BF Exclusive: 1965 Ford Country Sedan

If you grew up in the days before minivans and SUVs, there’s a good chance you road around in the back of a big American station wagon. Even into the late ’80s and early ’90s, station wagons were the family workhorse and were just about everywhere. These days, you don’t see big station wagons on the road much. It’s really a shame if you ask me, they bring back lots of fond memories. Thankfully, there are still some classic wagons out there that are still on the road being enjoyed. Take this 1965 Ford Country Sedan that’s being offered here as a BF Exclusive by reader David D. It’s located in Spring Lake, New Jersey with a $14,000 asking price and a decent list of recent work. You can contact David about the car via the form below.

It seems like most of the station wagons that we come across these days are equipped with big block engines, it makes sense seeing as you needed a lot of torque to move the whole family and all their junk down the road comfortably. This example isn’t powered by a massive gas-guzzling V8, but rather a more modest 289 V8. Given what fuel prices are like these days, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. And seeing as this is the same engine found in the Mustang, there are countless upgrade options if you need a bit more power to get it down the road. David states that the engine and transmission have already been rebuilt and are in good working order. While the engine was out, both the radiator and exhaust system were also replaced.

Inside, you’ll find an original interior. David notes that it’s going to need some work to be in top shape. At the very minimum, it’s going to need a new headliner, steering wheel, and horn button, plus a good cleaning. A new carpet set and floor mats would also help make this a nice place to hang out, but I’d try cleaning the carpets first to see if they can be saved. David provided photos of the underside of the car, which reveals a solid frame and underbody. He does note that there’s some rust on the tailgate, which he provided a photo of, and the original paint is worn off in some areas. While it would need a fresh coat of paint to look its best, it’s nice to see the actual condition of the car so you know what you are buying. Plus you always have the option of leaving the paint alone and just driving it as is.

As great as all the features of modern family haulers are, nothing will ever be as special as loading up the kids for a road trip in a station wagon like this one. There aren’t screens in everyone’s faces distracting them from the scenery and you could actually talk to your family about what was going on in their lives. The idea of loading my family up in a wagon like this to go on a road trip sounds mighty tempting! What do you think? Would you put this Country Sedan back to work as a family hauler or is it destined to only hit the road for causal cruises and car shows? Either way, at least it will be back on the road being enjoyed!

Asking Price: $14,000
Location: Spring Lake, New Jersey
Mileage: 148,000
Title Status: Clean
VIN: 5E72C285420

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  1. Avatar photo Fred W

    Identical to the wagon I rode in as a kid, my dad’s first new car purchase. He took great pride that despite being a Country Sedan, it was special ordered with a Squire interior.

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  2. Avatar photo Rw

    The famous chrome modular wheel one of the worst wheels in the history of.

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  3. Avatar photo Tim K

    We also had one when I was a kid, but with blue interior. We lived in California and would often take rides along the winding coastline. As I was the youngest of the four siblings, I road in the “way back”. My dad had been an AD-6 Skyraider pilot in the Navy and liked to “attack” the turns. That, combined with the exhaust fumes getting sucked in through the back window usually meant we had to pull over every hour so that I could throw up on the side of the road. Good times. : ). Would love to have one now.

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    • Avatar photo John

      Didn’t the integrated air deflectors mitigate the exhaust fume problem?

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      • Avatar photo GitterDunn

        I always assumed those deflectors were only there to keep dust from accumulating on the rear window and blocking rearward visibility.

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  4. Avatar photo Steve

    Engine and transmission has been rebuilt, according to the owner, however, not one photo of the engine. Hmmm…

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  5. Avatar photo Pastor Ron

    Yeah, I’ve said – since 1984 – that minivans are the proof that evil exists in the world. I grew up in a 1968 Dodge Monaco wagon, and even owned the same car later (bought it from the guy who bought it after my dad traded it in). Hands down, BEST car I have ever owned, even to this day. I made the tragic mistake of selling it (with 302k on the 383) in 2002 because I couldn’t do body work. Would love to have another one! Always a wagon nut, I’ve owned a lot of them, and currently have a 1964 Dodge 440 that’s an all-original gold-stripe model (likely the only original one left) that I’ve owned for almost 29 years. This Ford is a beauty too, and I really appreciate seeing it and knowing that it is being saved.

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    • Avatar photo KevinW La

      Hey, I love the big station wagons. My dream car is a late 60’s Olds Vista Cruiser but my 2014 Grand Caravan is just so handy. And I hate to say it but its probably faster, handles better, and gets much better gas mileage. But I still want the Vista Cruiser.

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  6. Avatar photo Peter K

    Station wagons are still around. They are just lost i the sea of pick ups and SUV’s

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  7. Avatar photo Bakes

    We had a white one like this with a blue interior. Took it on vacation to Washington DC and spent the day we were supposed to be spending at the Smithsonian at a garage so the water pump could be replaced. It was hot as hell and it overheated a few times. My only memory of the car. Dad traded it in on a 68 Country Squire.

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  8. Avatar photo robt

    First car I remember that we had when I was a kid, but a different shade of green. 1965 Ford Country Sedan, dark green, beige interior. Love them wagons. Been a life long Ford lover ever since. Makes me wonder what v-8 we would have had under the hood. 352? 390? 289? Was to young to know those differences back then.

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  9. Avatar photo bone

    No way is that an original interior ! The door panels wouldn’t have any cloth inserts and would have chrome on them and the seats would have been all vinyl as well , with more pleats than whats showing

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