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They Are Still Out There

Barn Find - Chevy & Olds

From time to time, I wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat as the result of a nightmare. The reoccurring dream that haunts my sleep is one in which there aren’t any barn finds left to discover. Thankfully, every morning I get to open our email to discover dozens of stories and finds that you, the readers have sent in and I remember there are still lots of great finds out there. Recently I was in a particular low, until I opened an email from Eric S. The photos of his sightings in Eureka Springs, Arkansas turned out to be just the pick me up I was needing.

Barn Find-Chevy Imapala SS

Barn trucks

Even if Eric’s sightings don’t get your blood pumping, they are a great reminder that there are still plenty of old cars left to be discovered. Since these are sightings, we will leave it up to you guys to identify them. Special thanks to Eric for sharing them with us!


  1. paul

    63 Olds F85 & 65 Chevy Impala, 2 Dodge trucks,about a 53 Buick,Henry J 52 maybe,Volvo P 1800 CPE,150 Jag maybe 59,TR4 maybe 65.

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    • Jim-Bob

      The trucks are 1946 Chevrolets, not Dodges.

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      • paul

        Never was good with trucks.

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      • francesco

        yes, but very similar, easy to get confused…….

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  2. jim s

    the 65 chevy looks like it has drums brakes all around. the chevy truck on the right looks like it has dual rear wheels. they all need saved but the two trucks interest me the most. great find

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  3. jean lecointe

    The Jag is XK150. Indeed worth saving.

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  4. Don Andreina

    Is that 53 Buick a flower car, or someone’s backyard vandalism?

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  5. CarGuy

    The Henry J is the best of the lot. Appears to be a 52 or newer as the first year, 51, didn’t have a trunk lid. Unmolested Henry J’s just aren’t out there. They’ve all been turned into gassers and had the heck dragged out of them.

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  6. Brian

    I never cared that much for the ’65 Chevs, until recently, but now I can’t afford one!

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  7. Kman

    Why not a ’53 Buick pickup? Or a 56? It’s a Roadmaster too, Love the 150, always have. I guess it will always be on my list along with it’s three predecessors. The p1800 looks like the wagon to me, not the coupe.

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  8. Dale

    There are still more “unrestored” cars out there than there are people to fix them up. What is becoming rare is the decent original car or truck that you won’t get “upside down” in financially putting it (safely) back on the road. I hate rust, sun-fried rubber and interiors and mossy finishes and that covers about 90% of the US cars sitting outside. The internet has made available is a ton more of unfinished projects, parts for fixing them up and contacts for people with cars like yours. I’m never going to be a flipper so I better like what I get into.

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  9. Bryan Cohn

    The XK150 and TR4 are heart breakers to me in that they are amongst my favorite cars and here are two in terrible shape, neglected beyond belief, yet “I’m gonna restore them some day”.

    Yeah, some day as in never. Do people not grasp that they cannot take it with them and that its wholly unfair to leave this kind of mess to their chidden whom often could care less about dad’s old junk cars.

    I find myself actually having hate for these people. Its not healthy…..

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    • jean lecointe

      Hi Bryan
      I do agree with you a hundred times.

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    • jim s


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    • MikeH

      And, when dad dies, the kids clean up the property to sell it. More often than not, the kids send all the “junk” to the crusher and dad, in the end, has saved nothing.

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    • Michael

      Bryan, I agree with you on that. On the other side of this issue is I did buy from the son of his deceased father his old disassembled 1949 MG TC. “The son could care less about his dad’s old junk car” . I did get a good deal, wasn’t cheap but still it makes me smile when I see what these are going for. I am about 1/2 way done on its restoration and thankfully way above water on it.

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  10. rancho bella

    Sadly the humidity in that area is brutal for anything steel outside. I’m diggin’ on the trucks.

    and,,,,,,,,,what Bryan wrote

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  11. Cameron

    Whenever I drive through a rural area I want to stop at every old barn and structure to peek inside with the hope something interesting will be hiding inside.

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  12. Rick

    Volvo is an 1800ES

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  13. whiskey runner

    it is good to see that many near complete old cars still around.. i have my collection left over from when i was still crushing cars for a living.. there are maybe 2 dozen or so still near complete that i would consider restorable.. but i am not the type who would even imagine i could ever restore them all, so i do sell as many as i can. . the rest of the 200+ cars and trucks are just there for parts which i have always counted as my retirement income..ha ha ha ha ..


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    • rancho bella

      Dang…………that’s a load of vehicles. Parting out is no easy task and very time consuming.

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  14. Alan

    Hard to tell for sure because of the lighting in the photos, but the ’65 Chevy appears to be a rare color option, available for one year only. Called “Evening Orchid”, it was a light lavender color, often paired with a black vinyl interior, or more strikingly, white vinyl.

    Regarding the XK150 and the TR4…. So very sad to see cars like that which have been sitting, deteriorating, for 30 or more years. I don’t feel jealousy, which is what owners often seem to expect, just pity. Looks like leaves held moisture so long in the hood/fender valley on the Jag, that the metal has rusted through Behind the front bumper as well. That is such a classic, it really deserves better treatment. I wonder if the names on the cars indicate the heirs, for when the “collector” leaves this life?

    Some years ago, I used to pass by a C2 Corvette parked next to a house, on a two lane highway SE of Toledo, OH. Someone had, like this Jaguar, spray painted the windshield with big, bold strokes: “NO”. I guess it fended off the potential buyers/tire kickers… One day the car was gone. No way to tell if it found a better parking spot, was sold, or stolen.

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  15. ted

    The blue 65 Chevy Impala looks identical to one same color and 2 door like one I used to have back in 1975 paid $100.00 for it run fairly well.

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  16. Joe Howell

    Oh man the 65 Chevy. In the fall of 1967 my Dad traded his black 4 door Impala sedan with 283 and Powerglide on a like new 65 Impala Sport Coupe, Ermine White with black interior, bench seat, 4 speed, positrac rear and a 325 hp 396. Pop was 40 and I was 16, I thought that was really cool of him. He gave it to me as a present 2 years later when I went off to college. I drove it till the engine was pretty well shot and traded it on a Firebird with the High Output OHC 6 in search of better gas mileage but that’s another story. I wonder how many Pontiac OHC 6 engine cars are still out there? My guess is they are as scarce as Ram Air 4’s. How I wish I had that 65 Chevy back, now maybe I could behave myself in it and not light those skinny 8.25×14 tires up too much:)

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  17. SAABguy

    So who do we talk to if we’re interested in one of them?

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