BF EXCLUSIVE: 1987 Porsche 944 Cabriolet

Update 5/2/2018 – Richard’s 944 Cabriolet is still up for grabs, but he is going to be moving soon and really needs it gone ASAP. As a matter of fact, he needs it gone by May 15th. As a result, he’s willing to hear all offers to get it sold quick, so be sure to contact him via the form below!

From 11/15/2017 – I can’t help but wonder if this 944 Cabriolet didn’t inspire Porsche to build their own convertible version of the 944. You see, Porsche didn’t introduce the drop top 944 until 1989, while this car is a 1987. It’s a very well done conversion and looks quite similar to the factory built convertibles. Chances are it was built after ’89, but you never know! Richard N has owned this car for a number of years but has decided it’s time to let it go. He’s asking $6,500 and the car is currently located in Naples, Florida. If you are interested in giving it a new home, you can message Richard via the form below and make him an offer.

Red 1987 944 Porsche that was clipped, had roof removed, turned into a Cabriolet. 1” channel down each side. Custom roof, trunk, mid-panel. Door openings are perfect. Rides stiff. Top, seat bottoms, steering rack, tires all recent. A/C rebuilt. 4 extra wheels. Radio was stolen. New windshield. Black interior. Sportmatic. A few small dents, hard to spot. This is a driver car.

I’ve owned it 10 years and 40,000 miles. Made before Porsche did cabriolets. Not a salvage title. Done by a body shop owner and stored inside for years. Everything works but alarm & clock. Electric seats and windows work. Doors customized with special window surrounds. Manual folding top. Fun to drive. Cheapest Porsche experience around.

This could prove to be a really interesting car to have. I’m sure it would lead to lots of fun conversations, but more importantly, I’m sure it would be fun to drive with the top down. If you’ve been on the hunt for something German that’s a bit different, be sure to message Richard about this 944! Speaking of Richard, our thanks to him for listing his car with us. And if you have a cool find that needs a good home, please consider listing it here on Barn Finds!

And here are some recent photos of the car. As you can see, it’s in nice shape, but could you a good detailing.

Asking Price: $6,500
Location: Naples, Florida
Mileage: 80,000
Title: Clean

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  1. Bmac Bmac Member

    Technically, these 944’s & 968’s were never factory built, the were converted by ASC in their plant in Germany. Porsche sent completed cars to ASC, they mounted the completed car to a fixture and did their magic. Somewhere I have pictures of the process. Impressive.

    • aribert

      Let me expound on Bmac’s posting. The 944 & 968 body shells were trucked down the road to ASC’s plant for body/structure modifications. The bodies were shipped back to Porsche’s plant to run thru the paint line and the beginning of vehicle assembly. These incomplete vehicles were shipped back to ASC for topstack and some convertible trim install. The vehicles were trucked back to Porsche for completion.

      • JazzGuitarist54

        We had a Celica convertible, conversion done by ASC in California plant, excellent build quality

  2. edh

    10 year old photos.

    The seller must be too busy to bother with taking current photos.

  3. David

    I wonder what it looks like now. Must be the reason the seller didn’t provide a current picture. How much bodywork and paint do you think it would take to make it look like this again?

    • Rich Nepon

      I had a cerebral hemorrhage in March. I no longer drive. I never planned to sell this car. It is difficult for me to even photograph it. I sent two new photos in today. Also, I put in a new rubber flywheel less than 2000 miles ago. Also just put in a new fuel pump (I paid to have it done). Not rust but sun. Decals around wheels to keep rocks off paint wearing. Trunk has the only hint of rust

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  4. Bill

    Took one of the cool things about this car, the rear glass and roofline, and came up with this. I can’t imagine how bad the body flex is on this thing.

    • Rich Nepon

      Better than stock, 1” channel steer down each side.

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  5. David Miraglia

    911 purist, would never touch a yuppie Porsche

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    • Derek

      David Miraglia well isn’t that special… don’t touch it let someone who loves it do that

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    • Joe Howell

      That’s OK some of us don’t think that much of the archaic 911.

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  6. Rich Nepon

    Don’t get the negativity. Why troll? If you have nothing to add, just move on. I’m trying to sell my car that I never intended to sell. I’ve already sold two VWs at a loss. I’m not enjoying this but you guys are making it painful. Just move along and allow some actual driving enthusiast to get a great deal.

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    • Dick Johnson

      We’ve been there, Rich. The latest was a critically ill great grandchild born 28 Feb of this year. She continues to improve. Those who don’t understand the concept of staying financially solvent is during a setback never will. We wouldn’t wish this lifestyle on anyone.

      The costs of illness and accidents in our family would have paid for a really nice slab-side Cobra.

      Take care, Rich. Neat car.

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      • Richard Nepon

        Thanks. This has been a great enjoyment. Just spent too much recommissioning after long rehab only to have another mechanical setback. Ready to take the loss and move on. A great, fun ride but not for the purist.

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  7. wilson swilley

    1984 Porsche 944 Cabriolet with the serial number as AA not AC. It was done by asc where have no idea. Background lead me to Nevada.

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    • Richard Nepon

      This done by a private garage after an accident, but clean title. Builder kept it inside, a/c shop. Put about 100 miles on a year since 1990 until my purchase in 2007.

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  8. Stephen

    Hi Rich,

    Why are you selling it?
    Obviously you would rather not, so what’s the reason?

    Chin up!

    • Dick Johnson

      Rich had a medical event back in March. These ‘events’ are waiting for all of us.

      Ernie Gann wrote the book “Fate is the Hunter” which is an aviation bible to me. There’s always something out there trying to alter your life.

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    • Richard Nepon

      Bad health, moving cross country, someone else should enjoy it. It has sat unused too long, isn’t getting better.

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  9. Rob

    It looks like a Bieber conversion.

  10. Joe Howell

    Good luck with your sale and I sympathize with your medical problems. If I didn’t already have red Rabbit Cabriolet for the Mrs. I would jump on this since I already own and maintain a Concours winning red 25,000 mile 1984 944 and a 3.0 liter 89 944S2 for weekend fun and track use and this would be a nice addition.

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    • Stephen

      Hey Joe Howell,

      Since you know these cars well, why not pick it up for fun and help Rich out?
      Sounds like it would be a nice “why not” addition to your stable and you’d be helping a guy out.
      Price is definitely quite reasonable;-)


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  11. Richard Nepon

    Gord. I got a notice from you with your phone, but no email address. I tried a txt but it kicked moving to Portland OR to be near kids. Visibility out back is okay, just adjust mirror when top down . Timing and pump just done for second time. Age. New fuel pump. New PS hose with the twists(expensive), new rubber flywheel, steering rack, a/c service, tires, seat bottoms. New top but stitches fell apart at rear window.

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    • moosie Craig Bryda

      Please excuse my IGNORENCE.
      Rubber Flywheel ??? Cool car I’d like to own it but MS took my legs away in July 2017 and it sucks.

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      • Richard Nepon

        Having a transaxle, the automatic and possibly the stick, has a sun gear molded into a rubber flywheel that in my car wore out at about 70,000 miles. Was difficult to find one. Expensive to replace. Whole rear transaxle and drive tube had to come down.

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  12. Richard Nepon

    I have an offer. Low, but if you are interested get your offer in now. I am definitely selling to first best offer that gets me paid in real cash. I’m losing a fortune but so it goes. Someone is making out real well.

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  13. karguy James

    Well how about making it more like a BF auction. Post what the offer is and see if anyone wants to best it. I would hate to have you sell it cheap and have someone say “I would have paid more than that”. Me included.

    Also, what are the extra wheels that go with it?

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    • Richard Nepon

      I am interested in selling it to one who would enjoy it. But price is important. I’ll leave it as is. Wheels are more phone dials, but slightly out of round. Need straightening. Wheels on it are good.

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