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If you asked the average person to name an American two-seat passenger vehicle that could produce a sub-14-second ¼-mile ET off the showroom floor, many would correctly nominate the Chevrolet Corvette. However, those who selected the 2004 Ford SVT F-150 Lightning would be equally right. This Lightning presents beautifully, and its mechanical configuration offers performance that would satisfy most hardened enthusiasts. The owner has decided to part with the classic, listing it exclusively here at Barn Finds Auctions.

The owner purchased this F-150 around eighteen months ago from a Floida-based dealer. They listed the car as restored, and there’s no disputing that it presents superbly. Its Code YN Silver paint shines beautifully, with none of the patchiness or matte areas that are often seen on mistreated vehicles cloaked in this shade. This Lightning is 1-of-618 ordered in that color in 2004, with only Blue and White as rarer shades. The Lightning graphics on the front fenders provide a classy but purposeful visual impact, allowing the world to know this truck is anything but average. The panels are laser straight, while rust isn’t a consideration. The exterior is clean, with that theme continuing on the vehicle’s underside. The plastic trim and aero enhancements show no evidence of damage, with the solid bed cover offering security and weatherproof storage. The low ride height adds a sense of presence, and the spotless 18″ alloy wheels provide the perfect finishing touch.

The previous owner’s restoration work included giving the interior a birthday. This has left it presenting beautifully for a classic with nineteen years under its belt. The seats wear two-tone leather covers, and the remaining upholstered surfaces are trimmed to match. There is no evidence of wear or abuse, with the carpet, dash, and plastic looking excellent. The interior needs nothing, and for a vehicle initially conceived as a workhorse, it is loaded with luxury touches. There are airbags, air conditioning, power windows, power locks, cruise control, and a tilt wheel. The gauge cluster on the A-Pillar allows the driver to monitor the Lightning’s mechanical health, while the Sirius XM-ready aftermarket stereo with its touchscreen, reversing camera, and Bluetooth connectivity add a further layer of comfort and safety.

This F-150 may feature a stunning exterior and a spotless interior, but delving below the surface reveals a mechanical configuration giving it the muscle to match its good looks. The engine bay houses a 5.4-liter supercharged V8 that produced 380hp and 450 ft/lbs of torque when the original owner drove it off the showroom floor. The power fed to the rear wheels via a four-speed automatic transmission. It would have allowed the F-150 to storm the ¼-mile in 13.9 seconds, while that V8 wouldn’t run out of breath until the needle nudged 147mph. The company conceived the Lightning as a total package, including power steering, four-wheel disc brakes with ABS, lowered ride height, large sway bars at both ends, and Bilstein shocks on all corners. It was fast when new, but it might be quicker today. The engine and transmission were rebuilt before the owner took possession, and he believes the V8 might feature a few upgrades to squeeze out additional ponies. It wasn’t perfect, so he replaced the plugs, added resonators to the straight-through exhaust, repaired a leak in the rear-end housing, replaced the tired wheel bearings, and bolted in a new set of Bilstein front shocks. The truck didn’t pass the emission test due to the lack of an O² sensor, but he has an exemption covering that. He says you need both hands on the wheel if you floor the loud pedal, but since he has used it as a daily driver for the past eighteen months, it can be mild-mannered when needed.

The owner of this 2004 Ford SVT F-150 Lightning has used it as a daily driver for around eighteen months. There can be no better endorsement of its mechanical health, and I don’t doubt his claim that it draws attention wherever he goes. Its excellent presentation, spotless interior, and beautiful bass rumble from its exhaust are merely the icing on a pretty tasty cake. What sets this beauty apart from the average F-150 is the performance potential hidden below the surface. If you have your heart set on owning a practical classic that will frighten most muscle cars, perhaps you should drop a bid or two on this beast.

  • Location: Marietta, Georgia
  • Mileage: 81,200
  • Engine: 5.4-Liter Supercharged V8
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • VIN: 2FTRF07334CA57653
  • Title Status: Clean

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Ended: Mar 30, 2023 11:00am MDT
Top Bidder: dfayette
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  • dfayette bid $13,600.00  2023-03-30 10:44:47
  • Brij bid $13,500.00  2023-03-29 21:41:46
  • dfayette bid $13,000.00  2023-03-29 12:14:39
  • PMV bid $12,500.00  2023-03-23 10:38:43
  • ZMANKUBIAK bid $10,500.00  2023-03-23 10:16:20
  • PMV bid $10,000.00  2023-03-23 09:47:33
  • mgrimes bid $8,000.00  2023-03-22 19:15:34


  1. John Eder

    Lightning graphics “classy”? I initially thought that they were smoke residue left over from flames in the wheel wells from an engine compartment fire, or the result of being sideswiped. I can appreciate their role, however, in decreasing this vehicle’s acceleration times and increasing its top speed.

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    • RexFox Member

      On my phone it looked like body damage that was spray painted with a different shade of silver. It is a nice truck though, but too bad they didn’t come with 5 or 6 speed manuals like the later Dodge hotrod pickups.

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  2. Maggy

    Nice truck in a great color. Bet this thing runs like a freight train.Glwts.

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  3. Cadmanls Member

    Those are early 2nd gen wheels. Rear traction bars aren’t stock. Got 88K miles on my 03 in sonic blue and motor is still quite strong. Was this truck raced, maybe. Looks good but be careful to inspect it bumper to bumper.

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    • Leslie Martin Member

      Man that Sonic blue is a nice color. I can imagine it looks sweet on that vintage of Lightning. I almost bought an ’01 Cobra Convertible in that shade, but ended up finding one in Mineral Gray that I owned, loved, and regret selling.

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  4. L.

    This truck seems to present very well, but I have some serious questions on whether this truck has been used and abused. First off, engine and transmission were rebuilt before this owner and it only has 81,000 miles?? Second the tires seem to be wore out and the wear pattern on the front tires suggest it may need front end work. Third, while he may have an exemption for the missing cats and O2, this wouldn’t fly in other states and would be expensive to put it back stock to pass any kind of emission testing.

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  5. k montague

    do you have clear title do you have paper work on engine and trans

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  6. PPlotkin

    Thanks for the inquiry about my F-150 Lightning. I have title in hand. As far as what was done to the motor and transmission, I wish I knew. I went back and forth with the dealer to get a copy of the invoices he had from the owner before me. Supposedly he spent $15k on upgrades but without proof I can’t say for sure. I do have invoices for the work I have had done to the tune of $2500. And a friend and I replaced the front shocks. There is a video in the process of being uploaded in the next day or two.
    Thanks again everyone for your comments.

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  7. PMV

    Can the graphics be removed?

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  8. Bow tie till I die

    If we’re naming 2 seater American sub 14 quarter milers factory let’s not forget the Chevy Syclone.

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    • Leslie Martin Member

      Not to be pedantic, but I think the Syclone was actually sold as a GMC product. Mad respect for that little monster which had the big traction advantage of AWD and a great turbo motor.

      That said, we shouldn’t forget the Ram SRT10, which could also pull a 13.4. Granted it had 4 more cylinders and a lot more displacement than the Syclone (or even the Lightning). But I wonder how much fun it had to be to race one of those behemoths shifting a T56?

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    • Yblocker

      Whatever lol

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  9. Steve

    How do you get a failed emissions test exemption?

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  10. Phil Plotkin

    To PMV: The graphics are not decals, they are airbrushed. I wasn’t sure about them either but it has grown on me. I know that wasn’t original but now I think it’s pretty cool..
    STEVE: I was mighty PO’ed when the truck failed the emissions. At that time I didn’t know that whoever worked on this truck had removed the sensors. When I went to Motor Vehicles I asked what I could do to register the truck. I filled out a form which documented the truck was over 15 years old, I am over 65 and I didn’t plan on driving more than 5000 miles per year. 10 days later I was approved and was able to register the truck. When it came up for renewal I was able to pay online and the new registration came in the mail no questions asked..

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  11. Stanley

    I’m always suspicious of someone selling a vehicle after they have only owned it for a short time, something must be wrong with the truck, in my opinion.

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  12. Phil Plotkin

    To STANLEY: Are you married? My wife and I would like to do some traveling. We are both retired so we have limited funds. We would like to purchase an SUV so the 16 wheelers don’t blow us off the road. We can trade in her 2016 Fusion and sell my truck and hopefully have enough to get a 2 or 3 year old low mileage Explorer..

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    • Mark

      I do have to kind of agree with Stanley however, you knew you wanted to do this when you bought the truck so why did you even buy it? When somebody sells something like this after only owning it for a short period of time many people including myself get suspicious.

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  13. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    I can’t believe that they still make cameras that can take pictures this bad.

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  14. Healeymonster

    I worked at a Lincoln dealer when these were new. My colleague bought a white lightning and immediately installed a smaller diameter pulley on the supercharger. This truck was super impressive, but what really startled me was how it handled the twisties like a smaller sportscar.
    Not sure how this one without O2 sensors would not turn on the Check Engine lamp without that bulb being pulled.

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  15. PMV

    Don’t understand all the bashing this vehicle has taken, but I’d appreciate the seller confirming that all systems ( ie, AC, heat, lights, gauges, etc.) work and that there are no problems with the drivetrain that he is aware of, particularly as may relate to the O2 sensor. Certainly, anyone who thinks a high-performance vehicle with 80k+ miles wasn’t driven hard from time to time is naive. As long as the bones are good, I see this as a very nice vehicle for its age all things considered.

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  16. Gregg

    Did I read correctly that white is a rare color on an f-150?…. Maybe there weren’t many Lightnings in white, but still…. there has to be about 3 million white f-150’s out there!….

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  17. Philip Plotkin

    Thanks PMV. I must admit that mechanically, I am a novice. But I love to drive American muscle. When I drove this truck back from Florida on the highway I couldn’t resist getting on it now and then and the engine responded without hesitation. Even though it was late November, it was hot enough that I needed the a/c. It puts out plenty of cold air. After a few hours of driving I did use the cruise control, no problem there either. All the gauges work. And the heater performed well this winter.
    I really appreciate everyone’s comments. If the auction doesn’t work out I know what fixes need to be done to sell in the future (O2 sensor).. thanks

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    • dfayette

      Are you willing to disclose your asking price? I’m a long way away, but interested in your truck. Thanks.

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      • Philip Plotkin

        I set the reserve at $25000.

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