BF CHARITY AUCTION: 1989 Ford F-350 “Gunsmoke”


The good people over at The Fast Lane Truck Channel recently reached out to us about a very cool project they have been working on over the past few months. You see, one of their viewers, David Morrow, offered to donate this 1989 Ford F-350 to them on the condition that they fix it up and sell it, with the proceeds going to the Mountain States Children’s Home in Longmont, Colorado. They thought that Barn Finds would be the perfect place to auction this truck. We are honored to be helping them find a good home for it and to help out such an amazing cause! We are going to waive the Buyer’s Fee and the winner of the auction will receive a free Barn Finds t-shirt and stickers. So, if you’d love to be this truck’s next owner, you can register and bid below! And be sure to check out TFL Truck’s Gunsmoke Series here on YouTube.

A huge amount of work has gone into this truck to not only make it a good driver but to also make it a good looking off-roader! Before we go any further though, we really need to give David Morrow a huge shoutout for not only donating the truck but also for doing a huge amount of work to get it done. He actually bought the truck for the camper that was sitting in the bed and while he could have easily sold the truck, he thought donating the truck would give it a new lease on life and the money could go to help at-risk youth.

While the truck was running and driving relatively well, plus has a nearly perfect original interior, it was in need of some major work. It had rust in the usual areas, such as the cab corners and bed. There were some dents and dings from farm life as well. And it was in need of a wheel and tire upgrade, at least for what the guys at TFL Truck want to use it for. Given the low gearing, the heavy-duty drivetrain of the F-350, and the incredible durability of the International sourced 7.3-liter diesel engine, this truck is the perfect low budget off-roader. The wheelbase is a tad long for serious rock crawling, but the short cab, 5-speed manual, Dana front axles, and Sterling rear axles easily make up for that!

To remedy the bulk of the issues and make sure this truck would be ready to hit the trails in Moab, Tommy and Kase set out to find all the parts needed to fix it up. After some investigation, they actually decided it would be cheaper to find a parts truck than buying new panels and tailgate, plus it would be a whole lot easier than cutting and welding. They managed to find an F150 with a rust-free bed for just $900 and they were even able to drive it home! After a stop at a pick and pull junkyard to get a good front fender, they had all the parts they needed to get started on project Gunsmoke.

Both trucks ended up back at David’s barn where the job of swapping body panels, repairing the cab corners, patching the leaky fuel tank, and painting the truck took place. While it was there, David also did some extra work to make the truck really stand out, including building a set of awesome custom rock rails. He even took the time to treat the entire frame with rust inhibitor to ensure this truck will be around for years to come. With all the rusty panels swapped out and the cab corners repaired, the entire truck was prepped for paint and sprayed right in his barn. The factory original Smoke Grey metallic color was used and while it isn’t show quality, it’s definitely a huge improvement over how the truck was looking and shows well in photos!

With the paint done, the guys put the truck back together and also installed a new set of shocks, new mirrors, and rebuilt the brakes. They also had the bed sprayed with Line-X coating, which looks fantastic. Toyo Tires provided them with a set of 35-inch Open Country AT III’s that they had mounted onto a set of old-school steelies. There’s still some work to be done, but this truck is on the road and ready to hit the trails as is. They admit it could use an alignment and a new set of injectors would help with the smokey start-ups when it’s cold. It’s named Gunsmoke though, so that might be a feature you want to leave? Kase assured me the exhaust clears up once the engine is up to temperature, which points to leaky injectors rather than blow-by. Also, the AC and CB Radio aren’t currently working. While you can probably live without the CB, fixing the AC would be a worthwhile endeavor if you plan to drive this truck much during the summer. On a high note, the factory radio works great and Kove Audio has kindly provided one of their Bluetooth speakers for the next owner to enjoy in the truck or at home!

This really is a great project! The 7.3 liter diesel won’t win any races, but it produces a healthy 365 ft-lbs of torque and with its indirect injection system will pretty much run forever. Plus, the heavy-duty 4-wheel-drive will take you just about anywhere you’d want to go! This is the kind of find you can either enjoy as is or customize into a serious rig. So, if you’d love to own this piece of TFL history while also helping an amazing cause, be sure to bid! And if you have any questions for the guys at TFL about this truck, please leave your questions in the comments below.

  • Location: Boulder, Colorado
  • Mileage: 59,000 Showing, actual unknown
  • VIN: 1FTHF36MXKKA19031
  • Title: Clean
  • Engine: International 7.3 liter IDI Diesel V8 with 180 hp and 365 ft-lbs of torque
  • Transmission: 5-speed ZF S5-42
  • Front Axles: Dana 60
  • Rear Axles: Sterling 10.25

Bid On This Vehicle

Sold for: $13,111
Register To Bid
Ended: Sep 17, 2020 4:00am MDT
Winner: iceman44
  • iceman44 bid $13,111.00  2020-09-12 18:56:39
  • Ranger72 bid $10,500.00  2020-09-12 15:01:58
  • Bulldog1977 bid $10,300.00  2020-09-12 10:56:33
  • Jonnycat bid $10,200.00  2020-09-11 20:34:54
  • Ranger72 bid $9,950.00  2020-09-11 17:59:37
  • Bulldog1977 bid $9,500.00  2020-09-11 16:45:49
  • Ranger72 bid $9,000.00  2020-09-11 16:33:48
  • Bulldog1977 bid $8,900.00  2020-09-11 16:16:45
  • Ranger72 bid $8,500.00  2020-09-11 15:26:29
  • Bulldog1977 bid $8,300.00  2020-09-11 14:59:34
  • NathanP bid $8,150.00  2020-09-11 14:49:25
  • Bulldog1977 bid $8,000.00  2020-09-11 13:59:40
  • Ranger72 bid $7,200.00  2020-09-11 13:54:36
  • Bulldog1977 bid $7,100.00  2020-09-11 07:59:51
  • NathanP bid $7,000.00  2020-09-10 19:04:06
  • SigitySym bid $6,900.00  2020-09-10 19:02:38
  • NathanP bid $6,000.00  2020-09-10 12:30:48
  • Barry1 bid $5,500.00  2020-09-10 10:48:44
  • JR2451 bid $4,500.00  2020-09-10 09:44:05
  • Ditkafan bid $4,000.00  2020-09-10 09:38:18
  • Sargent53 bid $3,500.00  2020-09-10 09:35:12
  • Felty bid $2,500.00  2020-09-10 09:34:34
  • Sargent53 bid $2,200.00  2020-09-10 09:32:47
  • Wndsofchng
    Wndsofchng bid $2,100.00  2020-09-10 09:29:05
  • tortellini1080p bid $1,600.00  2020-09-10 09:27:50
  • Wndsofchng
    Wndsofchng06 bid $1,500.00  2020-09-10 09:27:24
  • Felty bid $700.00  2020-09-10 09:27:10
  • tortellini1080p bid $600.00  2020-09-10 09:24:43
  • Felty bid $500.00  2020-09-10 09:17:28

* We are waving the 5% Buyer’s Premium on this auction so that all the funds can go to the Mountain States Children’s Home!


  1. Car Nut Tacoma

    Sweet looking truck. I’d want mine to be as stock as possible. If it came with a diesel engine, so much the better.

    Like 7
    • TFLclassics TFLclassics

      This one does have the Diesel! Super fun to drive. Just not fast ;)

      Like 8
    • Dirk

      ZF trans is the weak point

      Like 0
      • Bob

        Huh? The ZF trans was the best truck trans offered in that era. The fluid it takes is dirt cheap (it just takes ATF) and replacements are still reasonable (unlike NVxx00 transmissions)

        Like 2
  2. Matt G

    This truck is a visual twin to mine, although mine is a 91 F250 with the 5.0. These are great trucks- I regularly get compliments on it, someone even yelled over at a stop light once. My wife is always suprised- “Really, that old thing???”

    Like 3
  3. Luke Nissen

    I wish I could buy it!

    Like 2
  4. Andrew I

    So I have a predicament here. I have the funds, but I’m married and can’t make random wild decisions anymore.😶

    Like 5
    • Josh Staff

      Just let your significant other know that it’s for a good cause!

      Like 5
    • FrankY

      Better to ask forgiveness then to seek permission. ( honey it was for the kids 👍)

      Like 3
  5. Robert Murphy

    go to you tube and watch all the hard work and serious effort and work done to this truck for such a good cause.

    Like 4
  6. Bulldog1977

    My dad had one like this when I was a boy, except his was 2wd. I have been looking for one of these for awhile with diesel, 4wd, and manual. This one is nice!

    Like 2
  7. Woody

    My son and I built an F-150 with 35inch tires and lifted,it was a fun project with a 302 small block and three-inch exhaust out the side,sounded sweet! Love these old Fords I’ve had many of them.

    Like 1
  8. Iceman44

    So … what donation can I give to get you guys to fix the AC?

    Like 1
  9. Peter Boyer

    I love old trucks like this one, it’s too bad it has no, as in none, air bags. They put one air bag in on driver’s side in 1994, but I believe Ford’s didn’t get two forward bags until 1996. Even that’s minimal by modern standards, but it’s better than none.

    Like 0
    • Daniel Atkinson

      Yes 94 was the first year for half ton pickups but the 3/4 ton and up didn’t get airbags till 98 for the 99 super duty and 98 light duty f250 which later became the 7700lb F150 with 7 lugs. With that said its ok ot doesn’t have any of that as it makes it more of a classic time piece

      Like 2
  10. Michael Acocks

    Nice truck . It even comes with a ‘easy rider rifle rack ‘. Haven’t seen one of those in years.

    Like 0
  11. michael smith

    13k was kind of a crazy bid&jump, seems it killed more coming in lol.

    Like 0

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