of an idea of what ‘hot and humid climate’ meant! 😁

        On the other hand; living in a hot climate zone is IMHO simply a luxury problem – I origin out of a place that hardly sees temps above 75f ANYTIME during summer!!

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    • Steve R

      The “heater delete” is home brewed. The patch on the firewall covers a vertical hole that would only have come on a car with factory AC.

      Steve R

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  4. scottymac

    This reminds me of the T-37 and GT-37 Pontiac marketed as competition for the Road Runner. Guess they were passed out by ’72?

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  5. dyno dan

    was this a heater delete?

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    • Steve R


      Steve R

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    • Dovi65

      Never heard of a ‘heater delete” option at this point in the automotive timeline. Especially without a more monstrous engine. If it was, there would still be a control panel in the dash [where the gaping hole is] The ‘radio delete’ should have a cover plate to conceal the openings for the radio [ my 68 LeSabre Custom was a radio delete, and had such a cover plate]

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  6. dyno dan

    where are the HVAC controls?

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  7. 433jeff

    I bet the doors shut with authority like a 123 mercedes

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  8. Del

    Pontiac’s Chevelle.

    Nice cars.

    Too bad about no heater or A/C

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  9. Desert rat

    I like this one , if I had it I’d only make two changes drop in a 4 speed on the floor and ditch the steel wheels and dog house hubcaps, can’t stand that look, factory rally or touque thrust wheels would look just right, to me.

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  10. JRH

    If you look on the dash you will see where the heater controls are missing. If you look at the firewall you will see a plate looks like riveted on the firewall. And the firewall looks totally smoothed out with nothing mounted on it.Just some stuff I noticed.

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  11. Troy s

    Like the idea of a stripper LeMans with go under the hood, but the yellow, I don’t know, just too in my face for me. White, blue, black, bergandy, with Cragars or American mags full length headers and noisy turbo muffler’s. It’s one of those kind of cars for me.

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  12. TimM

    Not my favorite color but it looks cool with the steelys and poverty caps!!

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  13. Stevieg

    I really like the look of this one, in spite of the color lol. Could be a fun car. I am picturing it with a 400 or 455 swapped in, and nothing else done except for maybe some brake upgrades. I wish I had the means to get it.

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  14. 370zpp ZippMember

    In 72 I bought a brand new 72 Lemans GT. Burnt Orange, black stripes, rally wheels “side splitter” exhaust, 3 speed on the floor – and an underpowered V-8. After 3 months the white headliner was stained from water leaks. Dealer told me too much work to fix, live with it. People kept asking me where the missing “O” was on the back. I ended up replacing the “GT” emblem with a “GTO” emblem. Then I replaced the front and side emblems as well. Eventually traded it in – as an actual “GTO” for a 74 Mercury Capri V-6. Great car.

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  15. Tom

    Previous owner was racing this on the street. If it was not needed, it was removed. Also, a built 12 bolt rear axle is in it. It’s not a factory heater delete car, just a car that the owner has removed those components. Car is pretty quick for a 350.

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  16. Bobby Longshot

    Wow! Another old, plain, rusty GM coupe! Kinda’ basic transportation, but a running V8 is always a plus! I would think it’s easily worth $380 if it has a good title! Maybe even $500…oh what the heck my girlfriend’s favorite color is yellow, I’ll go all in and give you $750! What!? It’s currently bid at $3800??

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    • Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

      Very funny, but when was the last time you found anything that was pre-73 with a running V8 for anything under $1k? Maybe you’re thinking about how things used to be… 30 years ago?

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      • Bobby Longshot

        Yes, I absolutely was. And you’re right, we never see nothin’ with wide lapels and a V8 anymore for less than a grand, except maybe a Maserati in decent condition. :/

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  17. edbroker

    Does anyone know if this car runs?
    Does it start? Tranny works?
    Where is the flywheel cover?

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  18. edbroker

    I have a bid in for 3900 why isn’t it showing?
    When does this auction end?
    Its been a week already.

    I see form the sellers website theyre asking $14k I don’t think $4k is going to make it at auction.

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  19. Tom

    This auction is already Over. This listing is in the Past Auction category. BarnFind auction last 7 days and are extended slightly if there is active bidding on the vehicle.

    You can make a 2nd Chance offer on the car using the “Make Offer” option near the top of this listing.

    You are correct, the seller is definitely looking for something in the lower teens for this car. With the built 12 Bolt rear end in the car and the relative solid body, it doesn’t seem like to bad of a price for a unique Pontiac.

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  20. edbroker

    Thanks for the response.

    How do I get my security bid money back since the auction is over and im not willing to bid higher?

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    • Tom

      You just need to contact the folks at BarnFind to work that out.

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  21. Alexander DiObilda

    Why does the gasket on the water pump
    Have exhaust Orange permatex
    Bubble-gummed around it’s perimeter?
    Do I see Rust through holes in the front
    Rocker panel area? A new diff. , with a bench seat and column shift, front drum brakes… asking 10K?…Seems excessive.
    AL in PA

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  22. Tom

    This car (Lemans) is sold – Thank you for your interest.

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