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Reader Cara W needs to find a new home for this dusty Porsche 924 and while it needs a good detailing, this looks like one amazing find! These cars have long been overshadowed by their air-cooled siblings, but more and more people are starting to appreciate just how fun these are to drive. Unfortunately, finding an example that hasn’t been abused or modified is getting to be quite difficult. And that’s what makes this one so appealing! It’s been parked for the past 15 or so years and looks to be in nice original condition. It’s currently located in Rochester, Indiana waiting for a new home. So, if you’ve been thinking about buying a Porsche, this one is a great option and is being auctioned right here on Barn Finds!

As you can see, this Porsche is dusty, but Cara is confident that with a good cleaning and some wax that this car will be looking like new again. She isn’t sure where the soot by the fuel door came from, but it cleans right off and there’s no damage to the paint. She also hasn’t found any paint chips, dings or signs of rust. Hopefully, the bra did more good than damage. It might take a little work, but it looks like this one would actually clean up exceptionally well.

The interior is almost as dusty as the outside, but it looks like it would clean up really well too! Cara notes that the seats appear to be free of damage and are in good shape. All of the door seals, gaskets and glass are in good shape. Other than some clip-on pedal covers, the interior appears to be original. While you won’t get the same experience in this 924 as a 911, there are a surprising number of similarities on the inside, well at least to a similar year 911. Seriously, take a look at this 911 sc we featured a while back, the seats and steering wheel look to be identical parts.

For many die-hard Porsche fans, the problem with the 924 is the engine. For one, it’s in the wrong end of the car. Secondly, it’s a water-cooled inline 4-cylinder that was built by Audi. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a good little motor, it just lacks the kind of character that Porsche engines were usually known for at the time. It also isn’t a particularly powerful engine, with about 110 horsepower. The turbocharged and later S models fixed the power issue, but these early engines are easy to work on and fairly robust if properly maintained. Cara hasn’t attempted to start this one, but it was running when it was driven into storage all those years ago.

Values for these cars haven’t taken off quite like their siblings have, but that’s alright in our book! They are a very well balanced car and are an absolute blast to drive. With a little work, this one could prove to be an amazing find to have. If you have any questions for Cara, please leave them in the comments. So, if you’d love to give this 924 a good home, be sure to bid!

  • Location: Rochester, IN
  • Mileage: 58,993
  • Title Status: Clean

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Sold for: $1,300
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Ended: Mar 18, 2020 3:05pm MDT
Winner: Sonny
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    Sonny bid $1,300.00  2020-03-18 14:58:16
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    bid $1,200.00  2020-03-18 14:55:33
  • Avatar photo
    Sonny bid $1,000.00  2020-03-18 14:54:19
  • Avatar photo
    shane0319 bid $900.00  2020-03-16 07:29:40
  • Avatar photo
    bid $800.00  2020-03-13 20:16:10
  • Avatar photo
    ryoung720 bid $650.00  2020-03-13 13:09:24
  • Avatar photo
    kevinduffy bid $550.00  2020-03-11 18:20:08
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    bid $100.00  2020-03-11 15:58:51


  1. Avatar photo Bakyrdhero Member

    I’ve always liked these cars. Those rims look like the top line Hyundai Excel rims from the 80’s. They look
    Good though.

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    • Avatar photo Blueprint

      924 Turbo wheels!

      Like 2
    • Avatar photo Greg

      I love the snowflake or spiderweb style wheels, I always thought the alloys on the early 924s looked like cheap steel wheels and this type used on the later cars really dressed them up.

      Like 0
  2. Avatar photo Sonny

    That isn’t “dust” on the inside; that’s mold.

    Like 8
    • Avatar photo grant

      Yup. How would dust get caked on the bottom side of the steering wheel?

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    • Avatar photo TCOPPS Member

      It’s hard to tell for sure, but it could be the interior vinyl was white originally and painted black. I’ve seen interior black paint over white wear off over time and look similar to this.

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  3. Avatar photo Tom

    Not really Turbo wheels – Turbos are 5 bolt.
    I’ve got an 82 Turbo sitting in my garage waiting for the prices to go up. It looks like I’ll be 6′ under before that happens :)
    Problem is: you can spend 911 money fixing/restoring, but they ain’t worth nothing close to 911 money….far, far away from 911 money

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  4. Avatar photo Karl

    In my Porsche days I was your typical SNOB looking down with distain at anything that was a 4 cylinder waste of time! Well I have grown up a bit and no longer distain these cars to the right person there is a lot of fun to be had in a car like this. The MOLD would be runn away for me though!

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  5. Avatar photo Mike

    Should of taken it to a detailer and you’ll get way more $$$ in return.

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    • Avatar photo Twostroke

      Just a water hose and five minutes you’d get double…lol

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  6. Avatar photo Saabatical

    That’s mold. I’d want a smell test on this one. You might be able to grab the carpet pull and get a nice size piece in your hand. I’m thinking it needs the interior replaced

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  7. Avatar photo Cara

    Hey all, thanks for the comments!

    Sure, a quick wash and interior wipe down seem like a quick way to grow a dollar. Here’s the thing – the integrity of the interior and exterior can be completely ruined or adequately restored based on products used to revive the leather, fibers, seals, and paint.

    I chose not to “hose” the 924 because I didn’t want to mislead buyers by possibly damaging the vehicle by using quick and/or shotty products. In the past I have had a potential buyer walk from car purchase due to the detailing method used on interior leather and am now aware of the sensitivity. I’m confident that this car will clean up nicely and that the original elements can be kept.

    Happy bidding and thank you for your consideration!

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    • Avatar photo Sonny

      Do you know if the gas tank was drained when it was parked?

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      • Avatar photo Cara

        I’m not sure, Sonny. I wasn’t there when it was stored and I haven’t stuck anything in the tank to check it.

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