BF Auction: 1974 Porsche 914 2.0

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  • Seller: Marcello D iGeronimo
  • Location: Woodbury, New York
  • Mileage: 72,618 Shown
  • Chassis #: 4742901487
  • Title Status: Clean

Choosing a project candidate can sometimes be challenging, particularly if the buyer seeks something slightly exotic. Many cars of that type are expensive, parts can cost a small fortune, and drivetrains are often complicated. However, this 1974 Porsche 914 2.0 is a likely candidate. The company followed a tried-and-true approach to its development, and its engine is no more complex than the one powering the iconic Volkswagen Beetle. That makes the 914 an ideal option for someone considering a hands-on approach. The Porsche has hibernated since 1995, and the owner would like to see it head to a new home with an enthusiast who will return it to its rightful place on our roads. Therefore, he has listed the Porsche exclusively with us at Barn Finds Auction.

Porsche introduced the 914 in 1969 to replace its 912 model. They sought an individual design that couldn’t be mistaken for anything else, focusing on sleek aerodynamics and a low center of gravity to improve handling. Buyers could order their 1974 model in fourteen paint shades, with this car finished in Olympic Blue. The owner purchased this beauty from a used car lot in Arizona in 1989, meaning it spent its early life in a dry climate. He drove the car regularly until 1995 before placing it in hibernation. He removed the lights at one point, and those parts are in the trunk. It is a remarkably solid classic, with its worst rust confined to a small area in the back section of the rear trunk. It is clearly visible in the photo gallery, and addressing the problem with a patch wouldn’t be difficult. A perfectionist throwing caution to the wind could replace the entire trunk pan, and with these readily available for under $200, that approach won’t break the bank. The panels have a few bumps and bruises, but none justify further steel replacement. The trim and Targa top are intact, and the glass is in good order.

The Porsche’s interior will make many smile because it is in excellent condition for its age. There are no signs of tattered or shredded upholstery, and there are no issues with the dash or pad. I spotted a small rip on the inner edge of the driver’s seat bolster, but a competent upholsterer should have no trouble addressing this with a blind patch. That is a more affordable option than replacement covers and would be the best solution for a new owner on a budget. Otherwise, a few hours of deep cleaning would leave the interior presenting extremely well for a driver-grade classic.

Porsche developed a reputation for extracting surprising performance from cars with what appear to be, on the surface, relatively modest engines. The 914 2.0 is no exception. Its 1,971cc air-cooled flat-four sends 91hp and 105 ft/lbs of torque to the rear wheels via a five-speed manual transaxle. Those figures aren’t startling, but with a curb weight of only 2,138 lbs, the 914 can hit 115mph. However, the greatest strength is the low center of gravity, allowing the Porsche to grip tenaciously on twisting roads. This little German sports car ran and drove well when the owner parked it in 1995, but it hasn’t run since. The air-cooled Porsche engine is remarkably robust, and coaxing it back to life with basic maintenance and a fluid change might be possible.

This 1974 Porsche 914 2.0 proves that European sports cars aren’t always expensive vehicles with complex and daunting mechanical components. The company chose elegant simplicity with its development, making these cars ideal for enthusiasts with DIY leanings. This car’s rust issues are relatively minor, and a hands-on approach would minimize the restoration costs. If a distinctive classic that stands out has been on your Wish List, submitting a bid on this Porsche could be an excellent starting point.

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Sold for: $6,024
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Ended: May 31, 2024 11:06am MDT
Winner: jjd57
  • jjd57 bid $6,024.00  2024-05-31 11:04:00
  • vp277
    bid $6,014.00  2024-05-31 11:01:55
  • jjd57 bid $5,914.00  2024-05-31 10:59:53
  • vp277 bid $5,369.00  2024-05-31 10:57:55
  • jjd57
    bid $5,300.00  2024-05-31 10:55:09
  • vp277 bid $5,250.00  2024-05-31 10:53:53
  • jjd57 bid $5,200.00  2024-05-31 10:50:35
  • XAG Fort Worth
    bid $5,150.00  2024-05-31 10:49:54
  • vp277 bid $5,123.00  2024-05-31 10:47:55
  • jjd57 bid $5,091.00  2024-05-31 10:44:57
  • XAG Fort Worth
    bid $5,025.00  2024-05-31 10:43:54
  • vp277 bid $4,969.00  2024-05-31 10:41:53
  • jjd57 bid $4,914.00  2024-05-31 10:40:00
  • XAG Fort Worth
    bid $4,675.00  2024-05-31 10:37:54
  • vp277 bid $4,626.00  2024-05-31 10:37:53
  • jjd57 bid $4,600.00  2024-05-31 10:35:52
  • vp277
    bid $4,550.00  2024-05-31 10:33:53
  • jjd57 bid $4,500.00  2024-05-31 10:31:44
  • XAG Fort Worth bid $4,419.00  2024-05-31 10:29:11
  • vp277
    bid $4,369.00  2024-05-31 10:27:52
  • XAG Fort Worth bid $4,300.00  2024-05-31 10:25:55
  • vp277 bid $4,250.00  2024-05-31 10:25:48
  • jjd57
    bid $4,194.00  2024-05-31 10:23:54
  • vp277 bid $4,069.00  2024-05-31 10:23:49
  • XAG Fort Worth bid $4,000.00  2024-05-31 10:21:43
  • jjd57
    bid $3,800.00  2024-05-31 10:19:38
  • XAG Fort Worth bid $3,725.00  2024-05-31 10:17:51
  • vp277 bid $3,600.00  2024-05-31 10:15:45
  • XAG Fort Worth
    bid $3,525.00  2024-05-31 10:13:52
  • vp277 bid $3,369.00  2024-05-31 10:11:45
  • jjd57 bid $3,300.00  2024-05-31 10:09:45
  • vp277
    bid $3,200.00  2024-05-31 10:07:36
  • jjd57 bid $3,100.00  2024-05-31 10:05:16
  • XAG Fort Worth bid $3,025.00  2024-05-31 10:03:54
  • vp277
    bid $2,769.00  2024-05-31 10:03:12
  • jjd57 bid $2,700.00  2024-05-31 10:00:15
  • vp277 bid $2,600.00  2024-05-31 09:58:08
  • 92odaat
    bid $2,500.00  2024-05-31 09:57:13
  • DanK bid $2,400.00  2024-05-31 09:33:44
  • XAG Fort Worth bid $2,200.00  2024-05-31 09:30:08
  • Scott67SS
    bid $2,100.00  2024-05-31 09:09:41
  • 92odaat bid $2,000.00  2024-05-31 08:56:35
  • Former 914’r bid $1,900.00  2024-05-31 08:03:19
  • Scott67SS
    bid $1,750.00  2024-05-31 06:45:25
  • 92odaat bid $1,650.00  2024-05-30 22:42:53
  • jjd57 bid $1,550.00  2024-05-30 10:10:38
  • vp277
    bid $1,450.00  2024-05-29 20:30:22
  • Gart bid $1,350.00  2024-05-27 19:39:58
  • wmnielsen bid $1,250.00  2024-05-25 11:57:24
  • brian smith
    bid $1,000.00  2024-05-25 09:50:18
  • EdE bid $350.00  2024-05-25 09:18:40
  • Vinny1968911 bid $100.00  2024-05-25 08:59:03

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  1. MarkMember

    Any pictures of the battery box area?

    Like 6
    • Marcello DSeller

      Uploaded one yesterday. I will send more.

      Like 2
  2. vp277Member

    @Marcello D, I’m interested in the car, would it be possible to view it in person next week?

    Like 1
    • Marcello DSeller

      Yes. I am home most of day tomorrow (05/27) for holiday. Evenings are best for me for rest of week.

      Like 1
      • Marcello DSeller

        @vp277: I just sent an email. Please let me know what day you would like to stop by.

        Like 1
  3. David K

    I suspect there are issues in the driver’s side longitudinal integrity. Looking at the jack point damage, it indicates the long did not support the jack post and resulted in the jack folding into the rocker.

    Like 4
    • Marcello DSeller

      There is some rust damage on driver’s side that needs repair. I will send some more detailed photos of this area.

      Like 1
  4. Bunky

    Looks like a nice candidate for a project.
    Actually, the 914 was developed to replace the Karmann Ghia. That’s why the first 914s only say “Porsche” on a rear window decal. In a last minute decision it was marketed as a Porsche instead of a VW.

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  5. Jesse JesseStaff

    We have uploaded more photos to the gallery in response to questions.

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  6. Brian.A.

    I like the car I’ve never done restoration. Might be the right type of car start with it.

    Like 0
    • Marcello DSeller

      I had done my first restoration on a 1971 914 before buying this one. I have a full set of original 914 workshop manuals that I will throw in with the car.

      Like 3
      • Frank Barrett

        Worth several hundred dollars.

        Like 1
  7. 914Shifter

    Wow!! Very well documented with pictures showing everything you need to see. As mentioned above, there will be some repair work above the jacking point that may get serious, but I’ll trade that for a pretty clean battery box area as shown here. Wheels are great, good color, very nice interior. And a 2.0 to boot! Oh, and those shop manuals will be really great for reference…

    Like 4
  8. bobhess bobhessMember

    Owned a ’72 and a ’74. Used the ’72 as a go to work car and built the ’74 into what Porsche should have done in the first place. AC built into the chassis so only the dash vents showed, moved the battery to the front trunk, built up the seat side bolsters for more comfort, tweaked the suspension for better handling (the stock suspension wasn’t up to any more than going in a straight line), and pulled 135 hp out of the 1.8 engine. Lots of fun.

    Like 2
  9. Bill ToelMember

    Give us an update on what the car looks like in person. 😉

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  10. 92odaatMember

    Marcello D, the BFA’s summary states the 914 was parked in ’95 but it hasn’t run since. Given what appears to be a newish battery, there seems to be an attempt to fire up the engine – can you comment on this including whether the manual transaxle is operable. Or would you say the vehicle merely rolls, brakes & steers? Thks!

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    • Marcello DSeller

      It is correct that the car has not run since 1995. The battery has not been changed since then. It has moved between three garage locations during that time, but not under its own power. It could possibly be coaxed back to life, but I have not made any effort to do so.

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  11. Shane Williams

    The 6 cylinder version of the 914 can be a fun car. Was given an abandoned, early 70’s 914. My 18 yo self didn’t know any better and went “dirt tracking” with it, lol. Would NOT turn on dirt & wrapped itself around a pine tree.

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  12. Ray

    The current bid on this 914 is a steal people!!!

    I’ve restored a few of these and this one has great bones. If I had the time right now, I would be all over this.

    It’s worth buying if you have a garage with space.

    Like 1
  13. 92odaatMember

    Marcello D, when you parked the 914 in ’95, was the engine running and was the manual transaxle operable?

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    • Marcello DSeller

      Yes. I drove it regularly around NY/NJ with no issues before parking it in 1995. I stopped driving it at that time because I moved to Boston for a job.

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  14. 92odaatMember

    Marcello D, BF states the title is clean; however:
    1) is DMV registration current?
    2) or is the vehicle on “non drivable” or “non op” status?
    3) is the vehicle clear of any & all delinquent registration fees?

    Like 0
    • Marcello DSeller

      1) The NYS DMV registration for this car has expired. Buyer will need to register this vehicle prior to driving it on public roads.
      2) There is no requirement to register a vehicle that is non-operable. Unregistered vehicles are permitted to be stored on private property. There might be local municipality or homeowner association restrictions on storing non-operable vehicles outside of a garage.
      3) NYS DMV registration fees are paid prior to obtaining registration. There are no delinquent registration fees.

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      • 92odaatMember

        Thank you for your reply. However when you say there is no requirement to register a vehicle that is non-operable, it seems there still is a requirement to register it as “non op” or “non drivable” – no? …not in NY state?

        It could be moot at this point since after 29 years, the vehicle is probably out of the DMV system.

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      • Marcello DSeller

        At the time, the only requirement to remove a vehicle from the road was to surrender the plates. I just did a quick search on NYS DMV website and could not find any information about registering a vehicle that is non-operational.

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  15. 92odaatMember

    vp277, on May 25 you asked Marcello D to view the vehicle in person next week. Did you view it and if so, comments on your inspection would be much appreciated.

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    • vp277Member

      Hi all,

      I did see the car a couple of days ago. I’d say that it’s honestly presented by the pictures and description. It appears that the car was resprayed at some point and the paint is not salvageable. I’m not a Porsche guy, can’t talk to originality, but it seems to be complete.

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      • 92odaatMember

        Thank you, vp277 – do you think you’d consider bidding on it and seriously purchasing it?

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      • misterlouMember

        Is that the original color?

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    • vp277Member

      @92odaat, to answer your 2nd question: I will bid, but won’t go crazy. The car sat for almost 30 years, tons of work is needed to recommission mechanical components, plus paint has to be dealt with. Hope this helps.

      Like 1
      • 92odaatMember

        Thank you for your input.

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  16. 92odaatMember

    Peace out! $1700 ship fee to Calif a dealbreaker!

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  17. IC

    Add $500 minimum buyer’s fee to buyer’s high bid amount

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  18. Jesse JesseStaff

    This auction has been surprisingly exciting to watch! Good luck bidders!

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  19. Jesse JesseStaff

    Congrats jjd57! That was a hard fought battle!

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