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BF AUCTION: No Reserve 1985 Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 has seen slow incremental evolutions that have lead to it being one of the most popular trucks ever built. By the time this 7th generation F-150 was built, Ford was pushing to make the platform more efficient and appealing to a broader market. Thankfully, they retained some of the previous generation’s good looks, making this a nice balance of aesthetics, functionality and efficiency. Tim M has been driving this truck since 2007, but has decided he no longer needs it and wants to see it go to a new home! So he is offering it here on Barn Finds as a no reserve auction, so if you’ve been looking for a good parts hauler, be sure to bid.

Tim’s truck isn’t in perfect condition, but he states that it “runs like a dream, burns no oil and is great on gas”. The 300 cid inline six isn’t a performance engine by any means with a modest horsepower rating of just 125, but it offers up a decent 250 foot pounds of torque. While the 351 Windsor V8 produced more horsepower and torque, these inline sixes are incredibly smooth, easier on fuel than a V8 and produce their power relatively low in the RPM range. The three speed column shift transmission shifts smoothly and while a floor shifter would be nice, the three on the tree setup gets the job done just fine!

Not only does Tim state that it runs great, but he also claims it’s a capable tow rig. In his own words, “this excellent truck would pull a trailer daily with 60 bales of alfalfa on it”. Having lived somewhere that a trucks capabilities are measured in how many bales of alfalfa it can haul, I can attest that 60 bales of alfalfa isn’t too shabby for a 32 year old truck with an inline six.

Just looking at the outside, this truck doesn’t look too bad, but the interior definitely needs some work and there appears to be lots of surface rust. It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that the interior needs some work, it’s a work truck after all. Thankfully finding replacement parts is quite easy and most parts are realistically price. A new door panel will set you back a little over $220 and a new vinyl upholstery kit can be had for under $200. These were actually quite well built, so a good cleaning would probably help this truck out significantly. Heck, if the A/C is still blowing cold, this could be one comfortable driver! The odometer is showing 59,385 miles, but that could be 159k mile.

While the interior needs work, it actually isn’t the area of greatest concern. The surface rust on the underside is really this trucks biggest issue. We don’t see any rust through, but unless the rust is treated soon, it won’t be too long before there are serious issues. There are actually plenty of options out there to slow the rust’s progress without taking everything apart. It’s a bit of work, but a wire brush and some Por15 would go a long way to keeping this truck on the road for years to come.

Classic trucks are hot these days, they are easy to work on, durable and practical. This one probably won’t ever be worth big money, but with a little work it could be a great daily driver and parts hauler. Our thanks to Tim for listing this truck without a reserve! Let’s find a good home for it! And if you have a classic that needs to go, please consider listing it here on Barn Finds.

Location: Lafayette, Louisiana
Mileage: 59,385
Title Status: Clean

Bid On This Vehicle

Sold for: $1,000
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Ended: Sep 6, 2017 2:52pm MDT
High Bidder: Nelson
Buyer Premium: 5%
    Nelson bid $1,000.00Sep 3, 2017 3:35am
    3108 bid $500.00Sep 2, 2017 3:50pm
    Edward bid $400.00Sep 1, 2017 12:40pm
    goatman64 bid $300.00Sep 1, 2017 12:27am
    Edward bid $150.00Aug 31, 2017 10:31pm


  1. King Al

    Darn, I was looking for a truck that could haul 62 bales of alfalfa.

    • mrscarbuyer

      King Al I would pull a trailer dialy with 60 bale of alfalfa daily with its a great 3 speed truck on the column

  2. Scott Staff

    Honest old truck, great engine. I can hear the ford power steering growl from here

    • mrscarbuyer

      Yes scott I got this one owner truck from an elderly man many many years ago an she have never let me down pulling alfalfa are a two horse trailer with horses in it very very honest truck

    • DrinkinGasoline

      A quick swap to a Saginaw p/s pump from the Econoline along with the horseshoe bracket will make quick work of that silliness in short order.

      • mrscarbuyer

        I agree it can be made to have way more power but as is its a work horse an great truck

  3. DrinkinGasoline

    There is an increasing interest in the 7th Gen Bullnose F-Series trucks, and a plus is that it has the Big 300 I6.

    • mrscarbuyer

      DrinkinGasoline an this 4.9 straight inline six is a work horse an burns not a drip of oil an is good on gas.An its a original ac truck from the factory still have its original ac an pollution pump an all

  4. KevinW

    One of the better trucks I’ve owned was an ’85 short bed like this, same 300 six. Mine was solid gray. Pretty sure the old girl is still running and driving. Great trucks.

    • mrscarbuyer

      Kevin W I promise u this baby drives an run like a dream an will burn rubbers if u ask her to.But I don’t dog out my cars are trucks I own at all

  5. erikj

    I had a 85 f150 with the 6cyl/Manual on the floor and a 4wd. That truck was tough and got great mpg. I would buy it back if I could as a back-up truck.
    my brother has a 86 f150 with the 302/auto and 4wd.Still good truck,but seems to always have trouble. Last summer He had it panted,new tires and more. Than we did a complete engine rebuild, getting the motor out and back in was very hard!!!!
    Then last month he was about a mile from home and one of the front trans. seals failed( I replaced the more forward one with the engine rebuild,but the one that failed is further back-I guess) so he keep driving to make it home,but burned the trans up. $3500 later. Its a very nice truck, but a money pit.

    • mrscarbuyer

      Erika this a manual 3 speed on the column a dream driver an rider burns no oil at all an great on gas I’m the second owner

  6. erikj

    mrscarbuyer, I didn’t mean to be-little any one of these ford trucks,just talking of the ones thatcrossed my path. My real point is that the 6cyl/manual versions where the great ones. Easy to work on and just plain reliable, and tough!!!

  7. mrscarbuyer

    ErikJ I didn’t take it any other way yea this 3 speed manual on the column a one of the great ones that’s a guarantee

  8. chad

    300/4.9 –
    “the gasser that’s a diesel”
    300K mi engine fer sure

    • mrscarbuyer

      Yes this is engine is made to last Chad

  9. John Taylor

    It is funny isn’t it how these things go around, I used to cut he backs of the cabs out of these when they were new to built Ambulances out of them and then after I got my Car Sales License I sold this model as a new vehicle, :) so I still look at them as being a late model truck, a good vehicle, it was not long after this they stopped importing them to Australia until the current model came out.

    • mrscarbuyer

      John Taylor this is a awesome driver work horse engine an truck built to last

  10. Lemble

    Dad had an 85 with a 300 6 and 4 speed on the floor. For 10 years and 420,000 miles later a soft plug rotted out and coolant ran out of the block on the way home. 5 below zero that day so dad kept driving. Good engine.

    • mrscarbuyer

      yes this a 3 speed manual on the column shift an I’m the second owner got it from an elderly man with 36,000 an I put that rest in the 7 years since i had it now it has 59,000

  11. Bobby

    I just bought a 87 f150 no rust with 61000 original miles 600 dollars. Paint weak but not dead. 4.9 4 speed. I done the usual replace fluids belts hoses. Runs great but I still try to shift to 5th gear a few times a day.

    • mrscarbuyer

      I hear u Bobby but I promise u this one should bring three times that it worth it easy great truck burns no oil

      • Nelson Member

        Hi. I am Nelson Thibert. I was the high bidder on the F-150. Is this your truck? If so, how do I contact you to close the deal? Please advise. Thank you.

  12. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

    The seller has decided to end the auction early. Our apologies to everyone who bid. We wish we could get everyone to take these things seriously, but unfortunately we can’t. Thanks guys.

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