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BF Exclusive: 1967 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser

The Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser is one of those oddly iconic vehicles. It isn’t well known because of its performance or rarity, no it’s well known because so many of them served as hard-working family haulers. If you grew up in the late ’60s, ’70s, and even into the ’80s, chances are your parents either owned one or one of your friend’s parents did. And for those of us that didn’t get to experience the Vista Cruiser firsthand, TV shows like That 70’s Show introduced us to the glory that was the Vista Cruiser. Given the hard lives that most of these wagons lived, finding exceptionally nice examples seems to be quite rare these days. This example, being offered here as a Barn Finds Exclusive bucks that trend and is in amazing shape throughout! You can find it in Ravena, New York with a $30,000 asking price and you can make them an offer via the form below.

It’s easy to see why station wagons were so popular with families, they offered plenty of space to haul kids, pets, luggage, and even lumber. Of all the countless station wagons offered over the years, the Vista Cruiser was perhaps the most unique-looking one offered by an American manufacturer. Its raised rear roof section and roof-mounted windows gave the vehicle a very distinct look and provided rear passengers with great views out of the car while on family vacations. With the roof rack installed like the one on this example, you could even toss a Christmas tree on the roof.

Obviously, this example is far too beautiful to risk scratching the paint up hauling a Douglas Fir on the roof, but given the various upgrades, it will be an amazing daily driver or long-distance cruiser. In 2018, it was treated to a fresh coat of paint in the factory Aqua color. The front suspension has been fully rebuilt with all new bushings, ball joints, and tie rods. It also received new KYB Shocks at all 4 corners and heavy-duty sway bars were installed front and rear. To help slow it down in modern traffic, the front brakes were upgraded to discs (the original drums are still with it and are included).

The 330 cu V8 is in great running condition. To make sure it was running in top condition the seller had the Quadrajet carburetor rebuilt, a new exhaust system installed, the distributor converted to Petronix electronic ignition, and a new harmonic balancer installed. The only downside to the work that was done is that the tach no longer works, as the Petronix doesn’t send the tach the correct signal. Since the car is equipped with an automatic transmission, the seller never saw a need to do the work to get it working, but there are guides on how to make this setup work. Of course, you could always revert back to the original ignition system and get the tach working that way.

For most buyers, the Vista Cruiser’s real selling point was the interior and its ample space. Coming in at 208 inches long, this is by no means a small vehicle and is almost as long as a current generation Chevrolet Suburban. Much of this car’s interior is original and in good condition. Some work has been done though, it has new carpets, and the backs of the front seats and the small middle-row seat have been reupholstered. Overall, the interior looks to be in really nice condition, even the original dash cap looks sharp.

This Olds has a lot going for it and if you have been on the hunt for a Vista Cruiser, this might just be the one to get. The seller states that they’ve owned it since 2016 and have made the 500-mile trip to Cape Cod, Massachusetts in it multiple times. Hopefully, that means the next owner can fly in and drive it home! So, who here has fond memories of riding around in a Vista Cruiser like this one?

Asking Price: $30,000
Location: Ravena, NY
Mileage: 96,000
Title Status: Clean

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  1. Will Fox

    Vista Cruiser wagons, `66-72 were the top-shelf models. As such, they had the woodgrain (shelf paper) on the lower sides/tailgate. Too bad someone thought less of that and just removed them altogether. It takes away from what this is, and therefore IMHO lowers its value.

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    • Jim

      Not true. This car is how it came. There were several versions (options) to vista cruisers. This one is a Standard body which didn’t come with woodgrain. It was one of the reasons I bought the car.

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      • Jim

        Just re-read my comment and want to clarify. I am the one selling the car. My reply was done quickly and made it seem like I just bought the car.

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    • Joe Padavano

      The 1964-66 Vista Cruisers did not come with woodgrain. The 1967 cars like this one only got woodgrain on the Deluxe models. The base Vista like the one in this ad did not come with woodgrain and it was not an option.

  2. CCFisher

    I think you meant to compare it to a new Tahoe. A new Suburban is 17 inches longer than this lovely Vista Cruiser.

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  3. Bill Pressler

    All exterior brightwork, too, has sadly been removed.

    • Jim

      No it has not been removed, the standard body code 3465, which this one is, did not have the exterior brightwork. They only made 2748 standard body V.C.s in 1967. What is interesting about this car is that the person ordered it as a standard but then checked off the four barrel engine, 3spd, Tach, tilt and roof rack.

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      • Car Nut from Tacoma Washington

        One thing I noticed about this V.C., looking at the interior was the gauge cluster. Most GM cars used “idiot lights” for gauges, with the fuel gauge being the only “proper” gauge, which I’ve always thought was the dumbest idea ever invented. This car used actual needle gauges. I don’t know whether this was installed as ordered or if it was installed years later.

      • Jim

        The gaiuges are the stock ones that came with the car.

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  4. JLHudson

    the tachometer has to be very rare.

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    • Jim

      Yeah, they only made 2748 standard body V.C.s in 1967. What is interesting about this car is that the person ordered it as a standard but then checked off the four barrel engine, 3spd, Tach, tilt and roof rack.

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      • Car Nut from Tacoma Washington

        Unless I wasn’t looking carefully, I didn’t see a tach in any of the pictures.

      • Jim

        There is a picture in the ad that shows the Tach.

  5. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    Whatever the hell it is, it looks good!

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  6. Randy jones

    My dad bought a new 68.olds Vista Olds 350 v8 motor and turbo.350 brakes and steering fairly loaded car..white blue interior with the outside wood grain..15 inch wheels and 215 tires and’s was a great family car..motor was decent..needed a 400 some times..but quadrajet.carb ran well..I bet he bought it in late 67 for about 4200k..really the only thing that sunk out wagon was nixon gas war..a vega was our next buy when gas 68 killed my 66 chevelle too.

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  7. MattR Member

    I think it’s cool. I’d love to see more interior pics.

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    • Jim

      Matt, did you click on the ad link? There are more interior images there.

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      • MattR Member

        Jeez Jim. Don’t know how I missed that. Thanks. Great car.

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  8. The Other Chris


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  9. Mountainwoodie

    This reminds me of what a cheap , I mean frugal, man my Dad was. We ended up with a stripper ’65 Buick wagon, black with a tan interior! I literally can remember asking my Dad why we couldn’t one with the “glass on top” when I saw one.
    His one word reply was “Why?”, pretty much set the standard for my life’s philosophy going forward :)
    So I am envious of the seller and the eventual buyer. I still want one with the “glass on top”.

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    • Joe Padavano

      The glass roof wasn’t just for aesthetics. The whole idea behind the Vista and Buick SportWagon was to have a forward-facing third seat. The wheelbase was 5″ longer than on the lesser flattop wagons to provide the footwell for the third seat passengers. The seat itself had to sit on top of the rear axle location, so it was higher than the other seats in the car. This necessitated the raised roof in the back.

    • Tim K King

      Yeah, me too !

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    • Jim

      Well, here’s your chance to own one.

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      • Tim K King

        I wish. I’m on lifetime probation by the chief financial officer that prevents this. And a ’68 Olds to spend on, plus 3 “spare” trucks.

        I have gotten by with quite a bit so far with everything but winning the lottery, until that happens….

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  10. BrettK Member

    Very sweet car. GLWTS

  11. Ron

    Very nice car but I think the ‘72 listed farther down is more realistically priced, and yes I know smog vs non-smog, rarer spec, etc just saying…

  12. Car Nut Tacoma Washington

    Nice looking car. This is my favourite year for the Vista Cruiser until the 1969-72 model years. I’m not sure I’d be willing to pay $30,000 for the car. I would be willing to pay at least around $15,000 assuming everything works as they should.

    • Jim

      Hagerty wants me to insure it for more than my asking price. So, I don’t know what to say about 15K.

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      • Car Nut from Tacoma Washington

        That’s crazy money! I think Hagerty is crazy to have it insured for *that* much. I’d pay between $20k and $25,000 for the car. It’s not a Cadillac Fleetwood limousine or an Aston Martin DB5. It may be collectible, but it’s not *that* collectible. It’s a station wagon, a car most people at the time used to carry family, friends, and other things.

  13. james t perry

    This was my first car as a teenager in 1976 very reliable took it in the mountains, even magic mountain Valencia… all over southern California I never had a problem. Comfortable bought it from a Lawyer whose teen son didn’t want it for 300 bucks.

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