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Civil Defender: 1968 Dodge Power Wagon

In all honesty, this generation of Dodge trucks is one of the best looking by far. Located in Salisbury, Massachusetts, this fantastic fire truck was spotted by reader Tom A. Found here on craigslist for a whopping $1,600, I’m not sure what more you could ask for!

Under the hood lies one of the best engines built, the 225 ci. MOPAR slant-6. Many people would argue that a 340 or 318 would fit much better under here, but for the purpose of this truck, I don’t think you could ask for much more. Plenty of torque coupled to a 4-speed transmission and Dana 4×4 setup makes or a truck that should be able to take you through anything.

Body wise, for a New England truck, it looks pretty solid. I’d have to imagine that the mileage is low given the lack of rust and the fact that it is a fire service vehicle. While the bed has steel treadplate covering it and the tailgate is missing, those parts shouldn’t be too hard to locate. The cab and bed corners look great as do the floor bottoms. What more is there to ask for?

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to buy this truck right now. The paint, the old logos, and the overall solid condition make it perfect for the farm truck I am looking for. The 4 wheel drive and slant-6 make it a bulletproof and unstoppable rig. What would you do with it?


  1. David Zornig

    And gone, in 11 minutes…

  2. Andre

    Ya someone just stole that. Good on ’em

  3. TommyGunn

    I know this truck very well … Growing up it was stationed at the fire station a few blocks from where I lived and Id pass it everyday riding my bike …. Really wish I had the money to save it …

  4. Barzini

    Wow – that was almost to good to be true (and close to home, too). Someone just made out big time.

  5. newfieldscarnut

    There is always another buy around the next corner , but missing this one hurts . 😞

  6. -Bear-

    $1600.00 was an absolute STEAL!!
    $3200.00 would have still been a steal!!
    Damn…………….. :-(

  7. Eric

    Ok, wow. If the new lucky, s.o.b. owner is reading this or if someone knows them; I’ll gladly give you 5 grand for it. That’s a nice, quick profit!! :)

    • newfieldscarnut

      The truck was actually junked by someone and the salvage yard sold it to someone who will be restoring it … a happy ending after all …
      One man’s junk is another man’s joy .

      • Eric

        Hmm, when you say restore, hopefully it’s just mechanically and maybe cleaning up the body. That should be left the way it is. If they should change their mind, I’m still interested! Maybe I’d even go up to 6 grand :)

  8. gregwnc

    File that under “too late”.

  9. David J David J

    Wow! Someone got a gonga deal!

  10. Fred W.

    At least that shows there are still good deals out there, as opposed to all the pie in the sky pricing we see here and elsewhere.

  11. Akmtnguide

    Too great of a deal to last. Craigslist ad removed.

  12. Howard A Member

    Wellll, there’s a lesson to be learned here, although, in all honesty, by the time a deal like this hits BF’s, it’s probably too late anyway. You have to “stumble” on stuff like this by accident,( wasting an afternoon on various CL’s, and that’s another thing, does anybody know how to access all of the US CL for cars and trucks?) and respond immediately. Last of the great, simple trucks. And with all fire dept. trucks, the mileage may be low, but it has a ton of idling hours. It probably had a big generator on the back to power the lights. Great find, and scour those CL’s, they’re out there.

    • Brian

      Not sure this is allowed, if not remove it! seem to do a decent job searching numerous sites.

      • Howard A Member

        Wow, Brian, that’s exactly what I was looking for!! Never saw so many Pinto wagons. Thanks!

      • Chuck Pierce

        the same but auto specific:
        Chuck in Kansas

  13. Chris Kennedy

    My story is the same as above…gone in 60 seconds!

  14. whippeteer

    And those auxiliary lights! Blinded by the light…

  15. Madmatt

    Wow,seems someone,was at the right place at the right time!!
    and “scored” an awesome deal,,I have always liked the last
    years of this body style Dodge,and most don’t come close to looking
    as good, and in original shape as this one.You can’t buy a rusty 250,000 mi
    p.o.s. 2 wheel drive late model truck for $1600.00 around here-N/W Ohio.!!
    Hope the owner/buyer is really going to restore/fix it, and not just “Flip it”.

  16. Guggie 13

    nice find fir some one , like hitting the lottery !

  17. Reid Hall

    I guess the local u-pull-it should hang on to this truck, and convert it into a tow truck/yard truck. Great truck for this purpose,low miles, maintained very well.

  18. jps311

    Stay tuned it will be probably listed tomorrow with a picture of it on a trailer for ten grand

  19. firemedic2714

    The idling hours on this particular vehicle were probably minimal. It’s a support vehicle and not going to go on every call. If it was a pumper, sure, lots of idling hours. Something else to consider, as an FD vehicle, it would have had the best maintenance you could possibly imagine. It would have had every oil change probably done early rather than later. It never would have been put away dirty and it would have been stored in at the very least a heated engine bay. It led a very pampered life between calls.

  20. chevelle tim

    a day late and a dollar short….the story of my life..

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