Brand New 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT

Once a throwaway vehicle, Fieros have started to come into their own as of late as they are beginning to get recognized as legitimate collector vehicles. Built in a desirable mid-engine/rear wheel drive configuration, and available with a manualt transmission, the Fiero can be a fun little car. 1988 was almost 30 years ago, which makes this Fiero an American classic. Because so many were used and abused, to find one like this that is showing 2,999.9 miles on the odometer is a serious rarity. The seller’s father purchased this car brand new in Kansas City, Kansas in 1988 and drove it on a road trip to his newly acquired ranch in rural Montana. It has not be driven since! Find it here on eBay with a starting bid of $18,999. 

It was parked in the climate controlled garage and never driven again, as the seller’s father did not want to subject it to frequent driving down the long dirt road that leads to his home. According to the seller, there is a distinct possibility that this car has never been rained on. The car was last started 10 years ago and worked properly at that time. Though a little dusty, the engine is clearly in brand-new condition and has seen basically no use whatsoever. This car is equipped with leather and power lumbar support. Not only is the interior immaculate, but the seller claims it still smells new. All of the original paperwork and manuals are included, and the car was never actually titled after purchase, hence the dealer advertising plates attached to the car.

Under the hood is the 2.8 liter six cylinder, which was the largest engine available in a Fiero. The fluids have never been changed and the seller recommends installing a battery, draining the gas tank, changing the fuel filter, and changing the oil. No attempts have been or will be made by the seller or his father to get the car running as the seller is not living near his father and his father is 81 and not able to perform these tasks. Changing the fluids is a necessity, as oil can gel from sitting over time and clog oil passages leading to engine detonation which would really kill the value on this car. The seller is willing to arrange a mechanic’s inspection of the vehicle prior to purchase at buyer’s expense.

According to the ad, 241 were manufactured in this color and it is unlikely that any of the others had leather, lumbar, and a sunroof. It is 100% likely that none of the others have been parked since brand-new! Though it has suffered some minor scuffs and one small chip over the years, this Fiero is possibly the nicest 1988 Fiero GT in existence and will probably bring close to the asking price if the right collector comes along. Hated as they may have once been (or may still be) there is a strong possibility that Fieros will be valuable in the future, especially one in this condition.


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  1. Simon P

    Have to say this… I AM IN LOVE!

  2. Gunner

    No matter how valuable the automobile is, letting it just sit is just not a good thing, for a lot of good reasons. I am not a Fiero guy (though I do love pontiacs) I knew in reading this that this color was indeed rare. With that said, there is potential for replacement of several things here (like gaskets). There was also little room to work on these engines and space was limited under the hood. 19K is not pocket money and IMO, you would really have to want this Poncho to pay it. Nevertheless, they were a fun car to drive, and this one stands out on its own.

    • jeffd

      Actually there is quite a bit of room in there for wrenching on the V6…..can even get around a V8 in that same engine bay :-) I was able to get to all the head bolts on both heads of the V8 in mine for a retorque/recheck after engine break in.

      • Neal

        You have a v8 Fiero?!?! Cool. Did you put it in or PO? How does it handle?

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  3. jaymes

    the v6 made the fiero, they canned it after it was figured out. i’d rock it.

  4. jw454

    It’s only 1700 miles from KC-Mo. to the farthest town in the north west corner of Montana. They had to take a very long route to get home.

    • grant

      I came here to say the same thing, then reread the story. He “drove it on a road trip to his home.” As opposed to “he drove it home.” Sounds like he took the scenic route. I’ll bet it was a blast.

  5. edh

    Right car, wrong color and wrong time.


    I just don’t see it selling for that price. It deserves to be in a museum.

  7. jeffd

    The want is strong with this one — would be cool to see this, stone stock next to my V8 powered one. One with no mods, one with all the mods (custom paint, headlights, taillights, interior, brakes). However, my wallet doesn’t want to open for a bid listing commanding a premium price for a car that hasn’t been started in 10 years, is dirty inside and out, has a few nits, etc. Might be better priced in the 13k to 15k range?

  8. mike D

    I find it odd that it has exactly 2999.9 miles is there a 3K limit for a ” low mileage” car ? I did ride in a ( then new) Fiero with the V/6 it had spunk! but not my type of car, and even if it was.. not my color

  9. Mike B

    GM got it mostly right too late in production. Arguably better styled than its contemporary series 1 MR2, but somewhat disappointing to drive in comparison. During a GT test drive in ’87 I commented to the ride along salesman that the shifting was a bit stiff & vague and he responded “you get used to it”. I like the color; similar to the ’88 CRX I’m still driving.

    • jonrev

      The one you drove still had a Citation front-end for a rear suspension; 88’s got the independent tri-link in the rear.

  10. Don

    Drool…. sadly, $19k is a bit much, not to mention the cost of a trip to see it, and then ship it home. Would make a nice mate to my ’88 Formula.

  11. irocrobb

    Such a shame it was not driven and now the owner is old and needs to sell it.Probably 15,0000 dollar car tops in 1988 so a very poor investment. I dont care how valuable a car is it should get driven a few hundred miles every summer.

  12. Jeff

    Not original leather seats. Sticker shows cloth seats and they do not look like factory Fiero leather seats.

  13. Coventrycat

    Fitting color for a lemon. All cars are throwaway, but there’s somebody out there holding on to a 3000 mile Kia Soul with a special stripe package that only 250,451 cars got. Hope I’m around long enough to see it featured here. 🤑

    • Mike H. Mike H

      Ha-ha! Yes!

  14. Kevin W

    Junk when new, now it’s 30 year old junk. These things and Azteks did nothing but stain an otherwise fairly respectable name in the automotive world

    • jonrev

      On the flipside, one could argue the Fiero was the last “good” (maybe not great) Pontiac. It was profitable every year it was built and broke numerous sales records at GM, was no more/less reliable than anything else GM made at the time, and had top safety ratings for the era. Soon as it was discontinued, GM tightened their grip on the brand’s balls so hard it cursed us with nothing but badge-engineering, ridiculous body cladding, and trashcan plastic interiors until about the last couple years of their existence — the GTO, G8, and Solstice being the exceptions (two of which having to be sourced from the Australian Holden brand).

      The Aztek was another example of Pontiac getting a decent (albeit likely too far ahead of its time) concept in the public eye, and GM doing everything in its power to make it suck by the time it hit production.

    • carsofchaos

      OH Please……………

    • Kim

      Says the guy who has never owned or even driven one. I own many sports cars (32) that includes 2 1988 Fieros, 1 1993 Toyota MR2 turbo and 3 Fiat X1/9s. Of all of these mid engine cars the X1/9s bring the most joy. The Fiero runs a close second, and the more refined MR2 is a little boring in comparison. The fit and finish of the MR2 is best but the car feels like any modern sedan to drive.

  15. KN16

    It MIGHT be worth the asking price if it weren’t for the crappy leather seats that didn’t come in this car. The odds of finding NOS seats to restore this thing to original is ZERO.

  16. Rodney

    Just read the following quote by Simon Kidston;
    “It’s like having a beautiful wife and not sleeping with her, because you want to save her for her next husband”
    Seems to apply to this Lemony-Blonde Fiero…..

  17. BRUCE

    How come all the comment writers have 17+ thumps up.I have never seen that before and i read BarnFinds every day.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Thanks for catching that! It should be all fixed now.

  18. Peter k

    The worst thing that you can do to vehicle is let it sit. They were meant to be driven. This is the main reason why I am selling off my collection.

  19. Tyler

    Strong money for a car that will basically need to be rebuilt before its road worthy again. I’ve been down that road before & never again. You will be replacing almost every piece of weatherstripping, seal, shocks, struts, every rubber hose, especially brake hoses, master cylinder, calipers, tires, engine gaskets, fluids, fuel pump, etc., & that’s before you get into the failed or soon to fail electronics.

    After all of that, you may as well have started with a worn out example, because the value here is the low mileage originality. Another sad catch 22 car.

  20. John rambo

    Definitely not under 3,000 miles. The odometer numbers are off center and that mean that someone has removed the instrument and turned back the numbers. The only thing is, it will never be center again. Another giveaway is the picture of the carpet and seat. Very dirty and worn and I bet it smell nasty too.
    I once bought a one owner vehicle, 1968 Mercury Cougar back in 1998. It had 68,000 miles on it. Original paint, no rust,original seat,carpet and head liner.
    The big difference is, it still smells like a new car. It came for Beverley Hill. The only thing I have to do was changed out the gas tank, flush out the fuel line and overhauled the carburetor and replace the battery. I paid $3,500 for it. Today the car is with a car collector where it once again sit in a climate control room.

    • JohnD

      Seat and carpet look brand new to me. Look at the steering wheel leather–also seemingly new. Can’t explain the odometer, but check out that brake booster, reservoir and engine compartment. Too many indicators to dismiss it as a fraud.
      Edit: I looked at the pictures again, very closely. No offense but I don’t think you have.

    • Dan

      The odometer looks exactly like a mechanical odometer that is about to flip over 4 digits. Looks fine to me.

  21. Mike

    I drove my cousins GT with the V6 and manual transmission. That thing is downright scary and compares to any muscle car that I know of. The low-end is really powerful and gets up to speed extremely fast. The yellow is really unusual. This is a beautiful car

  22. Chris

    People are buying them, taking the 2.8 v6 out and putting the Grand Prix GTX 3800 supercharged v6 in them. I think the manual transmission in the car works with the 3800

  23. erv

    General Motors attempt at a Ferrari….lmao

  24. Nova Scotian

    Nice car. Has to sell because when your old…can’t bend to sit on the road, as you would in this. But why not drive it after the purchase? WHY? Why buy and park? It’s not that valuable folks. But yes, nice car. Government Motors finally got this model correct,…then let it die. WHY? Lol.

  25. JohnD

    I like ’em, and it looks good in yellow. The fact that the ones I still see running around are in such horrible condition makes this even sweeter. My dad wanted to buy one for my mom when these were brand new. For some reason he didn’t. I think because my mom couldn’t drive a stick–were they sold w/ autos?

  26. JohnD

    I believe those tires are now unobtanium. I don’t see any dryrotting and there’s plenty of tread. Could they be 3000 mile tires? I think so–but I’m no expert. The write up also says it’s been stored in a climate controlled shop. If I really wanted a Fiero I’d get myself to Montana post haste to investigate.

  27. Rob F

    seats could have very well been a dealer installed option, was very popular for dealers to install landau roofs, rag roofs, chrome trim, after market sunroofs and leather, pin stripping, continental kits, etc

    Also ad says SMELLS NEW so I dont think it has stinky soiled carpets

    • Jeff

      Even if the dealer did install the seats (and the seller should have paperwork to show it, since they still have the sticker), its still not an original Fiero. Kind of rubs me the wrong way that the seller still has the description imply that they are original leather seats, when multiple people have informed him they are not, and the sticker shows they are not.

  28. Taco Juan

    I liked the look of the Fiero. Was a modern day classic. A car ahead of it’s time in design. To bad it was a GM parts car. The 1988 were the cream of the crop so to say. It became it’s own car. Then Pontiac stopped production. Damit. I was looking for a modern day classic at the time, and all the fiero’s were spoken for. I ended up with a 1987 Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe. OH well.

  29. Charley

    I am the owner of the car and Ironically / unfortunately my father passed just a couple of months after I last visited him and took the photos. Funny to read all of the commentary, you either are an admirer of the Fiero and or your not. In my eyes it was an iconic car and this is an exceptional example. The car smells new when the door is opened and is spotless. I believe the critical individual needs to clean their screen as to their condition comments. Rubber is exceptional and as I stated the car never even experienced rain! We did determine the leather was installed by the dealer most likely at my fathers request. As a result of my fathers passing and a commitment to sell to an individual that didn’t pan out the car is still sitting in the shop where it has for 30 years. It’s for sale and the real deal, going to Montana this week if you want to come purchase it / pick it up! If not you’ll most likely see it at Barrett Jackson 2019, we’re going to have some fun with it in my fathers memory…

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