Fantasy Find: 1967 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Replica

I’m not typically a big fan of what the seller of this car calls “fauxtina.” However, that is because typically it isn’t believable and as the seller says, this 1967 Mustang is different “Unlike most fauxtina cars that just look too shiny or fake.” The choice to make this car appear to be a vintage drag car that was unearthed recently was a good decision, as this car has been given lots of character. Find it here on eBay in Virginia with bidding at $21,100 and no reserve. 

The only part of this car that throws me off is the relatively stock appearing interior. If this were an old drag car, I would expect to see minimal interior components and more safety equipment. This is not an old drag car, and presumably the seller and builder of this car wanted to enjoy it, so I do not condemn the decision to leave the interior looking largely original. Besides, it looks like it is in great shape!

From the ad, “Freshly built 351W fires right up, mild cam, sounds awesome and runs out great. 5 speed trans and 4.10 gears make for the perfect combination with low end fun and full drivability on the highway.” This is not the original engine for this car, but the seller says that the original numbers matching 289 V8 is included with the sale.

When this car was created, they took a Wimbledon White Mustang in decent condition with minimal rust and made it look old. Because that wasn’t cool enough, the creator decided to add some authentic-looking hand painted logos all over the car. To quote the seller, “The logos are painted on professionally and totally looks the part of being 50 year old logos. Everyone that sees the car is blown away to know they are replicated.” I have seen cars like this before, and even though they don’t have all the history that they appear to, this car would surely draw my attention more than any other Mustang at a show.

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  1. Sanity Factor

    Why?….I will never understand…patina…fake patina…to me its a car that needs painted…

    • Mike S

      Totally with you on that. When I even hear the word, I cringe. Rust or sun baked means the car needs PAINTED.

    • Nova Scotian

      Jet black paint, freshed up chrome, with period black rear window shade would make this pop!

  2. J Miller

    The phony scoop, ugly ac ducting, warped dash, and non-race interior, and nasty serpentine drive completely ruins the image he was going for. I don’t understand the “professionally” done logo’s yet obvious lack of attention to details. It will go for stupid money though.

    • Steve R

      Tacky. If you are going to build a race car “tribute”, you can do a decent job with a handful of period correct performance parts. The builder of this car didn’t even try that, it looks like they bought whatever they found for cheap at the local swapmeet or on Craigslist.

      The sad thing is, it probably gets swarmed at car shows.

      Steve R

  3. Mark S.

    If it could be had for a reasonable price, I would just make it presentable and a good driver. I don’t get the “faux patina” thing either.
    My brother had a ’67, it wasn’t a fastback tho. It was great little car.

    • Miguel

      It is a fastback. No reasonable price to be had here.

  4. grant

    This looks like $h!t. It’s not a “Cobra Jet replica,” it’s a fairly-nice-underneath Mustang that’s had some rattle can block letters painted on and sanded over. Why? What a insult to a sharp old Mustang. Did they even produce a CJ in ’67? Pretty sure they aren’t a thing until ’68. You can’t replicate something that never was.

    • gbvette62

      Your right. There were 5 or 6 lightweight 68 Mustang Cobra-Jets built in late 67. These were all given to top Ford factory drag racers. The production CJ didn’t come out until the spring of 68.

      The idea of creating a nonexistent race car, and adding fake patina too it, seems silly to me. To add “Cobra-Jet” to the side of it, something that didn’t even exist in 67, just takes it to a whole new level of ridiculous.

  5. mike

    The drag car paint needs to go…pick a color. The rest seems livable…Still to rich for me…I’m thinking 12k…maybe 15k, on second look

  6. Derek

    This is the sort of thing I was thinking of. How is it worth more than a very well-preserved 100 year-old Buick? Far more Mustangs made and, given the elapsed time, probably far more Mustangs survived.

  7. Fred w.

    They could have made it more convincing if they had a professional sign painter (there are a few left) do the lettering and then distress it. The airbrushed letters don’t fool anyone and don’t look right for the period.

  8. Dusty Stalz

    This car’s kinda cheesy. If I saw it across the lot at a show and walked to it expecting something special I’d be disappointed.

  9. Miguel

    Honest question.

    Why would finding a replica be a fantasy find?

  10. Beatnik Bedouin

    Kind of reminds me of a faux patina NASCAR-style coupe I’ve seen around these parts – a ’66 Chevy Caprice! LOL

    Maybe I’m old, but I’ll never understand this faux patina concept…

  11. chad

    or real patina unless: off rder, authentic racer, wrk truck, or orig. 6 or 7 figure classic…

  12. grant

    Any chance the crap over the white would buff off?

  13. Jim

    No such thing as “numbers matching” in ’67.

  14. Fred w.

    Nope, it’s painted on. But I discovered a way to temporarily “patina” a vehicle when I shot an indie movie this past year (“Summer of ’67). I bought a nicely restored VW bus and made it look like a beater by simply applying black car wax with a pressed on sponge.

    • Rick Rothermel

      Try the old brown can Right Guard Deoderant too. I used it to weather ‘stage cars’ in some of those awful car-product infomercials back in the 90s…

  15. RB

    Strictly my opinion:
    ……..”Patina” or whatever term the owners want to use now days, is just an attempt to make a potential buyer think that their car/truck is something special and deserving of a higher price….when really it is an owner who can’t, or doesn’t want to put time and/or money into the project to make it presentable……….so yea, I refuse to acknowledge the existence of anything special about”patina”….it’s just a salesman’s word for rust
    ……..sorry, but as-is, this looks to me like a $6000 car at best.

    • Mike S

      I agree 100%
      Patina means rust or needing painted and does nothing to add to the value of any car. Shame they did this to a nice fastback.

  16. Mike

    I know,I’m scratching my head and raising an eye brow or two myself however, psychology be it as it is, the owner of this poney certainly has the gang all talking about it…perhaps the desired effect!

  17. jdjonesdr

    An afternoon of carefully selective wet sanding would probably work miracles with this thing.

  18. darrun

    I would prefer a nice paint job over this, but I have to made me look.

  19. gaspumpchas

    23k now, somebody’s drinking the Koolaid.Guess it depends on your view of things, This is supposed to be fun. A paintjob would make it all better since its a solid car. Good luck to the new owner.

  20. Jim

    What the f*** is ‘fauxtina’??? Another made up word by some simple brain dead!!

  21. Big Art

    Come on guys , leave em alone … Don’t like , Don’t buy it . Haters ….

    • Art M.

      I always say to each his own, it may not be my style, but it is obviously someone’s style. I hope the new owner enjoys it.

      • Tom Member

        Patina, real or not, is cool to those who think it is the coolest thing.

        Like Democrats and Republicans…..don’t try to understand it.

        Patina to me, again may be a “re-create it” for effect and that is a “what you like thing” ORIGINAL PATINA is either a “it’s only original once thing” which I get OR a cheap spin-selling technique for “I don’t have the money or want to spent the money to paint it correctly.

        Patina and rat rods….me personally, don’t get either one….but there are so many that do so Art M….totally right….to each his own.

        I like original, original restored and period correct stuff myself.


    Lots of good parts here and car looks pretty solid. Paint is easily sanded off! A lot of really rusty POS out there with destroyed interiors. Clean it up, paint it, sell off the parts you don’t need and enjoy rowing the gears in it.

  23. Pete

    They gave a couple of grand for the car and threw this paint job on it and a new motor because that cost a lot less than repainting the car or fixing some of the interior. There is enough there for someone to say wow I could make that car look really great with just a paint job, bumper and a few interior parts and that is what will happen. It didn’t sell at the car shows it was dragged to, so now they are gonna do this and get paid. Merica. LOL

  24. John coleman

    I’d paint it like steve mcqueens bullitt stang and have fun driving it

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