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If you’ve ever fancied trying your hand at drag racing but have found the prospect too daunting or expensive, this Altered could be the ideal solution. The seller believes that it was built during the 1990s and it has lain dormant for years. However, it appears to be a complete vehicle that would respond well to some TLC. Adding to its attraction, the seller believes its ground-pounding V8 received a rebuild not long before it went into storage. The seller feels the time is right for it to find a new home, listing it exclusively here at Barn Finds in a No Reserve auction.

Unfortunately, the owner has little information about this Altered. It belonged to her late husband, and she believes it was built during the 1990s. It saw regular competition until he parked it in around 1999. It still presents well for its age, with its fiberglass body and Hugger Orange paint showing no signs of issues or cracking. The roll cage and chassis are rock-solid, and it looks like it would take little work to shine like a new penny. The new owner will need to check to ensure it complies with current regulations. Still, even if it isn’t eligible for an outright category like Competition Eliminator, there are historic classes that would allow it to run without requiring modifications. It retains its original drag chute, wing, and wheels. Overall, it appears to need little cosmetically or structurally.

Even if the new owner is used to slipping behind the wheel of a classic muscle car, pointing a vehicle like this Altered down a ¼-mile can be an eye-opening experience. These cars are designed to be fast in a straight line, and the acceleration can be brutal courtesy of the engine power and grip provided by the enormous rear tires. The engine type and capacity are unknown, but the decal on the purposeful scoop confirms it is a Mopar product. I can spot a high-riser intake, aluminum cylinder heads, and those beautiful ceramic-coated headers. This beast would have turned heads when fired up. The owner states the V8 received a rebuild in 1999, and the car went into storage shortly after. She says she had a drive after the rebuild and describes the experience as terrifyingly fast. I find that statement easy to believe. The car has been in dry storage for around two decades, so the engine requires a careful examination before the buyer attempts to coax it back to life.

Although some of the details of this Altered’s history and specifications are unknown, it looks like a promising prospect for revival. Vehicles like this were built for a single purpose, and it would be wonderful to see this one return to its rightful place on the ¼-mile. It will be fascinating to know if any of our readers saw this beast in action and can fill in the blanks on its history and specifications. If you can, you might provide the vital piece of information that will motivate someone to take the plunge and succumb to the lure of competition…unless you decide to submit a few bids yourself.

  • Location: Elkins, West Virginia
  • Engine: V8

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Sold for: $9,000
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Ended: Feb 15, 2023 11:00am MDT
Winner: Kirky434
  • Kirky434 bid $9,000.00  2023-02-14 08:01:59
  • Radnickel bid $8,875.00  2023-02-08 19:51:37
  • freeman
    bid $8,750.00  2023-02-08 17:15:50
  • Radnickel bid $8,500.00  2023-02-08 11:49:31
  • Hellonwheels bid $7,500.00  2023-02-08 10:48:53
  • Radnickel
    bid $6,500.00  2023-02-08 10:30:18
  • Hellonwheels bid $4,500.00  2023-02-08 10:27:01
  • ScuderiaF399 bid $4,100.00  2023-02-08 10:21:58
  • Hellonwheels
    bid $4,000.00  2023-02-08 10:00:01
  • Radnickel bid $3,500.00  2023-02-08 09:46:36
  • Pvraa22 bid $1,600.00  2023-02-08 09:45:26
  • Radnickel
    bid $1,500.00  2023-02-08 09:39:55
  • Lildusty bid $500.00  2023-02-07 14:50:05


  1. JohnfromSC

    While I have empathy for her, my opinion is that she could do much better with the sale if she invested maybe $200 to have a mechanic with a battery come over, identify engine serial#, verify the engine isn’t siezed, and do compression and leak down test. At least then the potential buyers have some confidence in placing a bid. Just my 2c. GLWTA

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    • Fred

      Agreed the value of a dragster like this is all in the engine being ok.
      People rarely just park perfectly running drag cars.

      Like 6
    • Mark

      I’d be more scared of frame rot from the inside out. I bet the drive train is fine but I’d hate to be doing150mph and have the frame break. Plus it would have to be inspected and I’m sure no tech official at a descent track would let you run it. It’s really just a bunch of parts if you ask me.

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  2. CVPanther Member

    Resisting the urge…
    This is cool and cheap, perfect for a low budget mid-life crisis.
    If only I had a personal 1/4 mile of pavement or the money to pay for the fines and lawyers, I could release a lot of tension. I bet it gets thirsty, too.
    I sure hope someone revives it.

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  3. Terry Bowman

    I could be wrong, but I think it looks like a 350 chevy motor not a small block Mopar.

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    • JBD

      Distributor is in front. B Block BB Mopar.

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  4. Daren

    Well it’s definitely not a small block mopar when the distributor is in the front of the motor! And I doubt it’s a small block Chevy either when it says B-1 mopar on the scoop and B-1 on the heads and intake so my guess it more then likely a 440 B-1 headed big block mopar!

    Like 4
    • Terry Bowman

      Daren, unless my eyes are deceiving me, I thought I seen the distributor wires at the rear of the motor on the 2nd photo. If they are in the front, you are correct. I was going by the 4 bolt valve cover, with the distributor in the rear as a Chevy.

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  5. Tom Wasney

    How much for the black xke..??

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    • Tom Wasney

      Nevermind, I see it listed separately… Bidding type sale

      Like 1

    I have the feeling the seller just wants the car… cars gone. If anyone is in contact with her perhaps some guidance on pictures would be a big help. They need more light, close ups of the engine, the driver seat area, and the rear end too. I feel there are wheelie bars missing… All would help her in the sale.
    Wish her the best, and I’m sorry for her loss regardless of how long ago it took place. Selling any of a loved ones items has to be hard, especially if she has time behind the wheel of this beautiful hotrod.

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  7. steve

    I’d like to know how the writer determined the roll cage and chassis are rock solid. But to that point, there’s no way I’d put my butt in this thing, especially not knowing who built it, until it was thoroughly checked out from front to back.
    I wouldn’t want anyone to take this on the last 1/4 mile ride of their life.

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  8. JBD

    This appears to be correct 90s altered specs.
    Just the shortened Ford 9” 4 link setup is worth some coin. I can’t imagine what this cost to build. Engine is definitely a B- Block Big Block Mopar engine.

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  9. JBD

    Sold for $9k. Probably over six figures to build. Just the motor alone is probably worth $10k. Massive thrills just 1/4 mile at a time!

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