BF AUCTION: 1978 Datsun B210 Coupe

The B210 was sold as an economy car in the United States, but Datsun also offered performance versions in other markets so you know there’s some potential here. To be fuel efficient the B210 needed to be lightweight, but that also made it more agile and fun to toss around. Doug, the owner of this particular car, has owned it for 11 years. The car is currently in Myrtletown, California, but Doug is moving across the country soon and is already taking 5 cars with him so something has to go!

There aren’t many of these left because most were driven into the ground or left to rot away. Some assembly work is needed here, but don’t let that dash scare you away. Doug has boxes of parts that go with the car and one of them contains a NOS dashboard! The photos show a rust free body so this might just be the start of a fun and affordable project. Doug was in the process of the stripping the car out when, unfortunately, his wife lost her job.

The 1.4 liter four-cylinder engine had already been rebuilt and has only acquired about 100 miles since then. The clutch, pressure plate and throw out bearing were also replaced while the engine was out. A NOS driveline can be found behind the 4-speed transmission too. The brakes were also gone through, there’s a rebuilt carb, and even the suspension is all new. Sounds like Doug was serious about this project and that a lot of the greasy work has already been done.

Bidding starts at $550 with no reserve, so be sure to get registered as a bidder if you’re interested in finishing this cool little project. Also feel free to post any questions you may have in the comments section below. Thanks for listing your Datsun with us Doug! We hope it goes to a good home where it will get finished and driven. If any of you have a car like this that you need to sell, please consider auctioning it off here on Barn Finds!

Location: Myrtletown, California
Title Status: Clean
Parts Included:

  • Rebuilt engine
  • Rebuilt carburator
  • Clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing
  • NOS driveshaft
  • Wheel cylinders
  • Brake shoes
  • Brake and clutch master cylinders
  • Windshield gasket and side window gaskets
  • Doors seals and window runners
  • NOS dashboard
  • Ignition switch
  • Speedometer
  • Seat belts
  • Wiper motor
  • Bumper
  • Glass is used, but in good shape
  • Front and rear shocks
  • Rear louvers
  • 20+ boxes of extra parts!

Bid On This Auction

Sold for: $600
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Ended: Aug 31, 2017 9:00am MDT
Winner: Agustin
  • Agustin bid $600.00  2017-08-30 20:37:50
  • JIM bid $550.00  2017-08-30 19:06:37
  • Agustin
    bid $300.00  2017-08-28 16:16:30
  • JIM bid $200.00  2017-08-26 21:31:32
  • John bid $100.00  2017-08-25 22:14:33

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  1. Milt

    Another car that was EVERYWHERE back in the day and now nowhere to be found.

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      There is a reason for that…. “Planned Obsolescence”.

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      • Dave Wright

        That is why I avoid oriental cars and products in general……..that is there marketing plan.

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    • whippeteer

      It’s called rust. My B210 rusted in half. Literally.

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  2. Terry J

    Had one. New driveline is a good idea because they did NOT have replaceable factory U joints. I read that there was an aftermarket conversion kit of some kind that came along later though. :-) Terry J

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  3. DrinkinGasoline

    Such an awkward looking rear tail panel (like the Kia Soul of today with it’s overdone tail lamps). It looks as though the tail lamps and reflectors were an after thought to conform with regulations at the last minute. I wish the seller the best of luck as it seems to be a decent candidate for a finished product.

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  4. giorgitd

    Agree with Milt – these used to be parked on every other block, but I can’t remember when I saw one last. GLWTA

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  5. Ted S

    4 speed or 5 speed?

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  6. angliagt

    Doug here (the seller).It has a 4 speed,
    with an NOS Datsun driveshaft.
    The car is just outside of Eureka,CA.
    I’ll also include the dealer microfiche,that
    covers all years of B210 (’74 – ’78) along with
    the viewer.
    If you have any questions,please feel free to ask.

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    • John Freitas

      Hi Doug, I just came across your article and I was wondering if you still had the car? Interested if you still have this B210.

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  7. alan

    A wonderful and worthless car. It was a pure pleasure to have owned one.

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  8. angliagt

    Forgot to ad – it also comes with the original
    Blue/Gold California plates that it’s registered to.

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  9. Ben T. Spanner

    Wasn’t this the basis of the Honeybee? Yellow with black trim? These were cheap disposable entry level cars when new. In the rust belt, they melted away.

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    • whippeteer

      The Honeybee was a stripped down version of the 2 door sedan.

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  10. Terry J

    Worthless? Agree with the wonderful part though. First one I bought for my kid had over 225,000 miles on it and we just intended it to get him through the winter. 5 years and many more miles later, he sold it to another kid who is probably still driving it. Does what it was designed to do. Crude, noisy, slow,leaked water in the rainy winter, but started and ran everyday and in the condition this little blue fast back is, should do so for a couple more decades. :-) Terry J

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  11. whippeteer

    You “can” fit 17 teenagers in one…

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  12. Terry J

    In the early 50s Nissan built engines under license from BMC ( British MG). When they designed their own it was much like the MG predecessor. Starting with the 1971 1200 it was resigned with 5 main bearings and a forged steel crank. They are just about bullet proof. Look at it. Tell me it doesn’t look like an MG engine without the dang SU carbs. :-) Terry J

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    • tugdoc

      The early ones and the SSS hi performance models had side drafts.

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      • angliagt

        No – in the US,they only had a single carb.

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  13. Pat A

    I’ve seen one driving around the San Gabriel Valley recently. Kind of a brown mustard color. Looks really clean.

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  14. Dave

    I had one, painted it gloss black, mirror tinted windows all around, double-wire deep dish chrome wheels. I thought it looked rather cool. Not real fast, but nimble. I installed a car computer with cruise control. Extra gauges, custom speaker system…

    Put over 150K miles on it, drug it across country to college and sold it when I got married and needed more space. I wish I still had it.

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  15. lonnie cavenee

    I test drove a new one and it was a quick (for it’s day) and handled pretty good. There was a sweeper on ramp for the 101 north posted at 25mph and I took it at 50 with no sweat.

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  16. Dave Wright

    Highest and best use would to build a Bob Sharp clone…………he could really make these run on a racetrack.

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  17. Daniel

    I’m in central washington would I be able to fit everything on a 15′ car trailer? Debating wether to haul with my pickup or my highlander. And does the car come with all parts to put back together?


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  18. Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

    The reserve has been meet and the bidding is still low. Looks like a bargain project to me guys.

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  19. Sean Paul Stevens

    I got one of these given to me by a local heavy metal band. It was oxidized brown and they called it the roach. It wouldn’t smog due to a burnt valve so I took it up to the mountains, cut the top off, and drove it like a go-cart all over. All it ever saw for an entire year was logging roads. I drove the literal pee out of that car that was renamed “Hale-Bop”. I tried to break it. I am here to tell you that little B-210 survived it all. Never knocked the alignment out, nothing. I wish I could put into words the abuse that Datsun was put through. I now love these cars and have been looking for an example to love and care for. I know it would last a lifetime.

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