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As the 1970s drew to a close, Porsche had plans to replace its iconic rear-engined 911 range with a selection of front-engined models. History shows that although the new models made it to market, buyer feedback motivated the company to further develop the 911 into the powerhouse it is today. The pick of the front-engined range was undoubtedly the 944. It offered respectable performance in a beautifully balanced package and provided impressive road-holding. This 1984 model is a stalled project that needs nothing but some TLC. A competent new owner could complete the required work in a home workshop, meaning someone could own a German classic without breaking the bank. If you feel tempted, you will find the Porsche listed exclusively here at Barn Finds Auctions.

This 944 is a stalled project, but it seems it will take little to return its presentation to a pristine state. The seller commenced the panel preparation in anticipation of applying a fresh coat of this car’s stunning original Guards Red paint. Changed circumstances mean this never happened, and the passage of time means the new owner has some minor surface corrosion requiring attention before they proceed any further. However, they shouldn’t be daunted by the prospect because the panels are as straight as an arrow, and there is no penetrating rust to tackle. This Porsche might be a German thoroughbred, but returning it to its former glory would be no more complicated than undertaking the same task on a domestic family sedan from the same era. This classic retains its original wheels that should respond positively to some old-fashioned elbow grease, while the factory sunroof offers the possibility of an enjoyable wind-in-the-hair motoring experience. The glass is spotless, and combining these factors suggests this should be a straightforward cosmetic restoration.

The catalyst for restoring this 944 was what lurks under the hood. Powering the Porsche is a DOHC 2.5-liter four that sends 143 hp to a rear-mounted five-speed transaxle. Porsches have a reputation for offering relatively modest engine power across most of its models. However, how the cars utilize it is the secret to their ongoing success. With 2,778 lbs to shift, this car should cover the ¼-mile in 16.2 seconds before winding its way to 130mph. The seller indicates the 2.5 occupying this classic’s engine bay had a mere 40,000 miles under its belt following a rebuild when one of the timing belt idler pulley bearings became noisy. Rather than risk an expensive failure, he started to replace the belt and pulley. At that point, fate stepped in, and the project stalled. After finishing the timing belt replacement, the rebuilt engine in this 944 should be mechanically healthy and is begging for a new owner to return it to its rightful place on our roads.

When Porsche took over the development of the car that became the 924, it had a bold vision. The 924 was its replacement for the 912E. The 944 was envisioned as the company’s mid-range offering, while the 928 would serve as its range-topping model. These models came to market and were warmly welcomed by a new generation of Porsche buyers. However, the company faced a backlash from long-term owners who believed that the rear-engine design was an inherent part of the company’s DNA. Regardless of this view, the 944 became Porsche’s best-selling model and remained so for several decades. Widely praised for its superb handling, values have recently climbed significantly faster than the market average. Therefore, if you fancy tackling a straightforward project that could also be a sound long-term investment, submitting a bid on this car could be an excellent starting point.

  • Location: Livermore, California
  • Mileage: 150,000
  • Engine: 2.5 Liter Inline-4
  • Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
  • VIN: WPOAAO943EN45664
  • Title Status: Clean

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Ended: Mar 9, 2023 3:00pm MDT
Winner: Dondoneright
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    Dondoneright bid $821.00  2023-03-09 10:36:18
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    Msully bid $757.00  2023-03-07 18:22:41
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    bid $125.00  2023-03-07 17:40:16


  1. Avatar photo Tim

    Good grief. I’m an eternal optimist, but honestly?
    “someone could own a German classic without breaking the bank.”
    “no more complicated than undertaking the same task on a domestic family sedan from the same era.”(!)
    “this should be a straightforward cosmetic restoration”
    “this 944 should be mechanically healthy”
    “straightforward project”
    Author should declare himself an agent for the vendor.

    Like 13
    • Avatar photo bone

      Its easy to guess who the author is just by the write up …The 1/4 mile times are a dead giveaway

      Like 3
  2. Avatar photo Alexi Member

    Any more pictures?

    Like 6
  3. Avatar photo Connecticut mark

    Have the receipt for rebuilt engine? Seems like a ton of work . No interior of engine or undercarriage photos, 8-10 grand for paint Job plus?

    Like 4
    • Avatar photo PRO Paint by RAZ

      8-10 G paint job? What? Who Where charge that? Like 350 a sq ft.

      Like 1
  4. Avatar photo Howie

    Sitting in a field with 150,000 miles.

    Like 6
  5. Avatar photo Big C

    A quck weekend project! All the parts you need are safely stored in that blue tote in the front seat.

    Like 3
  6. Avatar photo Dan Studebaker

    How much rust is in the gas tank?

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  7. Avatar photo Jimbosidecar

    Aren’t you the one always complaining about the lack of pictures?

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  8. Avatar photo Joey Mec Member

    I had a guy I knew one who owned one of these. I drove it and it was much faster and aggressive than I thought. Their values in the Northeast range greatly. I would not ever consider it an investment car but rather a fun driver if acquired. This looks like an auction that can be won from a disinterested audience. I would not take a chance on this car unless it was acquired dirt cheap. If you get a group of people who ‘can’t not have it’, it may go for more than it is worth. They can be money pits that will never recoup their investment. The 928’s went that route up here. The 928 big claim to fame in the movie “Risky Business” when it was plunged into the water….(paraphrased) “Who is the U-Boat Captain?” remarked the salesman/adjuster.

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  9. Avatar photo Night City Autos

    The body appears to be in good shape, and the glass looks immaculate which is a plus. It really is a shame there isn’t any more photos. Pictures of the interior, the engine bay, and the undercarriage would make this a serious consideration as a project shell for the right price. Already considering this needs put on a trailer rust would be my only real concern personally. Still, I’m curious to see how this one plays out.

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  10. Avatar photo Msully

    It’s too bad non of the comments or questions were answered. I was seriously interested in this car, but the lack of response and too few photos just doesn’t give a warm and fuzzy.

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  11. Avatar photo Jeffrey Stark

    I agree….With engine bay, interior, & chassis photos it might have even brought $822.00. 🙄😁.
    (Just kidding……..Kinda)

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