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There’s just something about reading through old car literature, it’s a great way to reminisce or just to learn about what the automotive world used to be like. This assorted lot looks to have some great pieces in it and should prove to be great to thumb through, so be sure to look through photos of the entire lot below. It’s being offered without a reserve, so the highest bidder takes it home.

We have an expansive collection of vintage car magazines here at BF Headquarters and they aren’t just a great reference source, but a fun way to take a break from the computer. Whether you already have a collection or are wanting to start one, this looks like a great buy! The buyer is responsible for shipping, but the seller can help package them if necessary.

See the rest of the Kaiser-Frazer Collection here!

  • Location: Stillwater, Oklahoma

*For parts and Automobilia, the Buyer’s Fee is 15% with no minimum

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Sold for: $105
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Ended: Apr 17, 2023 10:30am MDT
Winner: Mick
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    Mick bid $105.00  2023-04-17 07:56:08
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    Davekf bid $40.00  2023-04-09 21:25:52
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    bid $10.00  2023-04-09 17:43:30

*For parts and Automobilia, the Buyer’s Fee is 15% with no minimum


  1. Avatar photo Maggy

    Cool.glwts.Nothing like preserving automobile history.Someone will get some interesting reading.I have tons of this stuff from estates and sometimes I’ll frame one page I really like.Maps are cool to frame too.

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  2. Avatar photo Frank Sumatra

    I hope the auction is a success. I think this is yet another area of the car hobby doomed to extinction. I have a large collection of Corvette literature that I know is bound for the dumpster. Example: I have some 1990 ZR-1 “pizza box” items that have been sitting for quite some time on a site 100% devoted to Corvettes. No interest expressed yet. This might be another reason old guys like me are grouchy. Seeing stuff that we thought was a big deal now sitting out by the curb is another reminder we can do without. As always-
    “Get off the lawn!!”

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  3. Avatar photo Mike

    It warms my heart when I see little kids still asking their parents for Matchbox or Hot Wheels. I’m glad there are still some kids like I was. My childhood pastimes aren’t totally gutter trashed by new generations.

    I also like hearing old geezers like me talking about the days when car models were around $5, instead of around $30!

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    • Avatar photo maggy

      My dad was a drunk. He used to take me to a neighborhood side street tavern that was old school where the old timers watched baseball games on tv and drank .10 beers out of 8oz. Old Style bar glasses.Next door to the bar was a pharmacy.This was back in 1970 and my dad would take me there first and the pharmacist had a drawer with matchbox cars packed in it and if I was good kid and did my chores and didn’t complain about ANYTHING.he’d buy me a matchbox car out of the drawer.Then we’d go to the bar and he’d give me about .50 to a dollar in dimes and let me play shuffleboard with the sawdust on the table so the puck slid nicely for .10 a game.Then I’d get red fingers from opening the pistachios on the bar.Boy those were the days.Now I’m an old timer.I always loved AMT model kits because they were so authentic and had a stock or custom way to build them the way you wanted to.They were around 3.00 when I was buying them with paper route $ at Zenith hobby shop in Chicago.

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  4. Avatar photo Cam W.

    A friend owned a bookstore specializing in auto books for many years. Back in the 80s he used to pay well for automotive literature, especially European magazines devoted to classic cars. People would pay good money for quality magazines that featured their favourite makes/models. Almost overnight, after the internet became established, demand for such literature evaporated.
    I had several hundred Corvette and other classic related magazines that went to recycling about 2 years ago when we moved. Even at no charge, there was no interest.

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    • Avatar photo Frank Sumatra

      I wouldn’t bother recycling my stuff. It all ends up in the same landfill.

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  5. Avatar photo Howie

    Old mags and catalogs are great when they have the prices listed, and you see how cheap stuff was back then.

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  6. Avatar photo Kenneth Carney

    From an artist’s perspective, these old books and catalogs are pure gold!
    You get to see actual magazine ads
    drawn by real artists and the way they
    depicted the cars that were being sold by automakers at any given time
    from the ’20s through the early ’70s.
    My heroes back then were Van and Fitz who illustrated for GM from ’58
    to ’71. Try as I might, I just couldn’t
    draw like they did so I gave up on that
    idea and started developing my own
    style as an artist while still trying to
    retain that vintage feel and use of color palettes that the auto artists
    used so long ago. If you want to see
    a great collection of auto art, check
    out the book Retro Ride by Tony Swan
    It’s a great book that has illustrations
    from the ’20s to the mid ’60s. That’s
    how I learned to use markers and
    colored pencils to create the rich and
    full color effects the artists did with
    paints and brushes so long ago. Some of them were more like fine
    art rather than advertising art.

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  7. Avatar photo normadesmond

    I had years of Classic Car Magazines. I knew they were basically worthless, but thought maybe a prison library might find them useful. I phoned & left a message & never heard back.

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  8. Avatar photo Ron

    OMG, Zenith on Irving, just west of Austin. Spent many an allowance there. Also Eddie’s on Belmont as well as Blackstone and Metro.
    According to some comments I must be the only person who pays for old literature.
    Oh well.

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