EXCLUSIVE: Black Plate 1963 Dodge 330 Sedan

UPDATE 7/31/2019 – Darryl sent over higher resolution versions of his photos, so take another look and be sure to make him an offer!

What Makes It Special? Finding a clean and mostly original 1963 Dodge 330 4-door would be a task in itself, however finding one that has been restored to clone a LAPD detective car is quite unique. There is not another car like this anywhere in the country. Always a California car, this is a mostly restored 1963 Dodge 330 sedan built to resemble a factory equipped police package car. Equipped with a rebuilt 383 V8 engine and pushbutton automatic transmission. I’ve owned the car for 19 years. The car has been displayed at the Ripon Police and Menlo Park Police Emergency Vehicle Show. The car runs excellent and everything works. This is a great restored police car that because it’s unmarked can be driven anytime. The car was restored by the Ripon Police and Menlo Park Police Emergency Vehicle Show Coordinator, who has been restoring police cars for 30 years.

Body Condition: Good to excellent condition, with minor blemishes. Interior is original except for new rubber mat and restored plastic dash piece. Upholstery, headliner and door panels are all original.

Mechanical Condition: Mechanically it’s in excellent condition. Recently rebuilt correct Dodge 383 engine and 4 barrel carb, this car is dependable and used regularly. It is not a daily driver. A complete brake job with some additional front end work was done 2 years ago.

Darryl has had his fun with this Dodge and it looks like it could be a really fun classic to have, so take a closer look and contact him via the form below!

  • Asking Price: $17,500
  • Location: San Carlos, California 94070
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: 6135158672

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  1. Chebby Staff

    “Calling Captain Culpepper….come in Culp! Where are ya?”

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    • Miguel

      One year too new.

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    • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

      “Have you seen this Fugitive? His name is Dr. Richard Kimble..”

      Great car, nicely done!

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      • Darryl

        Thank you.

  2. TimS Member

    Looks like a plainclothes “Cars” movie cop ready to hook you up. Tough looking ride. Four-door haters click on past.

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    • Jack Quantrill

      My Mom had a red one like this. What a blast it was to floor it in the airport tunnel in Long Beach, CA! It would let out a hellish roar, and move out!

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      • Allen Thornton

        I just got my dad’s 63 4 Dr Polaris with a 383. It was not sold as the police package, but was owned by the local PD. Some great lines, big rear ends but the pushbuttons in a Chase? Yours is great looking!

      • Miguel

        Allen, you mean Polara.

    • George Mattar

      I had a 63 Plymouth Savoy in 1976. I paid $100 for it. Drove it four years and sold it for $100. Almost zero repairs. Slant 6 pushbutton auto. No ps. No on no air. No radio. If Chrysler made cars as good as this today, the import car companies would be out of business. But oh how times have changed.

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  3. Ken Carney

    A neighbor and his wife had one in the
    early ’80’s. And while not as potent as
    this one, theirs was a nice, low mileage
    example that ran a slant 6 and didn’t
    even have a radio until he had one
    professionally installed. The car stayed
    with them until his passing in 2005, when
    it was passed on to his stepson. I always
    envied him for his knowledge of where to
    find nice, low-mile cars from the ’50’s to
    the ’70’s. If he would have kept all these
    great cars, he would’ve had one hell of a
    collection! Nice car Darryl, good luck
    with your sale.

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    • Darryl

      Thank you Ken.

  4. Troy s

    These early Mopars reel me in like few other cars., just like that 426 Max wedge Plymouth the other day. I don’t know what it is, there’s a presence or image in my mind that every one of these is ready for action, street or strip. Clearly, most were just strong dependable cars for the family or….. the police officer. Great ride.

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  5. Bob C.

    I remember seeing MANY of these as taxi cabs as a kid.

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  6. Chuck

    California black plates are no longer a rarity as CA is now offering new black plates. Saw them on a Puris 😬

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    • Miguel

      If you know what to look for it is easy to spot the originals.

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      • Darryl

        And the new ones are reflectorized, the originals were not. Also, the configurations for the new ones is very strange with numbers and letters mixed up. Although the colors are the same, it’s fairly easy to know which are originals and which are not.

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  7. Del

    Wow. So nice.

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    • Darryl

      Thank you Del.

  8. Darryl

    All, apologies for the low resolution photos attached. They will be corrected very soon.

    • PatrickM

      I sure hope so. I get nothing distinguishable to look at.

      • Darryl

        Hi Patrick, the photos will be updated today so please check back.

  9. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    George – had a 63 also a Savoy – slant 6 auto and factory A/C…..as beat it was it still ran good and cold A/C…….it was a Salvation Army donation car I bought at auction with most of the corners dented or scraped !

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    • Miguel

      I have a 1963 Fury Commando as well as a Mexican Spec ’63 Savoy. They Mexican Savoy differs from the US model in that it has the Fury side trim on it as well as the Fury sail panel emblems.

      The Mexican car has rear drums that come off while the axle stays in place. It is too bad the US car didn’t have that.

      If anybody want to see my Savoy I can supply a link of the repairs I did to it.

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  10. Darryl

    Higher resolution photographs are now posted. Thank you so much BARNFINDS!

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  11. art

    Great job. Looks terrific inside and out and it probably screams down the road.
    And FYI, those ORIGINAL CA black plates increase the value of this car quite a bit.
    The reproduction black plates look just like, well, reproductions and per CADMV, they cannot be ordered in the original ABC 123 configuration. The black yellow plates were issued beginning in 1963 until 1969. The preceding three letter, three number yellow black plates started in 1956.

    Having the correct, original to the car, California plates as on this car, gives it provenance=$$.

    • Darryl

      Thank you so much Art. You are absolutely correct. And for anyone else wondering those plates have been on the car since it was purchased new in 1963 in Los Angeles.

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      • Miguel

        Darryl, are you sure they are original to the car? Do you have an old registration with that number on it?

        My 1963 Fury got FTX when it was new in February of 1963, which was 3 letters past yours.

  12. Miguel

    To tell the truth, these might not be original to this car. CA DMV allows you to transfer a plate to a car if you have both plates, they are not registered to another and they have the correct sticker on them. I don’t know if that happened here.

    My 1963 Fury got FTX as the prefix when new in 1963 in Southern California in February of 1963. This has a C which was earlier.

    I am not sure how DMV did the change over in that year and who got the early plates first.

  13. Darryl

    Miguel, this plate was on the original title for the car when I purchased it, and had been in that family for years. Although I would never say with 100% confidence because like you I wasn’t there, but I doubt what you explain above happened to this car. It was simply a daily driver when I first acquired it, and although it was never abused, it was used. There would be no reason for someone to go to the trouble and expense to do that to a car that was simply a transportation car at the time I bought it and rescued it. Thanks for the info though, and enjoy your 63 Plymouth.

    • Miguel

      I would like to know how DMV issued the plates in 1963.

      My car was sold new in the San Fernando Valley, which is the same general area as your car but yours got a C and mine got an F just 2 months apart in being issued the plate.

      It is odd to me. I also know my car was issued the plate it had as I bought it from the original owner back in 1982 and have had her ever since.

      • Darryl

        I have a sense that like today, DMV was far from being very organized even then.

    • art

      That plate itself, is stamped 63, as in year 1963, under the right side (year) sticker location.
      Also residence location, Northern Calif, Southern Calif, middle of California all pulled from different letter-number configurations, just as they do now. Certain letter combinations would have been more prevalent in the area of the state in which they were first issued. If someone had plates stolen, for example, they would receive the then current letter/number combo that was next available in their locale, which could have been one or two letter sequences ahead of the original stolen plates. CADMV also has a YOM, year of manufacture program where they approve (or disapprove) the re-registering of used black-yellow plates bought online or at auction, to satisfy a car collector wanting original black-yellow plates on their 1963-1969 (& some very early 1970 models produced and sold in 1969) cars. That program will also throw off letter-number & date sequences. I bought a 1969 Mercedes 280SE cabrio and it had white plates..but, in the trunk, the former owner left the original black-yellow plates and with prior registration slips in hand, the DMV allowed me to re-register the car back with its’ original plates. Lots of what if’s out there but having the plate noted on the pink slip (early CA titles had a pink color and thus were always referred to as Pink’s or Pink Slips) is enough for provenance.

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  14. Bob C.

    That Leslie Lynn Barger must have been a baddie.

  15. Johnny

    I have a 64. It was a good running car. Has the 318 in it. I noticed the tail lights and I think (not postive) the front park lights are different. To get the rear axle out. You have to take a big nut off.The use a pulley to get the axle out. Paid $110 for it.

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