EXCLUSIVE: 1946 Chevrolet Farm Truck

When it comes to big farm trucks, Chevrolet built some really great looking trucks in the late 1940s! Reader David T has decided to list his 1946 Chevy farm truck and while it needs work, it’s complete, solid, and has an awesome look to it. David is asking $3,500 and you can find it in Buchanan, Michigan. If you’d love to give it a new home, you can contact David via the form below!

What Makes It Special? It is a complete truck in good unrestored condition. It has a hydraulic dump bed!

Body Condition: Very complete and good metal all the way around. The only rust is on the bottom of the driver’s door. The floor is very solid, not rusted out! The metal with the existing paint would polish out very well.

Mechanical Condition: Mechanically, all the parts are there. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to get the engine turned over and have not been able to check out the accessories. The wheels are matching and of the correct vintage.

Talk about a happy face! These AK Series trucks really are great looking machines. This one needs plenty of work, but it really does have a cool look to it as is. We would clean it, get the original inline-six running, remove that box and install a flatbed. It could easily be made into a great parts hauler or even be put back to work on the farm! So take a closer look and contact David with any questions or offers.

  • Asking Price: $3,500
  • Location: Buchanan, MI
  • Mileage: unknown
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: 21PW-A9257

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  1. CapNemo CapNemo

    Who’s we? That already has a flatbed, all those sides lift off in sections out of the stake pockets.

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  2. Kenneth Carney

    I’d get it drivable and put it to work hauling scrap. I’m not saying I’d beat it to death, far from it. Just use it as a work truck while you restore it and then keep using it. What a joy it would be to cruise it at Old town for their Saturday night cruise. Used to see these trucks on farms everywhere around my hometown of Bloomington I’ll.back in the ’50’s and ’60’s. Judging by the dump bed, this one was a grain hauler. My uncle probably had one long before I was born. Dark blue with black fenders would really make this
    truck stand out. Hope it finds a good home.

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  3. Rube Goldberg Member

    Great to see these still pop up, or dragged out of a field. These are always so much better when found in an actual barn. This one is pretty fried, but in a total rebuild, which is what this is good for, you have to start somewhere. I’d have to think at this price, it should be running, otherwise, it’s just a derelict old farm truck. Like Kenneth sez, every farm had a truck like this, I bought a ’55 F500 Ford with hoist AND a parts truck in the 80’s for $100 bucks, and it drove. Heck, I think the parts truck was better than this. Such different times. Cool truck, I suppose could be used around your yard as is, out on the road, not so much. With no 2 speed,( that’s a reverse lockout on the shifter)45 mph tops and even that will seem like the world is coming apart..

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  4. Dale

    Run, run far away from this monster! Must have been setting here from many years from it’s condition!

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    • Gary Member

      That truck is in decent shape for it s age. This isn`t no yuppie new truck dealer. This is barn finds where not everything is perfect

  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    I’m dating myself here but I remember trucks like this taking grain away from the combines. I even drove them although I was far from driving age.
    The valve cover tends to throw me off. At first I think 235 but I then think 248. It would have to be post war to get that.
    For me this would get a basic restoration then be used to haul stuff, like an antique tractor to the threshing show. A welcome sight at any of those venues.

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    • 427Turbojet 427Turbojet Member

      Geomechs, wasn’t the 248 GMC only? I’m a big fan of the 228-302 series of GMC engines but didn’t think Chevy used them. I think a lot of Chevy trucks (and a lot of Chevy cars!) were retrofitted with the GMC sixes. They have full pressure oiling and breathed quite well-they respond nicely to a little hot rodding. I have mentioned on here before that the 228-248-270-302 engines have the displacement stamped on a block shelf by the distributor. If you can find one, they are a great swap into an old Chevy.

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      • geomechs geomechs Member

        You’re right, 427, the 248 is part of the GMC family. I DID see some transplants, however. For some unknown reason they were in this style of Chevy. Now there was one Chevy that was essentially a GMC with Chevy badging. It was called the ‘Maple Leaf,’ and it was intended to be sold through Canadian Chevy dealers as the HEAVY duty Chevrolet. The interesting part is that they were built in the States on the GMC line. Where I grew up (west of Sweetgrass) a lot of Canadian trucks made it into northern MT. That was due to cross-border farming/ranching operations and that the closest dealer was in Canada.

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  6. Rustytech Member

    I do remember driving trucks like this. Even though it would have been in the late 60’s. Farmers didn’t put a lot of miles on these farm trucks and they didn’t replace them very often. I would stabilize the patina, make it safe, then like geomechs I’d use it to haul old farm equipment to shows.

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  7. John P

    “Solid” is an interesting term in Michigan with rotted inner and outer door metal.. cool? Yes.. “solid”-nope

  8. Roger E

    I am going to take a look at this to see for myself if it is worth the work to restore. I live only 10 miles away from the town. I have always wanted a 1930s or 40s pickup truck. The price is more of what I can afford.

    • Roger E

      I looked at it today, and the ad is right. A very solid truck! It must have been in the barn during the winters. I am tempted to buy it, but I have no place to work on it. It is too big to fit in my garage! I love the old trucks from the 30’s and 40’s, someday I will have the time, the money, and the place to restore one! I would say this is worth your time restoring! By the way, if you are looking for an old farm tractor this guy has 63, yes I said 63.

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