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Reader Dan H has been very busy over the past few years hunting down old rides. He has sent us a number of photos of his various finds and we thought it was time to feature all his great pictures! We will let you guys identify the cars in each photo, so leave your guesses in the comments and with any luck, Dan will have time to get on and give us some more clues!







As you can see, Dan has been very busy indeed! We want to thank Dan for sharing so many discoveries with us and we wish him the best of luck! If you are like Dan and take photos of all the interesting cars you come across, please share them with us!

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  1. paul

    Triumph GT6,a couple of Dodge Challengers,65 Ford Galexie,911/12,66 T Bird,356,56 Chevy Belair, Volvo 245.

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    • Kfd

      You are seeing ‘Cudas, not Challengers. Close!

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    • Scott

      Not a 56 Bel Air. It’s actually a Model 210..

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  2. Alfieri

    1970 Norton 750 Commando Roadster

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  3. rancho bella

    I believe it is a ’63 Galaxie…………..

    not one picture of a pre ’75 Lotus……….humm………..come on Dan…………get to snappin’

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  4. Bob


    second row, second from the left = Alfa Romeo GTV
    third row, first on left = 1967 Ford Galaxie
    fourth row, second from right = Alfa Romeo Giulia or Giulietta
    fifth row, second from right = Pair of 1962 Ford Galaxies

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  5. Stuart

    I can’t find the pictures that Bob saw the Alfas in…what is going on here?

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  6. Jerrilyn Henson

    Are people calling the yellow convertible a Galaxy? It says Thunderbird right on it..

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  7. Jim-Bob

    I’ve heard of an Alfasud before, but that’s the first Alfashrub I’ve ever seen!

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  8. Jim-Bob

    Let’s see what I can ID Here…

    Triumph GT6
    1971 Plymouth Cuda in Sassy Grass Green
    Plymouth Barracuda with 1970 AAR Cuda hood
    1963 Ford Galaxy with 427 FE
    Porsche 911 or 912
    1963 Ford Thunderbird
    Porsche 356
    1956 Chevrolet 210 Del Ray
    1967 Ford Mustang Fastback with inline six
    Same Mustang on Flatbed
    1980’s Porsche 911
    MG TD Kit car (I think it has Pinto Mechanicals)
    1965-67 Pontiac GTO
    Alfa Romeo (GTV?)
    1962 Chevrolet Corvette
    1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 350 in Hugger Orange
    1966 or 67 Ford Galaxy 500 convertible
    Porsche 914
    1973+ BMW 2002 on Enkei 92 wheels
    Triumph Motorcycle?
    Late split window VW Bus (deluxe or Samba model)
    1968 Chevrolet Corvette on Enkei 92 wheels (1968 is the only year for the pushbutton lock cylinder door handle setup)
    Alfa Romeo Gulia
    MG A
    1956 (?) Cadillac Sixty Special
    1970-72 Buick Skylark Convertible
    Pair of 1961 Ford full size cars
    1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350
    1964.5 or 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback (inline six powered)
    Same Mustang as above
    1957 Cadillac Coupe De Ville
    1963 Ford Thunderbird from earlier but with dirt stripes.

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    • Kfd

      The Skylark rag is a ’71. The ’70s didn’t have the grilles in the bumper, the ’72s had more pronounced squared-off light bezels, and the grilles were recessed around the left and right margins. My first car was a Stratomist Blue ’71!

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      • Jim-Bob

        I was thinking it was a 1971-72 because of the grille, but wasn’t certain I was right. I’m sure I am off a bit on some of the others too, but I was doing it off memory, boredom and insomnia after a night of pizza delivery.

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    • geomechs geomechsMember

      That red MG (unless I’m missing something) is a TF, which happens to be my favorite of that series (TB-TF). I wasn’t aware that a fiberglass kit was available for that model.

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      • Jim-Bob

        It was a guess based upon the white color showing through and a total lack of rust for a car that has sat that long. I figured the white was a gelcoat and the cheap red paint was peeling off of it due to poor prep work by a kit builder that was done before sending the body off to a volume paint shop like Maaco. Then again… I could be wrong. I just like trying to solve the mystery of cars like this when I see the pictures. By no means do I think I am always right.

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      • paul

        usually the kits don’t have real wire wheels, I think it’s a genuine TF.

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    • Alfieri

      @Jim-Bob: you must have missed my previous post above. That is clearly no Triumph motorcycle, it’s a 1970 Norton Commando Roadster. To us, that would be like identifying a Camaro as a Mustang.

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  9. Don Andreina

    The red alfa coupe is a 2000. The ferny spider is a giulietta or a giulia, can’t tell but it makes for a nice garden feature. I can’t choose between the black Cadillac and the red Porsche. Very nice pictures, Dan.

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    • paul

      In the US it was called a GTV

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  10. Tim

    That yellow Thunderbird is a beauty!

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  11. DolphinMember

    1968 Triumph GT6
    1969 Barracuda
    1966 Porsche 911/912
    1961 Thunderbird
    1957 Porsche 356A Coupe
    1956 Chevrolet 4-door
    1968 Mustang
    1983 Porsche 911 Cabriolet
    1955 MG TF
    1965 Pontiac GTO
    1968 Alfa Romeo GTV
    1958 Corvette
    1967 Camaro SS
    1967 Ford Convertible
    1969 Porsche 914
    1969 BMW 2002
    1960 VW 23 window bus
    1968 Corvette
    1958 MGA Coupe
    1955 Cadillac 4-door
    ……..got to get some shut-eye now…..

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    • paul

      The ALRo GTV is later then 68, 68 had a step nose, smaller tail lights, smaller round side markers & no badge on the c pillar, this one looks to be early 70’s.

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  12. Ron Vac

    Dan K is my pal. Oakland 510. My man is a beast on a bicycle or five speed. Gave me a heart attack many times. Met him buying a barn find 65 Biscayne.
    I thought i was the king of husting cars but after meeting Dan 7 years ago… i think Im more like a Duke. Whats up Dan!!! Rat Rod!!!

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  13. tom

    sux we can`t own any of these.

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  14. danger Dan

    greetings carnuts & barnfinders!
    the mg and aar cuda are real!
    find me on ebay at carsanddogs1970 or riding a bicycle around berkeley cal looking for forgotten relics and long lost rides……….

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