Déjà Vu: Stash of Mopar Project Cars

If you think you’ve seen some of these cars before, you may have. Some of these autos were on the market in 2018 (yep, five years!) and featured here on Barn Finds and have returned – along with some… more»

All British Field Meet 2023 Portland International Raceway

September in Portland delivers nirvana for British car fans. This past weekend (September 9/10) the 46th annual All British Field Meet was held at Portland International Raceway. Cast in three parts, the event includes a car show, swap meet,… more»

Barn Full of Dusty Classic Cars

It’s interesting how automobile collections are built. Usually, they favor an era, a manufacturer, or a type of vehicle. The group here may have been a collection at one time, but from the looks of things, they’ve been there… more»

Barn Finds Group Buy? 12-Car British Barn Find!

Many years ago, I purchased a wonderful Standard Vanguard Sportsman from Albuquerque, New Mexico. You can see me autocrossing it here (!). The thing I noticed the most about Arizona classic cars while I was there was how rust-free… more»

40 Years Out Back: Pair of Vintage Project Cars

For reasons unknown, this 1965 Ford Mustang and 1972 Datsun 240Z were parked in Mom’s backyard in the early 1980s – and left there to the elements. They haven’t run since, and both will need substantial work to perform… more»

Huge Collection of True Barn Finds: Take a Browse

An actual barn. Full of barn finds. That’s what’s up for auction in this mega-sale. Three sets of lots total to 230+ cars, with the only proviso being that these cars are in the Netherlands. This tip comes to… more»

Twelve Car Barn Find In Northern California!

Most vehicle collections focus on a specific brand or type of car or truck. While others seem to be a little bit of everything, like this dusty assortment that resides in a warehouse in Watsonville, California. What started as… more»

Take One or All! Collection of Eight (8) 1954 Fords

It’s not unusual to see collectors migrate to a particular brand of automobile and/or model. But the prior owner here apparently had a fixation for Fords produced in 1954. Not the ’53 or the ‘55s, just the ‘54s which… more»

Convertible Collection: 1970s Volkswagen Beetles

The VW Type 1 (aka Beetle) may be the most produced automobile ever at 21.5 million copies. That’s 50% more than the Ford Model T of the early 20th Century. The first production “Bug” was built in 1949 and… more»

Assortment of AMC AMX Projects

American Motors introduced the AMX in 1968 as a GT-style performance machine. It was a derivative of the new Javelin “pony car” with 12 inches taken out in the wheelbase to create a 2-seater. The car was in production… more»

Barn Find Bounty: 1963 Sunbeam and More!

A host of cars from Europe and America recently rolled out of a southern California barn into the harsh sunlight for the first time in a long while. This 1963 Sunbeam Alpine headlines the inventory here on Craigslist, where… more»

Coffee Walk Auction: 200 Classic Cars! Dennis Collins Collection

Automobile mogul Dennis Collins began a lifelong passion for cars in his early teen years and took that interest of scouring the planet for interesting vehicles to a level most of us only dream about, with many of his… more»

BF Auction: Kaiser-Frazer Museum Collection

UPDATE – The first day of bidding has concluded! UPDATE – Links to each auction have been added to this article for quick access. It isn’t every day that we get to auction a collection of classics that were… more»

BF Auction: Frazer Rototiller

UPDATE – The reserve has been met! It is not unusual for automobile manufacturers to have their fingers in several pies. Some will have a division devoted to producing trucks or other commercial vehicles, while others might make farming… more»

Backyard Easter Eggs: Small Citroen Collection

As Easter approaches, the return of pastel colors helps to drive out the doldrums of winter and remind us of resurrection, rebirth, and renewal.  If you are a fan of pastel colors, soft shapes, and “all in one basket”… more»

BF Auction: Pontiac Collection Liquidation!

We are very excited to announce that we are helping find new homes for an entire collection of Pontiacs! A while back, reader TJ, sent us a tip about a craigslist ad in which the person posting the ad… more»