EXCLUSIVE: 1968 Cadillac Calais

Talk about a big barn find! The Calais might have been an entry-level Cadillac, but that doesn’t mean it was a small car. Reader Al U pulled this beast of a 4-door from the shed it had been parked in since 1980 and it looks to be in decent shape. It’s showing just 21k miles on the odometer and the condition of the car would suggest that it’s accurate. It was driven into the barn, so perhaps with some work, it will run again without a rebuild! This 11 foot long Caddy can be found in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania and Al is asking $6k for it. If you’d love to have it, be sure to message him via the form below!

Seller’s Description: This car is all original equipment and in good shape. Limited production model and stored on blocks since 1980. Low mileage and ideal for restoration enthusiast.

Price: $6,000
Location: Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Mileage: 21,405
Title Status: Clean
VIN: N8232406

Body Condition: Solid body without any repairs or restorations. Some surface rust, but all original paint. No dings, dents or repairs. The body was undercoated and still in great shape. Interior is clean and original.

Mechanical Condition: Ran well when stored away in 1980. Hasn’t been started since, but was in great shape when pulled from the shed.

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  1. notchback

    11 foot long? Who is editing these stories?

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    • ken TILLY Member

      @notchback. That’s only one foot longer than a VW Beetle ! I don’t think so.

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    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      Sorry, that’s the wheelbase length. Total length is 18 feet!

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  2. Kenneth Carney

    Nice find Al! If I had the 6K you’re asking, I’d be at your place looking
    this car over before loading it onto a flatbed bound for my home in
    Florida. As a teenager, (1970) I owned a ’66 Calais and loved it! Man!
    What a car! A safe, solid car that NEVER left me stranded. Traded my
    ’54 Ford 3/4 ton pickup and some cash to Dad for it just to keep my
    drunken uncle from buying the car and wrecking it. Mine was a clean
    one-owner car when Dad bought it for Mom in ’69. After I bought it, I
    kept up the maintainance on it and used it to ferry the band and I from
    show to show. As I stated earlier, I was able to pull all this off as I was
    making $175 a weekend playing music in night clubs around the state
    of Illinois. I was 16 then and that was a small fortune for a kid my age.
    While the other kids were working at MacDonald’s, I was livin’ large and
    in charge cruising around in my own Cadillac! I had no shortage of young ladies wanting to drive my Caddy either. Who said disabled
    kids couldn’t have fun. I sure did! Thanks for the memories Al. You
    have a great car there, just wish I had the cash to buy it. Once the
    problems were sorted, my SIL and neice would sure look great driving

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  3. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Always will wonder why sellers do not get them running, washed and vacuumed? ‘Limited production model’. ‘The Calais might have been an entry level Cadillac’. I do not get the connection? Kenneth you old rock and roller, can you shed some light on this for me buddy? Thanks, Mike.

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    • Steve R

      When a car has low mileage, as proven by the picture of the speedometer, the car will sell itself. At that point, there is no reason to do any other work, $6,000 is giving it away. People should be clamoring for any car that racked up an average of 500 miles per year before it was permanently stored in the garage.

      Steve R

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    • Steve R

      When you have a picture of a speedometer to prove low mileage, the normal rules no longer apply. No need to get it running, wash it or vacuum out the interior. That one picture is all that’s needed to drive the sale to completion.

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      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Ah, thanks Steve! How could I be so stupid. I am going to have to check the couch now and see if I can come up with 6K, thanks for the heads up Bud, take care, Mike.

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  4. Max

    Beautiful Caddy !! I am personally more for later 77+ full size midels
    This is is my 16K mile 78 Coupe Deville I bought 2 years ago :


    I paid 17K for it. its Not my daily driver anyway kind of garage queen ! Not for sale just sharing passion for classics !

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    • Nick

      Nice car!! I had a very clean 77 Coupe DeVille for a long time, almost as nice as yours. Mine was medium saffron, kind of a copper or saffron color.

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  5. Kenneth Carney

    Mike, the Calais was the entry level Cadillac. Many folks get these confused
    with the Coupe and Sedan DeVilles which
    were a notch above the Calais in the
    Cadillac model lineup. It’s quite understandable as both lines offered a
    coupe, sedan, and a ragtop in each
    series. All coupes and sedans were in
    all actuality hardtops. Only the Fleetwood 60 and 75 were fixed pilared
    sedans at that time. A friend of mine
    bought what he thought was a Sedan
    DeVille nearly 25 years ago. When he brought it by the restaraunt (Taco Bell)
    he was very excited about the car and
    was very eager to show it to me. What
    he had was a fully loaded Calais 4-door
    HT very similar to this one. When I showed him the Calais script on the
    rear fenders, he was let down at first.
    But he perked up when I told him how
    much money he’d saved buying the Calais instead of a Sedan DeVille.
    He paid $3,500 for his car, while an.
    SDV was fetching $10,500 in ’92.
    He saved $7,000 buying the lesser
    car which was just as well optioned
    as a DeVille. And yes Mike, my ’66
    got quite a workout going from show
    to show but with regular servicing it
    ran like a top for 125K miles. That’s
    when I traded it for a POS Olds Toranado.
    What was I thinking? Dunno for sure.
    It’s been about 50 years now and I still
    haven’t figured it out!

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      LOL! Thanks Kenneth! I always enjoy your adventures! Take care, your Buddy Mike! Hey, how a bought a photo of your SIL and neice? It could spice things up a little here. From one paperman to another. Take care, Mike.

  6. dweezilaz

    An odd fact: GM used the identical “Calais” script on the N Body Oldsmobile in 85-86 [not sure about the later models or the Cutlass Calais intermediate].

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  7. Jon

    So nice that extra care was given to the wheel covers, stored in the trunk…

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  8. Ed P

    These cars were great highway cruisers. They really epitomized success.

  9. Howard

    Guys don’t put the fender skirts back on after changing a flat cause they know they’re gonna be taking them back off to change another one. The water pump in the trunk? The mismatched tires tell me this car has more than 21k miles. Need to put a 1 in front of that.

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  10. Paul

    It may show 21k on the odometer, but the worn paint on the valve covers and grease buildup on the block and intake manifold indicates that’s 121k on the odometer. No matter though as the ’68 was the first year of the venerable 472 engine that were more or less bulletproof. My guess the reason it was parked is because the exhaust manifolds cracked. I have a friend with a ’67 that languished in his barn for 25 years because of that issue.

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  11. Kenneth Carney

    My SIL and niece

  12. Kenneth Carney

    There you go Mike! Two of the three young ladies that have kept me going
    since my wife passed away 15 years
    ago today. These are the ladies that
    I mention most in my posts on certain
    vehicles on this site. Since I am legally
    blind, I count on them and my MIL to
    get me where I want and need to go.
    Without them, I’d more than likely
    be a basketcase by now. To my wife
    of 22 years, RIP sweety, I miss you
    very much.

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Thanks Kenneth! I am so glad you have that support.

  13. Bob Member

    Did someone e change the rear bumper? That is a 68 bumper. 67 did not have the reflectors on the side.

  14. Terry Lewis

    Here is my 67 Calais with 159XXX on the clock. Currently in the shop for exhaust manifolds. Finding parts for the 429 is a challenge!

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