BF Auction: 1985 Chevrolet C10 Short Bed

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  • Seller: Scott W illiams
  • Location: Moline, Illinois
  • Mileage: 41,975 Shown
  • Chassis #: 1GCDC14H5FF418526
  • Title Status: Clean
  • Engine: 5.0 liter (305) V8
  • Transmission: 3-Speed Automatic

Selecting an appropriate project candidate is often challenging, and it is easy for buyers to feel overwhelmed by the seemingly endless choices. Two of the most significant concerns revolve around cost. The first is the initial purchase price, and the other is how large the project budget needs to be to achieve a respectable result. The easiest way to reduce the latter is to adopt a DIY approach wherever possible. This 1985 Chevrolet C10 Short Bed ticks that box because a competent new owner could address most of its needs in a home workshop. It runs and drives well, allowing the buyer to tackle the build at their leisure. The current owner feels the time is right for it to head to greener pastures, listing the Pickup with us at Barn Finds Auctions.

This Pickup would have been a striking vehicle when it rolled off the lot. The current owner holds a selection of documentation tracing its history, including the original Build Sheet. It confirms the first owner ordered the vehicle in a winning combination of Black over Silver, and with the sparkling chrome and Rally wheels, it would have turned heads. The second elderly owner performed a refresh, removing the rear bumper, installing a rolled pan, and eliminating the two-tone combination with Black paint. The current owner admits the work quality is poor, and a cosmetic restoration is required to recapture the Pickup’s former glory. This process needn’t be complicated because this gem is rock-solid. It has never seen adverse weather or salt, allowing the C10 to remain virtually rust-free. The only penetrating rust is in the lower cab corners, which is typical and easily addressed. Any other problems are limited to dry surface corrosion, which the winning bidder could tackle while leaving the grinder and welder in the cupboard. The trim looks excellent for its age, and the tinted glass has no visible issues.

Powering this C10 is the 305ci V8 that produced 160hp and 235 ft/lbs of torque in its prime. The first owner’s decision to order the Pickup with a three-speed automatic transmission and power assistance for the steering and front disc brakes would have made the driving experience a breeze. The current owner confirms that the vehicle runs and drives well and has served as his daily driver from spring to fall for the last eight years. He bolted on a new Holley 650 carburetor three years ago, adding a new battery in 2022. Otherwise, it has been regularly serviced to remain in a roadworthy state. The V8 is tired, burning oil that shows out the exhaust. He planned a Crate Engine transplant because he had never intended to part with it. Unfortunately, changed circumstances meant this never transpired, leaving the winning bidder to choose between an engine change or a rebuild. They don’t need to rush their decision because the C10 is a turnkey proposition.

If you’ve ever questioned the merit of slipcovers, one look at the C10’s interior should remove any lingering doubts. Its seat wore a cover since Day One, allowing the original Charcoal cloth cover to remain in astounding condition for its age. There is slight deterioration on the lower vinyl, but this isn’t set to become holes in the foreseeable future. The door trims are scuffed, but the dash looks nice. There is no headliner or carpet, although the lack of the latter allows a clear view of the floors to confirm the Pickup’s absence of significant rust. The previous owner fitted a replacement pad, but the installation quality isn’t the best. However, that is an easy problem to rectify. The interior feature combination is fascinating because while the first owner selected air conditioning and a tilt wheel, they didn’t opt for a radio. This hasn’t changed, with the plastic blanking plate intact. The current owner serviced the air conditioning in April, and it blows ice-cold. There is no cab light, although the remaining features work as they should.

Wading through the vast selection of classic Pickup projects in the current market is daunting, with many potential candidates in unknown quantities due to a lack of information and relevant photos. There are no such issues with this 1985 Chevrolet C10 Short Bed because the current owner is candid about its condition and needs. It would be a rewarding project, and reinstating the factory paint combination would guarantee favorable comments. An engine transplant would be easy, but so would refreshing the existing V8 as part of a faithful restoration. It is worth scrolling through the image gallery because it perfectly tells this classic’s story. I won’t be surprised if you are irresistibly drawn once you’ve done so. Submitting a bid would be the next step, and then you could take this promising project home.

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Sold for: $7,000
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Ended: Jul 4, 2024 11:00am MDT
Winner: Steve
  • Steve bid $7,000.00  2024-06-29 07:13:20
  • Trackview1 bid $6,600.00  2024-06-29 04:51:04
  • Steve
    bid $6,350.00  2024-06-28 18:28:01
  • Trackview1 bid $5,500.00  2024-06-28 14:28:36
  • Steve bid $5,000.00  2024-06-28 10:20:11

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  1. Al camino

    305 = no power = pass!

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    • SteveMember

      But just how much are you going to use this truck that you would need so much power?

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    • mainlymuscle

      Low power comments are right up there with MPG .Vintage iron is about smiles per gallon ,not mpg or hp.

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  2. Joe Haska

    A blank slate and a very desirable truck. I am just finishing a 73 F-100 short box, V-8, 3-speed , factory A/C, literally no rust and was in storage since 1980. I would say it looked way better than this truck and this one looks good. I hate the saying about how many Rodeo’s you have attended, but in my 81 years of this car addiction, there have been several. Now that this one is almost over, I am overwhelmed at what I have spent on the truck. Paint and body work and major mechanical issues were almost nothing. Everything else was twelve to fifteen thousand dollars. My advice just because it looks good, doesn’t mean it is, lack of use, sitting for a long time can be just as bad as high mileage and abuse. Don’t underestimate costs ,unless you have a Crystal ball that works very well, otherwise you might get some big surprises.

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  3. HoA HoAMember

    Nice truck. As a former owner of a very similar truck, I’m actually having a bit of sellers remorse. If mine was an automatic, I never would have sold it. No disrespect, but this is a tired horse. I have a tough time believing it was an Illinois truck, as my Colorado truck had more rust. Hype is strong with these, trying to claim they are something they aren’t. It’s just a good old truck, nothing more. Lofty prices of 5 figures are tried, but trucks like this generally don’t sell for more than $5grand. Like new, a different story, but this is far more representative of what you’ll find. I wouldn’t be so quick to change the motor, could need a simple valve job, and rest assured, you’ll get to know the auto parts person, but everything is available, and at a reasonable cost, I thought.
    Like Joe sez, this can get pricey, and it’s important to start with something decent, like this, and as far as a truck goes, this could easily be the last truck they need to buy. I wouldn’t drag your feet on this one.

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  4. C Force

    Ditch the 305!Not worth rebuilding or modifying,it’s smokes because it’s a 305,they can’t help it,even in decent miles they do.There is a 350 out there waiting for it’s place in this engine bay.Being a SWB it will go for at least north of $10k.Very clean,a good build project

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  5. HCMember

    Nice 85 C10 but I’d rather have a 350 crate engine than rebuild this 305, just not a fan. I’ve been bring a 85 C10 back for the last 5 yrs and previous owner swapped it’s 305 for a 350. Getting most all parts for this year C10 is pretty easy, and depending on the sales price it will make a good project.

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  6. Joshua MortensenStaff

    The reserve is off and the bid increment has been reduced!

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    • SteveMember

      Auction ended at 12 noon, left shortly after with trailer in tow and wife in passenger seat. 2.5 hours later arrived in Moline Ill and paid for and picked up the truck which am Very Happy with. Moline was the birthplace of my wifes mother and wife had never been to Moline. On way home we stopped in Ottawa IL where the wife’s mother and father were buried to pay respects at cemetery. Stopped and had dinner at a great place in Ottawa and then headed home. Overall a GREAT Barnfind’s 4th of July and a very happy wife because if it (and I got a really awesome truck at a fair price too)..

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