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A few cars in the world are iconic, from the Ferrari to the Mini with a worldwide following of fans. There are also workhorses such as the Toyota pick-up, which may not be iconic, but is used worldwide and has sold in millions. One such example is the Peugeot 505, which was manufactured across the world, from France to Egypt – in fact, this car was built in 14 different factories across the world from 1979 up until 1997 in China. Whilst not classically iconic, the car holds fond memories for millions of people who used these as their first family car, and now here is your chance to own a piece of history, located in Midlothian in Texas, and listed as a Barn Finds Auctions here!

This car was actually a design collaboration between famous Italian design house Pininfarina and the Peugeot design team, which goes some way to explaining its classic lines. However it wasn’t all just good looks, the underpinnings of this car worked well on rough and bumpy roads which go some way to explaining its popularity as the ‘workhorse of Africa’ where it thrived and is still in operation in many of these countries today. Thanks to its RWD system, the car can traverse most environments and spares are readily available as 1,351,254 were built during its life.

Our car today has the 2.5l turbo diesel engine mated to its manual gearbox, which whilst it may not impress anyone off the lights, will easily outperform them in terms of efficiency and mileage. The good news about these Diesels is that they tend to last a long time – and although our car here today does not have the original engine, having been replaced by an engine from another 505 that just had just 66,000 miles on the clock at the time it was swapped. The car is currently showing 120,485 miles and based on the overall condition of the car, it’s likely to be accurate.

Our 505 is painted in white, with dual headlamps at the front end. The bodywork is in a tidy condition for a car that is 40 years old this year. The interior has some wear and tear which is to be expected, but spares for these are readily available outside of the US. These are a rare sight on American roads given that this was one of the last cars Peugeot sold here before pulling out of the market in 1990. So do you fancy bidding on this French workhorse to bumble about with maximum efficiency and a smooth ride? You can view a ton of detailed photos in the gallery below and full-resolution images can be viewed here. Be sure to leave any questions for the seller in the comments below and don’t forget to cast your high bid!

  • Location: Midlothian, Texas
  • Mileage: 120,485
  • Engine: 2.5L Turbo Deisel
  • Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
  • VIN: VF3BA4169CS318553
  • Title Status: Clean

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Sold for: $1,845
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Ended: Aug 19, 2022 1:00pm MDT
Winner: Peugeottogo
  • Peugeottogo bid $1,845.00  2022-08-19 11:15:32
  • whitef
    bid $1,525.00  2022-08-19 10:17:07
  • Peugeottogo bid $1,425.00  2022-08-18 16:34:39
  • whitef bid $1,250.00  2022-08-18 10:28:32
  • Peugeottogo
    bid $1,100.00  2022-08-14 07:32:48
  • JohnInFl bid $1,000.00  2022-08-13 08:56:37
  • MMillere bid $650.00  2022-08-12 10:24:52
  • 2manycars55
    bid $532.00  2022-08-12 08:45:24

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  1. angliagt angliagtMember

    Just like a 911,I was tempted to buy one of these to (if for-
    no other reason) get it out of my system.

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  2. Mark

    Slow & boring but comfy on rough roads. If you live out of town in Texas it might make sense. Common in Australia before Peugeot lost their reputation for rugged durability.

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  3. normadesmond

    I recall some kind of sales blitz by Peugeot back in the early 80s trying to get us Olds diesel owners to trade in our cars for one of theirs.

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  4. Connecticut mark

    Guy here in Connecticut used one as a taxi years ago, turbo diesel but automatic, had like 750.000 mikes on it. He loved it.

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  5. D Balcom

    I just purchased a 1981 505S TD with 87k miles.
    Original owner.
    As many as were produced you would THINK that spares are readily available, but they most definitely are not, especially in the US.
    That being said, I was able to upgrade my failed alternator with a much more robust cs130 with little modification.
    Vacuum pump was also shot, and I was able to upgrade/replace this with an electric vacuum pump and it’s now better than new.
    Vacuum pumps are pretty much non existent but can be rebuilt with Mercedes parts of similar generation.
    It’s a fantastic car and creates smiles and surprise everywhere I go.

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  6. Chunk

    I grew up in Peugeot 504 wagons and they rode better than anything – CRAZY comfortable cars. And with my leadfoot mother rowing the 5-speed stick, it wasn’t exactly slow either.

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    • William Lynm

      I used know a friend in Texas that their parents owed them
      The father worked at the dealership.

      William lynn

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  7. Big C

    One of the most iconic cars? If you say so…

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    • Chunk

      “Whilst not classically iconic, the car holds fond memories for millions of people…”

      He didn’t say so.

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  8. Rick in Oregon Rick in Oregon

    I currently have 5 505’s, 2 TD wagons, 2 TD sedans (one early 5 speed like this one) and a gas 5 speed sedan. Gluten for punishment, maybe! As noted above, the ride quality of these cars is only surpassed by my Citroen D Special. My early TD 5 speed sedan just toasted the head gasket at 357K miles! The diesels are extremely robust cars, the 505’s are very rugged and, again as noted above, aren’t going to win any races, they are very pleasant cars to drive! Lots of parts still available on and there are a couple of really great parts suppliers in the US too.

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    • Chunk

      If you want to sell me a wagon…

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      • Rick in Oregon Rick in Oregon

        I could but really prefer local buyers. One of the wagons is at the body shop getting painted, for the last 18 months, the other I drive frequently has 80k miles on it but it’s a bit rough looking. Super driver tho. Reach out

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  9. John E. Klintz

    I was totally AMAZED to see this car here on BF. I spent almost six years with Peugeot Motors of America (their now-defunct American arm) back in the ’80s. These cars had incredibly comfortable seats, the ride quality was indeed as indicated by others above, and the diesel engines were largely indestructible as long as one never overheated it. Problem areas were window/door fit and electric accessories such as power window and door lock switches and ECUs. The 2.5 engine came in 1985 and was indeed more powerful. Thank you, BF writers, for a brief trip “down memory lane!”

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  10. Emel

    A little too new and not as dented/dingy… be Columbo’s Peugeot heap.

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    • jrmedsel

      Columbo’s Peugeot was quite a bit earlier — a 404 cabriolet if I remember correctly, with a slobbering Basset Hound on the front seat.
      Great memory though… “just one more question….”

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  11. Peugeottogo

    I’ve owned many 505 models over the years with many being in this very configuration, a early sedan with the XDS2 2.3 liter with the BA10 gearbox. I have one remaining that is a twin to this one in all respects. With proper care these are extremely reliable.

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  12. connbackroads

    I’d be on this if it were near CT . . . ran two of these (1981 A/T and 1982 5sp) on waste french fry oil for a several years . . . swapped-in an XD2S from a 604 in the 82 . . . then the BA10/5 cracked its case mid-winter . . . they are all quietly rusting in the woods, so I have plenty of parts available, lol

    Happy to hear that some are still enjoying them!

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    • D Balcom

      Passenger door mirror, by chance?

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    • D Balcom

      Speedometer (Cluster?)
      Front Dome light assembly
      Fan control resistor (center console)
      Passenger door mirror assembly (mine didn’t come with it, poverty spec, lol, and I do find myself missing it)

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  13. Peugeottogo

    I see a few electrical items to sort out. It appears the glow plug circuit and relay are missing and the wiper delay module. Maybe the seller can comment?
    Missing the factory fuel filter canister and hand pump that would be found bolted to the firewall next to the brake booster.

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    • D Balcom

      I’ll bet the missing GP relay is due to it being modified to a manual set up.
      I’ve seen a lot about this modification and will likely do it to mine soon, as it seems to perform much better than the factory configuration.

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    • Joshua MortensenStaff

      From the seller: I’m sorry must have missed that for the wipers I can fix or leave as is for the new owner as far as the GP they are working fine and no issues on starting. I also have the original wiring specs if you would like to have.

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  14. Beyfon

    For driving a European 1980’s car as a cheap daily driver you have 3 options that are better than the rest. The Peugeots, or to go Volvo or Mercedes. They are surprisingly similar, but of course the Pug is the most comfortable while the Volvo and MB might be a tad safer and have better electrics (even though Volvo did use crappy French Paris-Rhone alternators for some time!)
    For 1980’s Peugeot my personal favorite was the totally forgotten 305. Good looking, comfortable and quite fun to drive with a bit more agile setup. And the worst one was easily the 309 which was a Talbot/Simca that Peugeot inexplicably put Peugeot badges on shortly before launch after deciding that it would sell better than it would with Talbot badges. I’m sure it did, but it also foreshadowed Peugeots decline into mediocrity.

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  15. MarkMember

    I like this 505. I test drove them when they came out and, as described, they are comfortable and built tough. The acceleration was not first class but good enough. This is a great alternative to a Mercedes 240D, very popular, and I am tempted to send my son, who lives close to check out this Peugeot.

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  16. rattlerMember

    Seller, I am in California and would consider driving this back and would like to know if you believe it would make the trip.


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    • Joshua MortensenStaff

      From the seller: Yes it would if you don’t mind the slow ride, as these cars don’t have speed but do have distance.

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  17. Peugeottogo

    Looks like the glow plug relay & the wiper intermittent relay are missing. Also the factory fuel filter canister with the primer pump.
    Maybe the seller can chime in?

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  18. Bakyrdhero BakyrdheroMember

    Looks like an early 80’s 5 series from behind at a stop light.

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