BF Auction: 1980 Chevrolet Camaro RS

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  • Seller: Alice C oleman
  • Location: Richmond, Virginia
  • Mileage: 84,500 Shown
  • Chassis #: 1P87HAN517767
  • Title Status: Clean

The Rally Sport package debuted with the first-generation Camaro, but for following generations, the option would only be offered on select years. The second-generation Camaro wouldn’t be offered as RS until ’78, and the option was gone again by ’81. This cosmetic package offered unique styling that wasn’t available on any other trim levels. The 1980 Camaro being offered here as a Barn Finds Auction is an RS that needs a new home. Its seller has done all the needed work to make this survivor ready for the road again, so if you’d love to hit the streets in it, be sure to bid below!

As emission regulations continued to strangle performance and pressure from cheaper imports, Chevrolet had to get more creative to keep buyers interested in the aging Camaro. Bringing the Rally Sport back gave buyers an option for a Camaro with more visual flare but without the higher price tag of the Z/28. The 1980 RS was offered with either the 267 or the 305 V8. The package was purely visual, with a unique two-tone paint job that made the car stand out from standard Camaros.

This example is equipped with the 155-horsepower 305 V8 and a 3-speed automatic. The car also had power brakes, power steering, power windows, A/C, sport suspension, rally wheels, a sport steering wheel, and cruise control. The combination makes for a comfortable cruiser that should prove to be quite fun. The seller recently serviced the car with fresh oil and new tires, the brakes were serviced, and the power steering pressure hose was replaced. It’s said to be in good mechanical condition and is ready to drive.

The seller is confident that the car is original inside and out. A look at the inside reveals a tidy interior that would seem to back up the mileage shown. There’s minor wear on the driver’s seat, but it would be in line with the mileage. The seller states that everything works as it should.

There are a few paint chips and flaws, but overall, this is one clean Camaro! The car retains its original window sticker and a notebook documenting all the service that’s been done to it. If you’ve been hunting for a second-generation Camaro Rally Sport or just want a clean survivor, this might just be the find for you! Be sure to take a closer look at all the BF Pro Photos below, and if you have any questions for the seller, please leave them in the comments.

Bid On This Auction

High Bid: $7,500 (Reserve Not Met)
Ended: Apr 16, 2024 11:00am MDT
High Bidder: ndawson814
  • ndawson814
    bid $7,500.00  2024-04-16 10:57:52
  • Dominic bid $7,000.00  2024-04-14 15:48:59
  • TLee bid $6,300.00  2024-04-13 21:13:31
  • ndawson814
    bid $5,500.00  2024-04-13 09:24:49
  • Bill A bid $4,100.00  2024-04-12 18:55:04
  • ndawson814 bid $3,600.00  2024-04-11 20:59:45
  • Makoman
    bid $3,100.00  2024-04-11 10:09:31
  • Big John bid $2,600.00  2024-04-10 14:32:22
  • Kar55 bid $2,100.00  2024-04-10 13:56:44
  • MrMac59
    bid $1,600.00  2024-04-09 12:54:25

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  1. Terry

    I never thought I’d say “thank God it has a 305” about any car. Not much for engine options. I’m also happy to not see T tops on this car.
    Very nicely preserved. GLWA!

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    • Dennis

      I love a solid roof over my head too. Do you think you could put in a roller cam in this 305?

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  2. Nelson C

    Neat cruiser with most every option. Looks to be in good condition. Nice trip down memory lane.

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    • '61 hot rodder

      No RS until ’78 on a 2nd Gen? That is what the ’70 to ’73 split bumpers were (at least the REAL ones).

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  3. Sully 627

    Why is this guy bidding against himself? Odd

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    • Jesse JesseStaff

      I’m sure he is just hunting for the reserve. Unlike eBay, we do not use proxy bidding so every bid placed is shown.

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      • Paul Alexander

        Reminds me of my ’80 Z-28 a bit. Mine had a 350, though. They were good, solid cars, in my opinion. My twin boys leaned to drive in it (on the back roads) when they were 11 years old. Another car I wish I had kept.

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  4. AndyinMA

    Love it!

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    • T Speakman

      Nice car had one in high school might need rear exhaust and or brake lines replaced but I admire how clean it is well done!

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  5. JoeNYWF64

    Uniroyal is now doing it too – only 3 tread channels on their latest tires now on this car.

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  6. Olshool62

    Sweet old school ride time to SPIN TIRES ON PAVEMENT

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    • Harry 1

      Very nice camaro. Wont go dirt cheap. To nice a car to be sold for peanuts. Have seen rust buckets sold for these offerings so far. Rollars they call em.
      Wish it were closer. She will find a good home. Had the Z-28 1979 Edition. My favorite ride.

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      • TLeeMember

        Harry I’m a long distance but car looks good

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  7. Eddie Pennsylvania

    Lovely, but I would want T-Tops (despite all the issues associated with them… a Camaro or Firebird with T-Tops is just badass). Also, hard to believe this has not seen an interior retrim — damn near 90k miles and no wear on the driver seat edge? A good hard fart will put a hole through those seats typically. That said, if it is a retrim, I can absolutely appreciate that it appears well done.

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  8. Dan

    The RS option was indeed available on the second generation Camaro from 1970-1973…the popular split bumper was part of the RS package, and then the Camaro RS took its hiatus until 1978.

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    • Rob

      When the Z28 was discontinued in 1975, I recall that the Rallye Sport was the striping package that replaced it.

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    • ALAN M

      The RS was available on at least the ’76 “bumper cars” as well

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    • Denny

      Not true about the RS option returning in ’78. It returned in ’77 – I had one in two/tone blue. Factory ordered it. No T-top option that year though..

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      • Denny

        Actually, I think RS returned in ’76 ..

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  9. Thomas Smithey

    What is the condition of the door hinge pins. The long heavy doors typically wear out the hinge pins long before the 90k miles shown on this beauty unless they are kept lubed (this rarely happens). When you open the (driver side especially) door usually there is a drop or sag in the door and the doors are “loose” when you lift up on them. Its a relatively easy fix.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      My ’74 firebird i bought used in ’78 for $3750(no a/c or p/w) with 43k miles already had minor rusting rear qtr panels & split vinyl driver’s seat – but was never driven in the rain again since – always garaged – now has 250k miles on it & never had sagging doors & i only started lubing the hinges with white lithium grease 10 or so years ago. Still no up & down play even in the driver’s door! Go figure.
      All orig front end, turbo 400 automatic & 400 v8 – excluding timing chain & a few external accesories. The only thing that ever stranded me a few times was the factory all USA made HEI. Next time that happens, the bird’s getting a pts & condenser distributor. Period. lol

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  10. Matthew Dyer

    Long heavy doors for sure. Sometimes it is hard to get out in tight quarters too. Sure makes getting into the back seat easier. I really like this car but I’m already keeping active registrations on 5 vehicles. I’ll be watching where this auction goes.

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  11. mike sears

    what are the round things on each door ??

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    • Guardstang

      Thats were the window handles would be if power windows were not ordered.

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    • Nelson C

      The Berlinetta and earlier Type LT put a medallion on the door cards.

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  12. Alan

    Not a big deal but the upper grille is 74 to 77.

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    • GIRTH

      Upper grill is correct for 80
      Lower is 78/79 ,incorrect.
      74 / 77 won’t fit a 78/81

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      • Rich

        What’s with the red paint under the hood, in the cowl area?

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      • TinIndy

        I owned a few of these on the Poncho side. Don’t have one presently but I seem to recall this area being black. If I had to guess, they probably painted that area along with the -dash when they did the repairs or restoration.

        That, coupled with the mismatched front grill set, no grill emblem, and the katywampus looking exhaust, would cause me to pay for a good inspection before buying.

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  13. Erich

    A bit of conflicting info on RS years. I had a ‘76 RS, and folks here are saying RS didn’t exist in 76. I beg to differ.

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  14. TRUTH

    I had a 76 regular boring drive train Camaro but we prettied it up to the extreme. I’d do the same with this one. Wonder if 5k would buy it?

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  15. Mark

    The RS option was definitely available in 1976. I don’t know if it was in 1975.
    Remember the Z28 took a pause for 1975 and 1976 and reappeared as a half year in 1977.

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  16. Cv

    I had a 1976 yellow and black rally sport with a 350 four barrel, for speed and posi rear axle. Headers intake and distributor tuning an made it a lot quicker for back then. I do believe the rally sport option actually came back in 75.

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    • GIRTH

      WOW, I had the same as 75.
      Ordered with gauges/ f41/ 4spd / rear spoiler/limited slip. Added z/28 wheels. Closest thing to a x you could get

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      • GIRTH

        Sorry, mean to say I had a yellow 75 as someone here had a yellow 76.

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  17. Lang

    Yes RS continued into the 70’s

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  18. Terrry

    I believe black rear window louvers were an option which this doesn’t have. A neighbor of mine had an ’80 Camaro with them, it was blue on black with the louvers, and it too had the 305. The inside door grab handles broke on his, it may be problem on these cars.

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    • Tony Primo

      Rear window louvers may have been a dealer installed option in your area. They were never offered as an option from Chevrolet.

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      • ‘Maros and more

        Tony Primer, page 5 of the salesman instruction guide on these cars states that these louvres were factory installed.

        Guess who was a chevy salesman

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      • Terrry

        That’s entirely possible, though I have seen them on other Camaros of this time period.

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      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNWMember

        Salesman instruction guide or not, I sat on the other side of the desk and ordered an ’81 Camaro. I was very familiar with all of the options available since I had been building this car for months and months. The ’80 model year was not significantly different.

        I know that rear window louvers were not an orderable option at that time. I searched and found 2 sources that list all available options for 1980, and neither of them show rear louvers as available.

        Now. do I think that a dealership would sell and install them? Sure, because that’s what they did back then. They got me for rustproofing and chapman lock. Remember those?

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNWMember

      Rear window louvers were an extremely popular add-on for these cars, but only available on the aftermarket. I put them on my ’81 Camaro.

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  19. Jack M.

    Rear window louvers were offered by the aftermarket in both ABS plastic or aluminum.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNWMember

      I had the plastic ones – flimsy and cheap. That’s why they didn’t cost much compared to the aluminum.

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  20. JCAMember

    Are the rear wheel well lines wavy or is that just the picture

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  21. Tony

    Does anyone think this car has been reworked at front end? Red overspray from dash underhood- never seen that before on production car, I had 80 z28 did not have that overspray underwood. Also the wrong lower grill section. Any smart guys out there may know?????

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  22. Shuttle Guy Shuttle GuyMember

    Very Cool!

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  23. notinuse

    Nice Camaro, I like it.

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  24. C Force

    Equipped with the 305 c.i. smoker,kind of a disappointment.A built 350 would be much better….

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  25. DJ CHIP arthur chip chiappetta jr

    i had a new 78 camaro n then the RALLY SPORT was black from on the edge of the fenders all over hood hummmmmm

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    • JC

      I was thinking the same thing but when you look it up online, its shows both ways… strange.

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  26. Denny

    Cv you are right. I ordered my 77 RS in Oct of 76 ,it was delivered Dec 6th 76 a sunny day,I drover it home and and put it in my garage until May of 77It was a 77 RS 350 and a 4 speed with posi 2 tone silver and black int. Hood emblem just above the grill I ordered it with a a hood scoop witch had to be dealer installed. No T tops no air cond. or console . Stop in I still have it with 39941 miles setting in my sons garage.

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