Camper Included: 1959 Chevrolet Apache Pickup

1959 was the last year the Chevrolet Task Force trucks were in production, but not before a successful run that began in 1955 when it eventually replaced the tried-and-true Advance Design that dated all the way back to 1947,… more»

Almost 4×4: 1973 Chevrolet G20 Camper Van

Yearning to plunge into “van life” – with an Austin Powers twist? This might be the perfect vehicle, here on facebook Marketplace, a 1973 Chevrolet G20 camper van, listed for $27,900. Most of the work to convert it into… more»

Rare RV: 1971 Krager Kustom Koach

When it comes to vehicles that allegedly only saw a few dozen examples ever made, sometimes details get sketchy and are hard to confirm, with a case in point being this 1971 Krager Kustom Coach here on Facebook Marketplace. … more»

Well-Kept Classic! 1977 Dodge Travco

When it comes to vintage recreational vehicles, a shiny highly-original Travco rates highly with many modern vagabonds. Thanks to a phrasing flip by Travco creator Ray Frank, these and similar vehicles became known as “motorhomes” instead of “house cars,”… more»

Out of the Barn! 1962 Chevrolet Greenbrier Camper

Based on the new Corvair with its rear-mounted, air-cooled engine, Chevrolet expanded that product line to include a truck/van platform. The delivery version was called the Corvan 95 (for its 95-inch wheelbase) while the passenger version was the Greenbrier…. more»

Kansas Field Find: 1969 Dodge A100 Balboa

The seller says that this 1969 Dodge A100 Balboa van camper was rescued from a field in Kansas. It appears to be in great condition, it looks like they did a nice job of bringing this one back and… more»

Sweet Chalet! 1977 Chevrolet Blazer 4X4 Camper

What you’re viewing here is not some sort of home-transformed camper, but a rare offering known as the Chevrolet Blazer Chalet, which was produced in limited quantities along with its counterpart, the GMC Jimmy Casa Grande, between 1976 and… more»

1-of-26: 1987 Toyota Sunrader 4×4

Rarity claims can be a slippery slope, and a lack of relevant information and resources can make such claims challenging to confirm or refute. Such is the case with this 1987 Toyota Sunrader 4×4. The seller makes claims about… more»

Hallmark Camper Adorned 1982 Ford Bronco XLT Lariat 4WD!

Here’s a case where the topper may be more special than the truck it’s on, or at least that’s what the seller of this 1982 Ford Bronco XLT Lariat was thinking a couple of years ago when he bought… more»

1 of 16: 1974 Dodge DayStar St Tropez

DayStar Motor Homes was a short-lived name in the RV business, building as few as 16 lavish custom rolling homesteads in the 1970s. They used a Dodge commercial chassis for their platform and were powered by 440 cubic-inch V8s… more»

1936 Pierce-Arrow Model 1245 Convertible With Curtiss Aerocar Trailer!

As impressive as modern RVs are, I can’t help but feel that this unique pair would make for the most interesting and impressive way of traveling the country. This 1936 Pierce-Arrow 1245 Convertible Coupe is an exquisite machine, with… more»

Oldsmobile Toronado-Powered: 1973 Revcon 250

A front-wheel-drive motorhome? This 1973 Revcon 250 is revolutionary in more than name (Revcon = REVolutionary CONcept), it’s an aluminum-skinned, aluminum-framed, front-wheel-drive, Oldsmobile Toronado-powered motorhome invented by the stepson of the founder of Airstream. The missing grille piece is… more»

Ready For The Road: 1973 Dodge B100 Camper

This 1973 Dodge B100 camper van isn’t an actual factory camper van, but that doesn’t take away from the dream of hitting the open road for a lot of us. The seller has this homemade custom camper van posted… more»

Package Deal: 1976 Dodge D-200 Pickup/Camper

The D/W Series of trucks were built by Dodge from 1961 to 1993 across three generations. The D-200 was a 2-wheel drive, ¾-ton pickup that would have been popular with campers, like the seller’s father. It’s a one-owner vehicle… more»

Just In Time For Summer! 1968 Dodge/Travco 210

Chrysler partnered with Travco in the mid-1960s to build motorhomes based on Dodge underpinnings. This relationship would exist for more than 15 years which resulted in a variety of models and sizes. The 210 got its name from its… more»

Custom Camper Included! 1954 Ford Crestline Victoria

Other than the Skyliner with the see-through roof, the Crestline Victoria was Ford’s top-of-the-line automobile in 1954. This beautiful survivor sports coral and white paint which conveniently matches (or vice versa) the Kom-Pak Sportsman camper that comes in tow…. more»