BF AUCTION: 1984 Ford Mustang SVO

When people think about the Mustang they normally picture something that’s basically a V8 muscle car. That’s great, but a “pony car” should be able to change direction just as good as it goes in a straight line. Right? Well, that should put the SVO on every Mustang lover’s bucket list. It had just as much horsepower as the V8 powered GT (175hp), but was much more pony-like. This particular example has been parked off and on, but is currently cleaned up and ready to run!

This Mustang started life in Florida where it was driven occasionally as a vacation car. What a vacation car it must have been! Emissions regulations and fuel costs could be partially to blame for the creation of the SVO, but maybe we should all be thankful for that. The turbocharged four-cylinder was cleaner and more fuel efficient than the big V8, but it made just as much horsepower while also making the car more balanced. Ford worked hard to make sure the rest of the SVO was special too.

On the outside you may have noticed the SVO specific hood scoop, rear spoiler, and other cosmetic effects. Inside there are high bolster buckets and they look clean enough to make the odometer reading (51k) completely believable. They look like they would also do a great job keeping you planted when the road gets twisty. Hard cornering is something you are going to want to do too because the suspension came upgraded right from the factory. Thick sway bars and Koni adjustable shocks are just a few of the tricks used to make this horsey handle.

After its early years of sight seeing were over, the car was sold at an estate sale and moved to Tennessee where it sat unused. That’s where the current owner found it a few years back. They have since cleaned it up and gotten it running again. New fluids went in and the timing belt was replaced. It’s now running great and is ready to go. John, the owner, says that it just sits too much now and deserves to be with someone who will row that Hurst shifter (the T5 only transmission available in the SVO) a little more.

The paint is a little dull and there are a few scratches, but it’s the original factory applied paint. It looks like the rear bumper is a little wavy too, but I’d repair any problem areas and just keep the rest polished rather than repainting the whole body. John claims that there isn’t any rust to worry about, so you might as well save the money and spend it on those fun vacations you will inevitable go on with this car. Be sure to plan some off highway excursions though so you can test out this pony’s turning abilities!

Thanks for listing this Mustang with us John! We hope it goes to a good stable… home where it will be ridden… driven regularly. I’m tempted to bid on this one myself, but I don’t want accusations of shill bidding! Be sure to register as a bidder if you’re interested and leave any questions for John in the comments below. If any of you have a car like this that deserves to be driven more, please consider auctioning it off right here on Barn Finds!

Location: Plainfield, Illinois
Mileage: 51,000
Title Status: Clean
VIN: 1FABP28T1EF194577

Bid On This Auction

High Bid: $3,100 (Reserve Not Met)
Ended: Aug 30, 2017 10:30am MDT
High Bidder: eugene
  • eugene
    bid $3,100.00  2017-08-30 16:20:01
  • Dave bid $2,201.00  2017-08-30 16:15:12
  • bruce bid $2,100.00  2017-08-30 10:54:32
  • Patrick
    bid $2,000.00  2017-08-29 15:00:06
  • dennis bid $1,900.00  2017-08-29 07:40:10
  • Mike bid $1,800.00  2017-08-28 11:45:19
  • David
    bid $1,500.00  2017-08-24 18:43:35
  • Mark bid $1,200.00  2017-08-24 16:34:51
  • Chuck bid $1,100.00  2017-08-24 15:39:26
  • David
    bid $1,000.00  2017-08-24 05:53:01
  • RICH bid $600.00  2017-08-24 02:29:14
  • David bid $500.00  2017-08-23 18:44:44
  • Oscar
    bid $350.00  2017-08-23 18:08:25
  • Jamie Palmer
    Jamie Palmer bid $205.00  2017-08-23 18:04:11
  • Michael bid $100.00  2017-08-23 18:00:11

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. PaulG

    Nice car, GLWS!

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  2. F.A.G.

    Damn kids in college!

    I love these SVO’s. the unsung hero.

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    • Jeffro

      I keep counting the number of kids in my house…what the hell was I thinking? My wife tells me I’m lucky to have my Hot Wheels collection.

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  3. Elrod

    Are those screws securing the Dealer name badge?? That would be saweeett!

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    • Chuck

      Name badge needed for extra weight

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  4. steve

    freaking awesome, I LOVE these cars

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  5. Jeffro

    I do have warm feelings for a SVO Mustang!

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  6. Troy S.

    I remember these cars when they came out. Ford was really making some interesting cars back then, but these svo’s never caught on with the public. A fast Mustang has got to have that rumble to it which can only come from a V8 and I truly believe that was the real reason for the svo’s poor sales not to mention it was a bit pricey.

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  7. Wayne

    I have the twin to this car sitting in front of my shop. However, the body has rust holes through the roof. The car came from Southern California. So I have no idea where it lived before that. I am using the car for parts on another project. I was a service manager at a Ford Store when these were new. I always thought that they were cool. And we never had any problems with them. But I always thought that the engines were a little rough and the suspensions too stiff. (I always wanted one to drop a 5.0 in.) But most of the ride issues were from the Koni shocks. Once these are removed and a better shock installed like a Bilstein. The ride improves many times over. The above mentioned sway bars are actually smaller diameter than a 5.0 car.(just for your info) As are the springs. (fronts and rears)
    I would still like to have an original in great shape. (without the Konis)
    Yes I know that they are adjustable. But I have tried many different settings on these cars. And never ever found the correct combo. The customers were happy with the changes. But I am probably a little more discerning.

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  8. rbtempe

    Always wanted one when they hit the dealership floor

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  9. HeadMaster1

    Never been a fan of the nose, I’m ok with the offset hood scoop because it’s functional. Love the balance of these cars, just s I did the Merkur of the same era……GLWS, I might even throw a bid on it to have it parked next to my 76 Capri II

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  10. Mike Williams

    I’ve had 4 and love them. Great handling car !

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  11. Chuck

    Are those TRX tires? The Metrics? I traded in my 84 GT at 24k because of those tires. Coker tire still has them.

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    • Mike Williams

      The SVO came with same tires and rims as the Corvette in 1984, Gatorback 225 50 VR 16

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  12. Danno

    I wonder if a new ecoboost engine would fit in a restomod of these SVOs? That would be kinda kewl…

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    • HeadMaster1

      I’m sure the new EcoBoost would fit just fine, but it would look like crap…..It’s all just molded plastic, no nice aluminum anywhere….But the power would be nice.

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      • JD

        There are 2 in the works now. Search on YouTube.

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  13. DavidP

    I had an ’84, bought it new. It was a super fun car to drive, rode like it was on rails, in turns and on the highway. The nose, although not everyone’s cup of tea, pushed the front of the car down at high speeds, rather than floating like most cars of the time. I did spend a lot on repairs over the time I owned it. Had to replace the TPS (?) module several times when the car would not idle. Replaced the power steering pump once or twice. The SVO had variable assist power steering. In addition, I went through 2 clutches until Ford figured out that pressure in the engine block was blowing oil out through the rear main seal. They added a vent in the valve cover (if I remember correctly) and fixed that problem. Even with the problems, it was a blast to drive.

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  14. 33rdStreetPete

    Any way to contact the seller to see if it has a/c and if it works? It looks like a compressor on the pass. side of the engine. I’m in Phoenix and don’t want to go without it.

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  15. mike

    How old are the tires on this car? I was wondering if they had been replaced after being bought from the estate sale.

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  16. john

    Yes, they have been replaced but before I got the car. Not sure when but they are in good condition with no dry rot

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    • MG Pete

      John, does the a/c work?

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      • John

        YES, actually, surprisingly it does. I just checked it!

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  17. Paul

    Is there anything that this SVO needs? Brakes, suspension, clutch, AC, condition of tires, glass, power windows, does all of this work/check out? Anything need to be repaired, fixed, replaced? Confirm that the vehicle has no rust?

    Please advise.

    Thanks Mr. Seller.

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  18. Wayne

    Just so you know. These things eat lower ball joints. The ball joints are one piece with the lower control arm. IF, you can find replacements. It will cost you a left one and part of your right one also. Replace the control arms with ones from a 1995 Mustang. (Gives you more camber adjustment) And you will also have to get the Maximum Motorsports bushing/adapter so that you can keep the spindles and brake setup. I believe that the best price on the control arms are from Summit (appro $155.00 each) and the bushing adapters I have seen from about $45.00 to $80.00 for the pair. So the tariff is not too terrible. $400 total. But it is a onetime expense. As the newer (’87 on up ball joints virtually last for ever. Enjoy the car!

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  19. Wayne

    The control arms from any Fox body car will work. But the 1995 Mustang ones will give you added negative comber if needed/desired. If it gives you too much. ( almost never happens) Then get caster/ camber plates. ( then you can get serious with the caster). And/or the strut to spindle offset/adjustable bolts.

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  20. john

    No, needs nothing other than maybe a new paint job if you so desire. No rust anywhere!

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  21. MG Pete

    Hi Jesse, Eugene is shown as high bidder at $3100. Did the car sell at that price, or was there a reserve? Also, I watched the close of bidding on my phone and when the clock went down to zero, the price was at $2100. Later I saw that there were additional bids as much as five minutes previous that hadn’t registered at the close. Is there a way to see real time info? Thanks, Pete

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  22. john

    Hi guys, this is John, I am not sure how the process works here but I did have a reserve set and it was not hit. I appreciate the interest. Any questions feel free to call me on my cell phone at 815 791 8677. Thank you

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