Would You dare? 1960 Fiat 600 Multipla

Reader Filippo R came across this Fiat project in Padua, Italy here on Subito. He also thought it would be fun to try his hand at contributing, so here is what he wrote!

From Filippo – Found in a famers’ field in central Italy, this Fiat Multipla “project” is beckoning to be restored. Clearly, it is in rough shape and the theories as to how the damage took place include: “rolled down the hill”, “attacked by a bull”, “snow caved in the roof”, “earthquake”, etc…

The car has an annual tax sticker from the ’60’s so it was likely abandoned many years ago. It still retains the original black plates – which, in Italy, increase the value substantially. It was apparently bought by a farm and has had one owner from new. This was the “van” version for the commercial/trade sector and was likely never a passenger vehicle. The engine, transmission and other mechanics seem to be complete. The interior is apparently quite complete as well.

It will take a lot of work and expertise to restore this Multipla. The good news is that the fact that it is a rare “van” version – and with a sliding door – may make the difference. The mechanics are mostly the same as the Fiat 500/600 so should be easy to source. The body work is another matter altogether! Who can guess the number of hours required to straighten it all up and do the rust repairs?

There is a strong market for these in any case as dreamers and madmen abound! Worst case, it makes a nice piece of lawn art.

Special thanks to Filippo for sharing this Fiat with us! It looks like a massive project, but it’s definitely an interesting find that you don’t see often. So do you think someone will be crazy enough to take on restore it or do you think it will end up being yard art?


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  1. Mike McCloud

    Ha-ha-ha-ha! I feel sorry for the poor thing! Two things came to mind upon first glance; #1 is a loaf of bread that fell off a truck, #2 was a burrito, in a wrapper from a fast food Mexican restaurant that was thrown out the window! So, rather than ‘restore’, I’d say ‘Re-Wrap’ !

  2. Rupert McClain

    There comes a time when you have to throw in the towel & declare it a “parts vehicle” & part it out.

  3. Steve65

    Parts car. The grille, front bumper, and (if they saved it) windshield are the only exterior parts that appear to be salvagable. The rest of the sheetmetal is scrap. Too badly damaged to even serve as a template for recreation from scratch.

  4. Steve R

    Never seen one before. One like it would be cool to see restored, just not this one. It’s a parts car.

    Steve R

    • Pa Tina

      Parts car for who? Do you really think there might be one in the good ‘ol USA?

  5. SAM61

    Cool van. Maybe it was used for target practice at the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot?

    • Mark

      The question is how many people here know what the Knob Creek machine gun shoot is?

  6. Mike

    VW buses in worse shape than this have been restored, so it all depends how really rare these are.

    • Steve65

      When you fabricate 90% of a vehicle from scratch, and then rivet the original ID plate to it, it doesn’t really count as “restored”.

      The resulting highly accurate replica may have enough value to be profitable, but it still remains a copy.

    • Sanity Factor

      I have seen split window vw’s in better shape that were too far gone to consider…this is scrap metal…

  7. Rube Goldberg Member

    I actually got a ride in one of these many years ago, mid-70’s. It was a window van and a guy I knew was a salesman at a Fiat dealer in Waukesha, Wis. and they got it in on a trade. It was a cute thing, bur horribly underpowered and with 4 adults, he never did get into 4th gear. I think top speed in 3rd wound out was about 35. ( He was also the guy that gave me a ride in a Fiat Dino, which was the opposite end of the spectrum) I suppose this could be fixed. The real shame here is this damage probably occurred from some ignorant scrap yard employee, rammed or dropped something against it. Very valuable parts for someone.

    • Charles Gould

      These kind of stories spread inaccurate information. That Multipla must have had a very tired engine or was out of tune or the driver did not know how to use the gearbox properly.
      I own the Taxi version of a 1963 Fiat Multipla 600D with six seats and with all six adults on board, the thing will easily rev to fourth gear and can attain 55 to 60 MPH all day long, even up hills.
      Come on out and I will give you a better ride or even let you drive it!

      • Rube Goldberg Member

        While I can appreciate your passion for this vehicle, I’m sorry, I don’t buy that. You have a vehicle that weighs 1,600 lbs empty, put 6 adults in it, another 1,400 lbs. and a motor that puts out 21 hp, unless yours has some Abarth motor, with an estimated top speed of 56 mph ( downwind) I highly doubt you’d be able to cruise @ 55-60 all day long. Besides, these weren’t meant for speed. Down some back alley in Italy, but not I-80.

  8. Classic Steel

    Sure as soon is the titanic
    Is raised from the sea and another
    actor is president 🙃😜😅😉

  9. Martin Sparkes

    Tack some sheet metal over the windows and doors and apply 10 pounds of air pressure with a very large compressor. Good as new.

    • TriPowerVette

      @Martin Sparkes – Haaahaaahaaaaaa. Sniff. Oh, if it were only that easy, grasshopper. As Cessna found out with the 310, when they tried to pressurize their best selling little twin, you just can’t plug all the holes. Thus, the Cessna 340 was born. Brand new fuselage, on 310 wings and empennage.

      Great idea though… and very funny. Thumbs up.

    • Mike McCloud

      Har! I’d be easy on the air tho’ , one good blast & it might pop out to a somewhat ‘pregnant shape’ ! The Replys are as great as the intro! Way to go!

  10. RobM

    A good panel beater could and should save it, but that’s not me.

  11. sir mike

    Sad…..And what is this thing about ”black plates”?? First Calif.now Italy..

  12. Madmatt

    Nobody should ever be that desperate for one of these..,
    great for parts maybe?Really cute lil vans,but there has
    to be some out there that are in much better shape..!
    If this was a VW window bus there would be a line
    of wealthy buyers fighting over it..!Sadly…this one is done.

    • Mike McCloud

      It’s not done! Think of all the great Replys we’ve got to read & laugh at! It’s still serving a purpose! Thanks!

  13. Whippeteer


  14. TriPowerVette

    I’d rather take a bath with a space heater.


    Good god NO! I see beer cans….lots and lots of beer cans.

  16. Matt Member

    Ah, you guys are all to pessimistic, that will buff out…

  17. Alex B

    New Wheeler Dealers project for next season? :D

  18. Mark S. Member

    This would be a great vehicle for someone looking for a challenge or for someone looking to build on there hammer and dolly skills. No real lose if you screw it up.

  19. Righteous Bob

    Back in the late sixty’s we had a family in Beaufort, SC that brought there 600 Multipla in for service at Motor Imports, Cute little van, ran so sweet, but at 50-55 the poor thing was all in. Seems to me it was hard on head gaskets!! Wonder what ever happen to it???

  20. fahrvergnugen

    Parachute didn’t open when parked at 20,000′.

    • Mike McCloud

      Maybe! I tried to see an ‘initial point of impact’ , but gave up. Looks like it was a tumbler down a mountainside! Given the dropoffs along some Italian highways, this may have been the case! Maybe Guiseppe had a load of ‘Shine Wine’ and was ‘sampiln’ ‘ ?!

  21. Olaf E

    ‘Pubblica da Dicembre 2011.’

    Guess nobody has shown any interest.

    • OilyDick

      The text at the top of the ad ‘Inserito oggi, alle 09:20’ means something like posted today at 09:20

      I think that the poster has been a member since 2011.

  22. AD

    Saint Anthony of Padua is conveniently the patron Saint of lost things!

  23. Doyler

    Someone might do it because

    1) they aren’t making anymore of these

    2) people are crazier than you think

  24. Martin Horrocks

    As well as ultra gone, it is ultra rare. Never seen a van Multipla or heard reference to the model. Was this a Fiat factory model?

  25. Goran Noren

    Here’s one in slightly better shape from the exhibition in Maastricht in 2015. Really neat little vehicle, and I wouldn’t mind doing a resto-rod kinda car, with modern engine, and proper wheel suspension and brakes.

    • giade FLIGHTNING

      Goren, ThankYou for POSTing that picture. Its MOLTO BENE!!
      I’d trade some of my Cars &/or MOTOs for it . Devotamente~gF

  26. mike D

    looks like it was broadsided by a wrecking ball

  27. giade FLIGHTNING

    BraVIZziMO! ey’m just wanting to keep record of this AD and Comments.
    It’s WONDERouzly entertaing ~ Devotamente, gF NM/FL USA

  28. JW

    I clicked on this just for the comments and I wasn’t disappointed ha…ha…ha !!!

  29. Mlaw

    Haul to the scrapyard, it’s already been in the crusher.

  30. Derek F

    Powered by a sewing machine.

    The 600 Multipla was an amazing exercise in interior people packaging- a three-row six-passenger in a footprint not much longer than a BMC Mini

  31. ArtSpeed

    Nice stance…

    • Mike McCloud

      Wah-ha-ha-ha-ha !!! Tha’s prob’ly the best one yet- very subtle, but stumble worthy! Thanks man!

  32. John

    I’ve seen the passenger window van models of these but this is a first for (what’s left) of a panel van.

    That having been said, Good Lord this thing has been through the mill — every variety of mill that exists — and was pushed off the loading dock to head for the next! Having seen what hardcore VW aficionados have fixed (recreated) from vans airlifted out of the mountains, I don’t doubt that there is someone who has the vision and talent to take on this project. I’d like to meet and shake the hand of the body man who’d tackle this!

    • Mike McCloud

      I’d also shake his hand, and also, gently pat his back as he goes on his way to the ‘work farm’ to recover from his ‘educational opportunity’ !

  33. DonS

    Get out the Saws-All, remove most of the body and make yourself a long wheelbase Fiat Jolly!

    • Mike McCloud

      Of course! why that’s positively inspirational! Then list it for Wayne Carlini’s attention & make thousands over rational pricing and draw admiration from outa-site speculators! Har!! ” It’s a Long Jolly-By Golly! “

  34. Kristof Van Langenhoven

    The seller writes : restauration 95% complete ?!

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