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Dave’s 1967 Ford Fairlanes

Dave's Ford Fairlane

From Dave H – I have been dying to share my recent find in California. I live in Florida but was visiting family before I was to start a new job in of all places, Kuwait. I own what “I like to call” an all original ’67 Fairlane 500. I bought it off the internet a few years back and have been proud of all the work I have done to it. Anyways, 11 days before I was to leave for my new job I saw a Fairlane for sale in Corona California. just down the road, I had no intentions of buying another car seeing I was leaving in 11 days.

Dave's Ford Fairlane (4)

What I found made me cry, a close to “Perfect” time capsule from 1967. Red on Red, 289, Power steering, power brakes, AC, Rear window defog (never seen one of those), 61K on the odometer. Verified by its last service in 1996 when the meter read just 40 miles less. The car was perfect, ash trays and lighter never been used and the list goes on.

Dave's Ford Fairlane (2)

Lucky for me the guy that had just bought it only had it for a few days, was flipping it as he was a Chevy guy and didn’t want it. I made a offer and he said NO…..As I left crushed I asked him “please don’t sell this car to some who wants to chop it up” and make a race car or something out of it.

Dave's Ford Fairlane (3)

Lucky for me a classic car guy is a car guy no matter, Ford or Chevy. He turned down many offers until I returned later after 7 days of lost sleep. My days were slowly ticking away, I bought it, shipped it back to Florida, sadly putting it in storage. Some might have big plans for the car. Mine is just to change hoses, rubber, filters and drive her on sunny weekends as it was built to do.

Dave's Ford Fairlane (5)

On a really cool note. My two Fairlanes were only born 7 days apart on the same assembly line in St Louis. F14 and F21

Dave's '67 Ford Fairlane

This picture is my F14, notice the plate. I had her in Germany cruising the Autobahns for a couple years. The rest of the pictures are F21, my new time capsule.


  1. Avatar photo p

    Great story

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  2. Avatar photo leiniedude Member

    Man great looking cars! It sounds as if she is in good hands. Best of luck on your new gig, be safe.

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  3. Avatar photo Rando

    Great story. Best of luck with both cars. Keep the new one all original and the other like you have it. A “day 2” car .

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  4. Avatar photo pat k

    Beautiful car, keep it just the way it is.

    HS classmate had a XL390 4 spd just like this. When he rowed through the gears hard, the gas gauge would move from 3/4 full to 1/4 full as the gas sloshed around in the tank. Hysterical.

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  5. Avatar photo Scotty G

    Oh man, what a dream to find a car like that in that condition! Congrats, Dave! I almost wept right there with you just reading your description and seeing those photos, man, what a beauty. I’m a sucker for the stacked-headlight Fairlanes. I would leave it as is, like you mentioned – other than changing the rubber bits and pieces with OEM parts, if possible, reproductions if not; NAPA, if that’s the only option. This, to me, is the perfect car: not so many miles that it’s worn out and not so few miles that a person wouldn’t want to drive it and put any more miles on it. And, I love the wheel covers, too! I keep looking at the story, hoping that an eBay link will somehow magically appear.

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  6. Avatar photo John

    She’s a beauty.

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  7. Avatar photo RoughDiamond

    Congratulations Dave and thanks so much for sharing your incredible story about your ’67 Fairlane time capsule find. It’s incredible that they came down the same St. Louis assembly line only 7 days apart.

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  8. Avatar photo JW

    While not a purist I don’t like chopping or slamming a classic. I love your day #2 car. Congrats on your new find as I love the 66/67 Fairlanes.

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  9. Avatar photo AMC STEVE

    Gotta drive it just to keep it in that condition. Don’t let it sit and rot, these cars are meant to drive to keep them in running order.
    Great save man!

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  10. Avatar photo boxdin

    Amazing its still avail, and I guess 3 on the tree? But this is my least fav body style.http://albuquerque.craigslist.org/cto/5448747304.html

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  11. Avatar photo boxdin

    Uh… wrong, that link is to a Rambler Marlin. I’ll try again….

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  12. Avatar photo duke

    stock and unmolested is the only way to go-
    screw you ‘gas monkey garage’ …its only original ONCE !

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    • Avatar photo Woodie Man


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  13. Avatar photo jim s

    the cars have a good home and owner, enjoy. great story. thanks for sharing.

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  14. Avatar photo Rotag999

    My Dad owned a 66 Fairlane green 289 /auto and a 67 Yellow with Black Vinyl top 289/ auto that i got my driving permit with gave him great service,later sold to my older brother when Pop’s gotta a new rig Old’s Cutlass i believe.

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  15. Avatar photo Pete

    Great story Dave.
    I have always liked that 67 style. Nice looking cars. Good luck with them.
    Be safe working abroad.

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  16. Avatar photo Jay Pierson

    Beautiful car but I disagree with your statement that it should be driven only on sunny weekends. This car is a great example of what America made in the 60s and should be driven every day so people can be reminded of what we in America can produce.

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  17. Avatar photo Charles

    Great find!

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  18. Avatar photo Alan (Michigan )

    Hell yea, Dave!
    Well played, sir!

    And, thanks for sharing
    both of your cars with the
    Barn Finds Faithful.

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  19. Avatar photo Inacoma

    What sensational good taste you have !

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  20. Avatar photo Mike Kay

    I had a ’67 Fairlane XL, dark green with saddle interior, 289, auto, buckets, floor shift.
    One sharp and reliable car, still “dream” about it.

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  21. Avatar photo Clevor427

    Dave, I saw your F14 car in Stuttgart at the OSCW meet that year! Here in Germany Fairlanes are rare, I own a ’67 myself and enjoy it a lot

    Safe trips!

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