EXCLUSIVE: 1968 Buick Wildcat

Reader Michael P. is selling his 1968 Buick Wildcat and made the smart decision to list it here on Barn Finds! He’s picked up the car from someone he works with and is ready to pass it along to a new owner. The price seems reasonable as well! You can contact Michael through the form at the bottom of this post. Remember, you can list your vehicle as well here on Barn Finds!

Asking Price: $2,900
Location: Portland, Maine
Mileage: 65,071
Title Status: Clean
VIN: 464698Y113933

Seller’s Description: Per Michael: It’s got 65,000 original miles and is a barn find from a business associate who just wanted it gone and didn’t have the time or energy to fix it up. It’s an original 430 cu. inch motor with zero modifications.

Body Condition: 6.5-7 out of 10… Some rust on the coupe top, some rust started and more inside rust starting to show on the back passenger side fender…frame and rest of the body, bumpers, light wells are all solid. The seats are gorgeous but the right side of dashboard is starting to wear away, the glove compartment is worn and rusted and the headliner definitely needs to be replaced.

Mechanical Condition: The engine is solid and should be fine, the transmission is fine but I haven’t started or put a top load battery on to actually fire it up. The brake lines look fine as well. I acquired it as a project, but now I don’t have time/energy to actually put it through the paces.

I really like how Michael has included many clear pictures of this decent starter classic! It might be a four-door, but it’s still one cool machine and would be a good way to get into the hobby without breaking the bank. Plus, when was the last time you saw a Wildcat four-door on the road?

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  1. jw454

    No word on how long it’s been setting idle however, it appears to be in good condition. It had to be in excellent condition when it was set aside. That begs the question, why was it parked?
    Nice old cruiser.

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    • Michael P

      JW454- Owner got into the “modern” vehicle for the time in a mid 80’s Chevy sedan, parked in a barn at friend’s expense, then friend needed garage spaced and was parked outside… he was going to keep up with it and eventually work on it, but months turned to years and he just let it sit …

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  2. John C

    This is 4 door Version of what we had growing up. Single quad, the interesting thing was if you did 60 on the freeway or 80 on the freeway you got 16 miles a gallon.

    Ours was a two door version light blue but the Torque was very hard on water pumps.
    As a teenager I had a leadfoot.

    My mom passed and left it to me. Despite Utes comment the other day that it was sick that I mentioned my mom and the car in the same sentence, and her passing.

    He should know my mom was a saint she worked two jobs, to raise three kids by herself since the ole man ran off with his girlfriend.

    So I don’t know where he gets off making such at ludicrous statement about me and my mom, Huh?!!

    The car is very well engineered. No problems. Had A/c that blew Ice cold. I sold it at 124,000 when the US was hit with gas embargo and there long were lines at the gas station. I couldn’t afford to feed it anymore.

    For those of you who are not old enough to remember there was a time when you could run out of gas sitting in the street waiting to buy gas.

    There was a time the stations would only would sell you gas based on your license plate being odd or even.

    I still miss my mom, I still miss that car.

    The price seems right for this car. If was a two door….I’d already own it. Can’t say enough about the car, I loved it. Next owner of this one should to.

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  3. Steven

    Just a few years ago the only future such a car would have had would have been at the demolition derby.

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  4. A.J.

    Wish this was closer to me. My dad taught me to drive in his ’65 Wildcat. What a great car. Came stock with 2 ply tires(4 ply rating)! At 30 MPH in drive could lay almost a full block of rubber when I punched it. Boy, I got into heaps of trouble with that car.

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  5. Tort Member

    Bought a 68 Buick same as mine was green in color. I bought it because my brother had one a few years older that was a great car. Mine was the WORST car hands down I ever purchased. After a year of constant problems I took a real whipping and got rid of the lemon. I’m sure most of them may be great cars but I will never forget the one I bought almost fifty years ago.

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  6. stillrunners

    My friend Cam – a Southwest Airline flight attendant right after graduation from HS – had one one these during school….chased her around in it a lot….sadly she left us way to early in the late 80’s as well as her beautiful “Wildcat “.

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