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The third generation of General Motors’ C/K trucks was produced from 1973 to 1991, proving to be the longest-lived series in Chevrolet’s history. The body sides featured a sculptured character line that proved popular in the styling arena. The C30, like the seller’s truck, is a one-ton model and has a dual rear axle set-up for towing. This 1981 Silverado 4-door edition is also a Camper Special, one of the options available from Chevrolet that added items like special lighting and wide-mounted side mirrors. This truck is being listed exclusively here on Barn Finds Auctions.

A restyle in the trucks in 1980 came with a flatter front grille and square headlights. That set the stage for the rest of the production run, with an all-new simplified front clip, new hood, and single plane grille. Two of the more interesting engine choices were a 454 cubic-inch V8, replacing the previous 402, and a diesel version of GM’s 350 power plant that would give way to a 6.2-liter diesel which helped GM to bid on Department of Defense business. For 1983-86, GM would supply the government with military-spec’d M-1008 and M-1028 pickups, M1010 ambulance, M1030 cab/chassis, and the M-2009 Command Vehicle (Blazer).

For those interested in a lot of towing, this truck checks a lot of boxes. As a “dually” it has the 454 big-block Chevrolet V8 (recently passed emissions test) paired with a TH-400 automatic transmission. For long-distance trips, the truck is equipped with dual fuel tanks which have been cleaned along with their sending units, new fuel lines, and the fuel actuator. As a result, the truck runs and drives well. Other recent work includes a new aluminum radiator and thermostat, and the braking master cylinder has been replaced. As you might expect, there is a gooseneck ball for towing.

The body on the Chevy is straight, but there is a little rust here and there. The interior is okay though the seats have been covered and the dash pad could stand replacing. All the truck’s lighting works as it should except for the running lights which will require some investigation. The seller was planning to do some restoration work including a new paint job but has instead opted to invest more in the horses that a truck like this can transport. A thorough collection of photographs of the pickup can be found below. If you have any questions about this truck, please leave them in the comments below.

  • Location: Marysville, California
  • Mileage: 165,000
  • Engine: 454 V8
  • Transmission: TH-400 Automatic
  • VIN: 1GCHC33W4BB147487
  • Title Status: Clean

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Sold for: $10,200
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Ended: Jun 29, 2022 1:00pm MDT
Winner: alfaman1963
  • alfaman1963 bid $10,200.00  2022-06-29 12:37:49
  • Heimir
    bid $10,000.00  2022-06-29 11:58:50
  • alfaman1963 bid $7,500.00  2022-06-29 10:53:21
  • DamonB bid $7,100.00  2022-06-29 10:52:23
  • alfaman1963
    bid $7,000.00  2022-06-29 10:42:40
  • DamonB bid $6,800.00  2022-06-29 10:26:52
  • alfaman1963 bid $6,666.00  2022-06-29 10:25:45
  • DamonB
    bid $6,500.00  2022-06-29 10:24:30
  • alfaman1963 bid $6,200.00  2022-06-29 10:24:04
  • DamonB bid $6,000.00  2022-06-29 10:16:24
  • alfaman1963
    bid $5,800.00  2022-06-29 10:13:34
  • DamonB bid $5,600.00  2022-06-29 10:12:09
  • alfaman1963 bid $5,500.00  2022-06-29 10:07:28
  • DamonB
    bid $5,400.00  2022-06-29 09:57:13
  • alfaman1963 bid $5,200.00  2022-06-29 09:47:10
  • DamonB bid $5,000.00  2022-06-29 08:17:16
  • alfaman1963
    bid $4,850.00  2022-06-29 07:32:00
  • DamonB bid $4,700.00  2022-06-29 00:29:08
  • alfaman1963 bid $4,600.00  2022-06-28 08:48:28
  • DamonB
    bid $4,400.00  2022-06-28 05:44:26
  • alfaman1963 bid $4,300.00  2022-06-27 21:49:55
  • DamonB bid $3,800.00  2022-06-27 20:00:31
  • alfaman1963
    bid $3,700.00  2022-06-27 18:03:45
  • DamonB bid $3,500.00  2022-06-27 17:02:47
  • alfaman1963 bid $3,300.00  2022-06-26 12:33:20
  • DamonB
    bid $3,100.00  2022-06-25 09:05:10
  • alfaman1963 bid $3,000.00  2022-06-23 10:05:27
  • Crazy bid $2,550.00  2022-06-23 08:19:58
  • alfaman1963
    bid $2,450.00  2022-06-23 08:10:28
  • Crazy bid $2,350.00  2022-06-23 03:23:17
  • alfaman1963 bid $2,222.00  2022-06-22 22:14:33
  • Buddy12345
    bid $2,000.00  2022-06-22 18:11:44
  • Crazy bid $1,900.00  2022-06-22 18:07:01
  • Buddy12345 bid $1,800.00  2022-06-22 17:52:53
  • Crazy
    bid $1,700.00  2022-06-22 17:42:49
  • Buddy12345 bid $1,600.00  2022-06-22 14:41:02
  • Crazy bid $1,500.00  2022-06-22 13:12:45
  • alfaman1963
    bid $1,400.00  2022-06-22 12:18:29
  • Crazy bid $1,300.00  2022-06-21 18:14:51
  • Louis
    papalou67 bid $1,200.00  2022-06-21 16:50:44
  • Crazy
    bid $900.00  2022-06-21 13:07:26
  • Louis
    papalou67 bid $800.00  2022-06-21 11:39:35
  • Crazy bid $700.00  2022-06-21 10:22:44
  • BadMonkey
    bid $500.00  2022-06-21 09:54:45

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  1. PaulG

    Drove a nearly identical truck for several years back in the late 80’s as a construction foreman traveling all over AZ. Pulled anything you asked it to and super comfortable for me and the crew. However…these l-o-v-e fuel and it’s no secret that it’s not cheap to travel in this today. I wish both seller and buyer the best.

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  2. Dirtymax

    Pretty but thirsty. Needs a complete interior but would be fun to kick around in. Too pretty and fuel hungry for work anymore. My 2 cents

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  3. Jesse Mortensen Jesse MortensenStaff

    We get it guys, gas prices have gone up. You’re also not going to be able to tow what this truck can with an econo car.

    Like 5
    • PaulG

      I get it, I actually thought I was praising more than being negative…
      Finding one of these is definitely getting harder, especially in the rust belt.

      Like 5
  4. alfaman1963

    Can you tell me if the A/C is cold?

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    • Kristin

      No, the A/C isn’t working.

      Like 2
  5. Buddy12345

    Is there an owners manual or any maintenance paper work and what does 3×3 mean on body panel? Is mileage accurate and original

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    • Kristin

      I believe the 3+3 means it seats three in the front (bench seat) and three in the back.
      I do not have much paperwork on the truck and no owners manual but it did pass California smog a few months ago.
      As far as original mileage, I believe it’s accurate. We’ve owned the truck for about a year.

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      • Mike Brown

        Yes, that’s exactly what the 3+3 means. There were actually 2 options available for the 4 door cab configuration, 3+3 and “Bonus Cab”. The “Bonus Cab” came without a back seat and that area was intended as lockable storage space.

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    • Buddy12345

      why did the bidding jump around on this truck? It looked like alfaman1963 dropped out bidding changed and crazy was ahead again I was going to bid $2450.00 and then alfaman1963 came in again something fishy here!!!!!!! Whats going on?????

      Like 0
      • Joshua MortensenStaff

        I checked everyone’s bidder registration and every thing appears to be in order. We require people to provide their credit card information so we can make sure they are who they say they are.

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  6. Buddy12345

    not happy with your evading non answerJoshua !!!!!!!!!

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    • Joshua MortensenStaff

      I’m not sure what you mean Buddy. I think I misunderstood your comment, but I thought you were alluding that Alfaman1963 wasn’t a real bidder. Now that I’ve reread it, it sounds like you were going to bid, submitted your bid but got outbid so it didn’t show? Our system updates in real-time, but sometimes people’s browsers have a slight delay in updating. If you submitted your bid within a few seconds of Alfaman’s bid, since his bid was already higher than what you entered, it won’t show your bid as your amount has already been surpassed. I hope that makes sense!

      Like 1
  7. alfaman1963

    Nothing fishy at all….. I’m just bidding. Isn’t the whole reason of an auction to bid higher then the other guy if you want something? Just checking….

    Like 1
  8. alfaman1963

    One more question for the owner Kristin. Do you have the actually date on which the truck was smogged? Because if it was done within 90 days it would not need another smog to transfer registration. Thank You Jim

    Like 0
    • Kristin

      The truck passed smog a few months ago and I will have it smogged again if needed for the sale.

      Like 1
  9. alfaman1963

    Hi Kristin, If the smog is within 90 day it is not necessary to re smog it to transfer ownership. If it exceeds the 90 days then it must be re-smogged to transfer ownership. that’s why its important to know the date of the smog… Thanks

    Like 1
  10. wali

    Did you guys see the water temp gauge at 230.

    Like 2
  11. alfaman1963

    Any chance the owner can elaborate on the 230 degree temp? Bad gauge or does this truck actually run hot??? Can this truck do a 200 mile road trip? Thank You

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    • Kristin

      My son bought the truck less than a year ago and drives it maybe a few times a week/ 30-40 miles round trip. He doesn’t know the ownership history and hasn’t driven it long distances. As far as the temperature gauge, my son tells me the temp goes up to around 210 when he’s driving it and then the temp goes up after he shuts it off. I don’t know if that’s normal.

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  12. Buddy12345

    Are you the 2nd owner of the truck?what is your address for shipping prices.

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  13. Kristin

    I am at least the third owner. Shipping from Marysville, California.

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  14. Kristin

    No, I am not the 2nd owner. At least the 3rd. Shipping from Marysville, California.

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    • Buddy12345

      Hard to see in pictures but is there any rust through holes inside of doors rockers or body panels that you know of or is it all just surface rust. Any fluid leaks you know of? I am 2500 miles

      from you so I cannot just drive over to see it, I am very interested in yourtruck but to ship it will cost$1700.00 or to fly in and drive it home is quite a gamble.Thanks for your help and input Ron

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  15. Walt

    Water temp 210 is to high should be in the 180 range you can warp the heads.
    they it has new raider and stat in it ??

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  16. Kristin

    There is some rust. I don’t think much in the areas you mentioned but I do know there is rust in the firewall (see picture of engine). I can take more pictures and post them. As far as leaks, I haven’t noticed any.

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  17. Joshua MortensenStaff

    Bidding is really heating up! Best of luck to everyone.

    I also wanted to let any bidders in California know that the truck was last smog tested in early March and passed, but to ensure a smooth transaction, Kristin scheduled another test for this Friday. Those of you that live in other States or internationally probably don’t need to worry about this, but either way she is going to have the test done.

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  18. Joshua MortensenStaff

    I just wanted to congratulate Kristin and Alfaman on a successful auction! Alfaman lives just a few hours away from where the truck is located, so he will be going to get the truck in person and drive home. We want to wish him the best of luck with the trip and with his new truck!

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