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BF EXCLUSIVE: 1955 Dodge M55 Power Wagon

Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse? I can’t imagine many better vehicles to be in if there were a real problem than this 1955 Dodge M55 Power Wagon. And if any zombies try to climb on the back, just use the functioning hydraulic dump bed to get rid of them in a hurry! Reader Bruce R. is asking $20,000 for this great truck, and if you’d like to contact him about the truck please use the form at the bottom of the page. Bruce has the truck up north in London, Ontario, Canada.

From Bruce – This vehicle is currently running , plated and on the road. Everything is working properly. The truck is very rare in this condition with only 20,000 original miles. The electrics have been converted to 12 volts and it still has the original engine.

The body is complete and in excellent condition with new body mounts. There are new parts throughout – rebuilt carburetor, new points, new brakes, new transmission linkage, and a pintle hitch for towing.  Bruce also notes that it pulls 3/4 ton military trailer, which he also has available for an extra $1,500. The truck features original military tires.

Bruce continues: The truck was military field modified with hydraulic dump bed made from a M101A1 military trailer. It has a Linux sprayed bed. It will certify easily – no emissions required and it can be licensed & insured as heritage vehicle. $35 plates and insures with Hagerty for $200/year. The truck has a clear Ontario title.

All I can say is that it sure looks clean and a lot of fun to me, and I’ll bet you’ve already thought of at least three things you could use that dump bed for — besides dumping zombies out of the back! If you are interested, contact Bruce through the form below!

Location: London, Ontario, Canada
Asking Price: $20,000
Mileage: 20446
Title Status: Clear



  1. LAB3

    I’m a long time Linux user but have never tried using as a bed liner. Can someone give us some insight on how well Slackware holds up to road salt? The developer doesn’t even know!

    • dgrass

      I would imagine it involves turning the CD into fine pellets and then spraying it down in the bed. The texture would depend on if you used RedHat or Ubuntu.

  2. Dave Wright

    Although in apparently nice condition and useful configuration, I am not convinced this is anything close to original. It looks to me like an M53 ambliance that was cut down and manufactured into its current design. I have not looked it up but it has no historical value. It has value as a tool but he didn’t even install the most beneficial modification of all on there vehicles, free wheeling (warn) hubs but they are quite expensive for these vehicles. It isn’t even a Power Wagon……those are all commercial models.

  3. KO

    Jamie, what do you mean, “if there were a real problem”?

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Something worse than zombies!

  4. Mark

    How fast does this go ? Highway use or top speed 40mph. What engine is in it, straight six?

    • Bob

      It is a straight 6 and these trucks are slow on the highway. I have never been on the highway, except for when I was in a military convoy traveling at 35 mph, so I really don’t know what the top speed is for the vehicle. I can tell you, that for off road and rough terrain, they are fantastic, and are only limited by the amount of power that anemic flathead can develop. The old flathead 6 is not a high speed engine.

  5. Jeepster

    Some one received a new pack of sawzall blades and went to town on an ambulance body. No real collector value here, but a useful wood hauler – that is if your Massey 135 does not run today ( unlikely ). Actually a real super nice Massey and hydraulic trailer setup would be far less clams than this asking price.

  6. Classic Steel

    Where is Radar Oreily and Hawkeye ?

  7. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Sweet. One thing I’m not sure of with military vehicles is what is a reasonable road speed for them? I’ve seen a couple that at 45 the engine was screaming.

    • Bob

      I rode in Power Wagons a lot in the military back in the late 50s, and I would guess that even 50 mph would be excessive.

  8. KeithK

    As with most industrial / military gauges and controls ,when the needle points straight up ,it is within safe operating limits. I have driven a few big rigs that can wind the speedo past its mechanical limits but you’ve also just way exceeded the limits of the brakes. On the other hand , isn’t that half the fun? The boss just loves when I bring the Unimog to work. I’d love to roll out of this to pick up dog food and a loaf of rye.

  9. JW

    If I had the extra $$$ I would be all over this just for the cool factor at our local veterans car show which is held only 2 blocks from my house so speed is not a factor.

  10. val

    Isn’t this a M 37 and the tires are not original because they would be 900×16 not the block tread ? At-least I have never seen a M 37 or M 55 for that matter with that tire original .I believe that tire is a Radial if I am not mistaking .

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