EXCLUSIVE: 1972 Ford Maverick 302

In 1972, if you wanted a Ford Mustang but just couldn’t justify the cost, you could walk into your local Ford dealer and order a Maverick with a 302 V8. You didn’t get the same kind of grunt as a Mustang, but for a fraction of the money, you got good looks, rear wheel drive, and some decent performance. Due to their lower price point, many of the V8 equipped Mavericks ended up in the hands of High Schoolers and were driven into the ground. Somehow Reader Charles H’s Maverick has managed to accumulate just 34k miles over the years and is still in nice shape. He’s decided it’s time to move it along, so take a closer look and make him an offer via the form below!

What Makes It Special? It is a very clean car. It has the factory 302 V and automatic. Came with AC from the factory, needs a new compressor. The interior is awesome with no rips or tears. The engine runs strong.

Body Condition: No rust or dents. Paint is good but faded in spots original paint. The interior is perfect.

Mechanical Condition: Runs and drives great. Has factory drum brakes and they work well.

This Maverick’s 302 V8 was rated at a modest 143 horsepower, so it won’t be winning too many races. There are plenty of performance upgrades out there for these engines though, so if you really need more grunt the possibilities are pretty much endless. Personally, I’d leave this engine alone and enjoy it for what it is, a compact classic with a good old V8! If I were to do anything, it would be to simply detail the engine bay so it looks as good as the interior.

Outside of the steering wheel, the interior really does look to be in amazing shape. Heck, the steering wheel might even look great if you take that “leather” cover off. Someone took good care of this car for the 34k miles that it was driven and it must have been stored indoors, as there aren’t any signs of having baked in the Georgia sun. As nice as the rest of this Maverick looks to be, the interior is truly the highlight!

With a set of original style rims and a good detailing, this Maverick would like new! It might not be as desirable as a Mustang, but you don’t see these too often. If you’d love to have this sweet survivor, but sure to contact Charles via the contact form. So, which would you rather have, this Maverick or a 1972 Mustang with the 302?

  • Asking Price: $15,000 OBO
  • Location: Bainbridge, GA
  • Mileage: 34,709
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: 2k91f141299

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  1. Nevada1/2rack Nevadahalfrack Member

    By ‘72 the Mustang was nothing more than a tarted-up Thunderbird IMO. This clean and pretty little Maverick (just based on what is shown here) would be a no-brainer choice over the Mustang and is closer to the real iteration of what @ Mustang was at that time.
    That said, it’s still a lot of coin to some folks for a Maverick-personally, if I were in a position to bring home this as another hobby car I would, although I’d barter with ‘em to insure that the A/C compressor was fixed beforehand since it’s due to get very warm again here soon and I’d be sleeping in the car when my CFO saw what I’d done with the $$ from her new front porch account…😜

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    • DLM Member

      Agreed Nevadahalfrack, this over the Mustang! Nice little cruiser, does seem a bit over priced.

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      • Nevada1/2rack Nevadahalfrack Member

        But then, DLM, Charles the seller DID write OBO-smart move on his part!

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  2. art

    The A/C compressor bracket, should be in place on the left above the P/S pump. I see no A/C hoses remaining. Quite odd for just “needing a compressor”. If the system was left open, plan to include a new receiver-dryer as well. Unless the owner has everything that was removed, plan on a long hunt and spending money to get this car cool again. Need answers why it was all removed.

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  3. Skorzeny

    Original style rims?!?! Umm, that’s a no. Leave AS IS. Oh, and add a 5 speed.

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  4. cold340t

    I remember hearing of an 70′ BOSS 302 powered Maverick while in high school. In the Oakland Hills in the early 80’s. It was allegedly original owner ordered. I never saw it myself, but the Auto Shop Gear heads seemed to know all about it. Last I heard of it was in mid 90’s when it was sold. Based upon the cars I saw going to and from school on the bus every day it would seem to be real. Anyone know of such a combo?

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    • Steve R

      Urban legend.

      Some magazines did some and possibly a couple of dealers, but not the factory. Ford didn’t offer a 4spd or 9” rear end in the Maverick, there were too many hoops to jump through for them to bother.

      Steve R

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  5. Troy s

    I’m sure someone out there put a Boss 302 in a Maverick, then there was a Maverick professionally drag raced with a Boss 366 and other various Ford “prototype” mills back then, but never a factory option on a Maverick. Although it would have been cool if Ford had really offered something more than the low-po 302 in the Maverick.
    It is shocking to see one of these drive and toss cars in such good shape after All these years, but not nearly as shocking as the price tag. Gotta go with the ’72 Mustang Mach 1, 351 Cleveland powered, slightly over the Maverick… I know I’m in the minority here.

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    • james Member

      “’72 Mustang Mach 1, 351 Cleveland”

      What are the odds! I took this photo two days ago. This is that exact car with Ram Air and 4 speed. The car on the lift is my 70 Stage 1 and I thought “what a cool stack”; Stage 1 over a Mach 1.

      Ooops, was going to include the photo, but that option doesn’t appear to be available. The Mach 1 parked directly under my car was recently pulled out of storage, but seems like it had potential. The guy inherited it in a business deal and I think he is going to sell it. If so I’ll post it here.

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      • Miguel

        James, all of the Mach I’s in Mexico were had a 351

        Is that a rare combination?

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  6. KevinLee

    I was in the market for a blue on blue car. I wanted blue everything, but I have to pass on this one, what with the steering wheel some off color!

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  7. ThisGuy

    15k, wow, wish I had some of what they are smoking.

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  8. John R

    Way overpriced, and I wonder about the AC as well. Also, what is the story about the steering wheel? It appears to have been changed out at some point. I would offer no more than 5K as it is.

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  9. Miguel

    Since Charles is the original owner of this car, I am sure he can answer all of the questions.

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  10. Dickie F

    Can non members still give the thumbs up?
    When I’ve tried, I was immediately invited to join and my tick was not registered.

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  11. JoeNYWF64

    The author said ” you could walk into your local Ford dealer and order a Maverick with a 302 V8. You didn’t get the same kind of grunt as a Mustang, but for a fraction of the money.” TRUE!! (Some colleges charged only $15 a credit back then!!) Try doing that today with student debt, much less getting ANY car with an ALL blue interior. Back then, i think many could afford a N E W STRIPPER maverick for what, $1995?!! & they were mostly strait 6’s. Tho they did not charge you a heck of a lot more money for a v8, compared to $10,000!! more for a v8 over a v6 today! Even the v6 cars today are too much money – plus i dont want to pay higher insurance for a 300+ hp v6.
    200hp or even 175hp would be fine for me today, especially on such traffic clogged roads where i live. Back then in ’72 i saw many camaros & mustangs parked all over the place, many dented from daily use.
    Try finding modern even TEN!+ year old camaros & mustangs dented from daily use. There are no such animals – all are garage queens, owned not by college students(much less high schoolers), by rather by lot older people with MONEY.
    The only “affordable” proper-for-a-SINGLE-person-TWO-door car today is the YARIS.(None domestic – what a disgrace!)
    & the Yaris is 50%!!!! more expensive than it was in 2007!! with a LOT less color choices too!

    When i google “maverick with blue interior” & click on “images”, all of them have a
    blue steering wheel & column. So did my early 70 falcon.
    1 replaces a steering column for 1 of 2 reasons:
    there was an accident & the column has collapsed
    EXTREMELY high mileage & the gears are worn out inside & you found a better deal on a used column vs rebuilding the original
    So what is the story with THIS maverick! hmmh

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  12. mike

    Another Ford deathtrap!! My brother had one of these turkeys. The fuel inlet to the carb is located at the back of the carb, inches away from the distributor. Any crack in the distributor cap, producing a spark, to jump right to the fuel filter inlet, resulting in …., need I say? So how do you think the spark plugs are changed? Yes, you have to remove the engine partially to do this. Anyone who buys one on these is throwing away money and potentially there life.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      On this engine the distributor is up FRONT – so how is that a problem? Unless you meant that the fuel inlet is on the FRONT of the carb?
      & besides, replacing the distrib cap more often than recommended with the best quality one, & maybe iridium plugs that last longest are both good ideas.
      A straight 6 solves both of the above problems but slows you down.

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      • mike

        All my comments were first hand observations.

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