BF Exclusive: 1965 Chevrolet Impala Convertible

We all have our own tastes and interests, but in my opinion, the 1965 Chevrolet Impala is one of the best-looking designs to come out of the ’60s. As iconic as the ’63-’64 Impala design is, the less boxy design of the fourth generation Impala really makes for an eyecatching car. Make it a convertible and you really have a fantastic-looking machine. Unfortunately, less than six percent of the total 1965 Impala production were drop-tops, so you don’t find convertibles as nearly as often as hardtops and sedans. If you are like me and think this is one of the best years for the Impala and have been on the hunt for a convertible, this example is being offered here as a BF Exclusive. It’s rough and the title has gone missing, but the seller is asking just $1,500. With that kind of asking price, it’s definitely worth a closer look!

The ’65 Impala was offered with a wide range of engines, starting with the basic Thrift-Six all the way up to the big block 409. This car is equipped with the base 283 V8 engine, but at least it’s a V8 car. The L77 was rated at 220 horsepower, which is plenty for a drop-top cruiser. If you need more power, there are a lot of upgrade options for the 283 or a big block could be installed in its place. Personally, I’d keep the original 283 and just add some bolt-on upgrades to help it breath better. The engine hasn’t been run in the past 15 years, but Marvel Mystery oil was put into the cylinders when it was parked, so there’s a good chance the engine could be made to run again without a full rebuild.

Rust is a serious issue here, especially since it lacks a roof to reinforce the structure. The seller suggests that the car might be best used as a parts donor and that’s definitely a viable option for it given their asking price. If you are handy with a welder and like fixing things yourself, there’s no reason this car couldn’t be repaired and returned to the road. There are several manufacturers producing restoration parts for these cars, including every metal panel to fix it. A complete replacement floor pan will set you back about $1,000, which isn’t cheap, but also isn’t that expensive when you consider how much of the structure that would replace. It won’t be an easy job, but at least you can get all the parts to do the job right.

It might not be an SS or a big block car, but this Impala looks like it could have lots of potential as a restoration project or a parts donor. The lost title is definitely an issue, but depending on where you live, might not be that big of a deal to resolve. And if the seller had the title at one point, getting a duplicate isn’t a big deal. You can contact Felix via the form below to get more details and to make them an offer! Hopefully, someone will save this Chevy from the crusher. The question is, will it be restored or parted out?

Asking Price: $1,500
Location: Boston, MA
Engine: 283 V8
Transmission: Automatic
Title Status: Missing

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  1. 8banger 8banger Member

    Power brakes sure is a plus.

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  2. gaspumpchas

    Neat 65 but I’d bet the frame is toast. Looker over good, rare here in the rust belt. Skys the limit for a drivetrain, and nothing wrong with a 283 powerslide.
    Good luck and happy motoring.

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  3. Steve

    This Impala really should be restored. With so few built, and many of those turned into SS clones, I believe a factory stock restoration is the best option. My first car was a 67 Impala 2-Door HT, which became a lowrider. One of my last was a 66 Fairlane 500XL Ragtop, that I picked up in the late 80s for $1,350. I’d love this to be my final masterpiece. If only . . .

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  4. Kevin

    One of these is the first car I can remember riding in. It was my mom’s, and it was similar to this one. Hers was the same exterior color but with red interior and bucket seats hers was a supersport with a 327. I drove it at 16 and had a chance to use it as my first car, but I preferred a smaller sports car. I wish I had kept it.

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  5. KC John Member

    I agree. Hope someone restores it. Everything is available. Well, not so sure about the frame. Lol. 65 has long been my favorite Impala as well.

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  6. Dave

    My mom had a ’65 also. I drove it to the junkyard in ’75 when the frame over the rear axle rotted in half. BTW, a missing title is not a problem. You can register any car in Vermont by mail or on line. You don’t need to be a resident, and you don’t need an inspection. Look up the Vermont auto registration “loophole”. Vermont is America’s DMV because they want the tax dollars.

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  7. Gregory A Forrey

    It is a basic Impala, too much money to restore

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  8. DST1965

    Growing up my parents had the same car only it was an impala SS 327 ragtop-it was red with the the white interior and it was beautiful. Unfortunately I was too young to drive so I never got to take it for a ride.

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  9. MotorWinder

    Well Joshua, I think the ’66s or ’67s are much nicer looking =] in my opinion.
    And for what’s left out there, and for those not afraid of putting in the work, this is a good project for the price, and it’s a drop top!!!!
    And with the ever rising cost a gas, that lil’ 283 does just fine for a cruiser!!!!
    I need a BIGGER stable =p

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  10. Troy

    Would want to see the underside before I say yes restore it, but you really don’t need to do a Barret Jackson restoration you can just do what it takes to get it on the road. Says title is missing don’t know what it would take to get title in that state

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  11. Dwcisme

    A fellow I worked with, back in the day, had a hardtop that was otherwise this car’s twin. Same colour scheme, same interior, same drivetrain. I loved the look of that car and always thought a 65 was one of the few Chevs I’d like to have. His ended up in impound “reported as stolen” after it was abandoned high centred on a median divider in front of the court house late one Saturday night.

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  12. Jim Muise

    My second car was a used 65 chec with a 283 and automatic! It was a terrific sedan that did every thing well!

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  13. benjamin root

    my brouther inlaw bought a brind new 396 2 speed when he got ot of the service but years later junked it beacuse of a blown clutch those were the days car is wothh a ton today

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