BF EXCLUSIVE: 1985 ASC/McLaren Capri Convertible

While it’s had some touch ups to the paint over the years, this ASC/McLaren Capri is an otherwise clean low mileage survivor. There are just 59k original miles on the odometer and it isn’t hard to believe it. This thing is clean inside and out! There weren’t many of these convertibles built and while the changes were mostly cosmetic, these are still fun cars to drive, especially with the top down. If you’ve been on the hunt for a Capri 5.0 that’s in great condition, you can message the seller Steve L via the form below!

From Steve – This is a rare 1985 McLaren (Capri) version with low miles and no rust. It has been repainted in lower rear quarters and back bumper for rock chips. It was also invited to Classic and Chrome Auto show that is a high end show invite only, so that gives a statement itself. It has new tires, new refurbished wheels as well. For more info please contact me. Thanks.

It’s easy to assume that this Capri would have some type of engine modifications, since it is associated with the a go fast company like McLaren, but the reality is that the 302 V8 is stock. You might notice that this engine is equipped with fuel injection, which became an option on automatic equipped Fox-body cars in ’84. This setup was rated at just 165 horsepower, but at least torque remained the same at 245 foot pounds. So where does McLaren fit into the picture? Well, they were charged with reworking the suspension and fitting it with proper ’80s style wheels. It won’t be the fastest car in a straight line, but at least it will be fun to take through the twisties!

The interior also received some unique features, including a leather wrapped steering wheel, a 140 mile per hour speedometer, and leather Recaro bucket seats with speakers built into the headrest. Between the seats and the automatic, this would actually be a very comfortable car to drive. If the AC is still working, it would be the perfect warm weather daily driver! Then again, it would be a shame to put a ton of miles on such a low mileage example.

This really could prove to be a fun car to have, whether you decide to daily drive it or only take it out for shows. Steve is asking $6,500 for it, which seems like a great price considering the condition and that only 257 were built. Obviously rarity doesn’t always mean valuable, but it’s only a matter of time before these cars start to go up in value. Our special thanks to Steve for listing his Capri with us. And if you have a low mileage survivor that needs a good home, please consider listing it here on Barn Finds!

Location: Rockford, Illinois
Asking Price: 6,500
Mileage: 59,000
Title: Clean

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  1. Miguel

    A kid in high school had one of these when it was new.

    It didn’t really impress me at the time.

    Why would somebody spend all the extra money for this when Ford was making the Mustang for less money?

    • Rx7turboII

      I’m assuming because everbody had Mustangs…not everyone had these… How does that saying go? Mustangs are like ***holes, everybody’s got one. Lol just kidding guys! I respect the Mustang Community just as much as every other car out there, I just had to say it..

  2. Rx7turboII

    Finally…someone from my home town! Lol! Nice car Steve.

  3. Miguel

    As for the miles, if you drive it another 100,000, it will have 59,000 again.

  4. Solosolo KEN TILLY Member

    Out of curiosity’s sake from a UK resident, what is a Clean Title? What other types of Title are there in the US?

    • Tom Justice

      A clean title usually means that it has no liens on it so no money is owed on the car and the owner is free to sell it and the buyer has no worries someone can make a claim on it.

      • Solosolo KEN TILLY Member

        Thank you Tom.

    • gtyates


      It also means that there are no accidents reported as well.

      • Mike_B_SVT

        Hmm… I don’t think Accidents are recorded on the title, specifically. My understanding is that it means that the title has not been branded as Salvage / Totalled / Theft Recovery, or anything other than a normal title.

  5. charlie Member

    And, each state, all 50 of them, issue titles when a car is bought new from a dealer. After that, there are a dozen different possibilities. Some states do not issue titles for cars more than a certain number of years old, or built before a certain date, NH for example, if you buy a 1999 or earlier car, used, will not issue you a title. Some states will not let you register a car unless you have a title, so if you buy my ’93 Allante from me, you can register it in NH, and some other states, but not in some others, since I have no title. CA will (and did) allow me to register it to drive it, but, won’t issue me a title without my going through an elaborate procedure, which involves finding the last title issued. I cannot sell it in CA unless I do, so, I will.

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      charlie, I also live in NH and when I went to sell my ’70 Corvette with no title, I filled out a form (available on-line) and had to go to the local police station. I showed them the registration and they confirmed the information was accurate (Vin #, etc.). The police officer signed it, I sent it to Concord, and about a month later, I had a title.
      I did this in case someone from out of state wanted to buy it. It turns out that a guy from NH bought it.

      I like Allantes, but not ready for another fun car, yet.

  6. Aribert

    I have been told that the windshield was laid back, requiring a special door glass. Looking at the side view, does the A-pillar look like it’s laid back compared to a stock Mustang or Capri?

  7. Chicaghost writer

    I think it’s hilarious that half the comments on this post had as much to do with the Capri as this site has to do with exotic reptiles.

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