Mopar Assortment In Florida!

You know the expression, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, the seller here has nine interesting Chrysler products for sale but thinks he can get buyers interested with just two photos showing just three of the vehicles…. more»

Package Deal: 2 Chevrolets and 1 Oldsmobile

If you’re fond of early 1950s General Motors products, here’s your chance to acquire three of them at one time – along with a lift to work on your projects. The seller has not one but two 1953 Chevrolets… more»

Mopar Or No Car! Dodge/Plymouth Collection

It’s always interesting to learn what one likes to collect. The problem with car collections, say compared to Pokemon cards, is the amount of space that’s needed. And that space need often necessitates outside storage which isn’t in the… more»

9 Elegant Classics! Tony Vincent Estate Collection

When you run across an auto auction being hosted by Gooding & Company, it’s a good sign that something really special is going on there.  G&C has not quite been in business for 20 years but they’ve already sold… more»

Pre-Auction Sale: Classic Car Collection in Pennsylvania

Over the last few years, we have been flagging a series of craigslist ads from the Bangor, Pennsylvania area with what looks like an entire warehouse full of vintage American cars and trucks. The seller would disperse a few… more»

Instant Collection: One 1978 and Two 1980 Ford Fairmonts

“Ford Fairmont Enthusiasts”—assuming that there’s more than one out there—are invited not just to buy a car but start a collection with three cars for what auctioneers call “one money.” That amount is $5000, and it gets you three… more»

Field Find: 1960s Chevrolet Corvair Collection

Collectors often migrate to one brand or nameplate in their accumulation of the vehicles that they love. In this case, someone had a thing for the Chevy Corvair and may have assembled one from each of its ten model… more»

Whole Collection For Sale!

Billed as “unusual,” I guess “usual” is a relative term. Buicks, AMCs, Mercedes-Benzes, customs…all of these are legitimate classics in their own right, and most seem to be in decent condition. Special thanks to Britt Boughey for letting us… more»

Pontiac Collection For Sale: Mr. GTO’s Cars

Al Blatter was a Pontiac aficionado and especially had an affinity for GTOs, which would earn him the nickname, “Mr. GTO.” Over several decades, he collected dozens of cars and thousands of parts. Now that he has passed, this… more»

Collection of Hot 1960s Vintage Mopars!

If you’ve been wanting to get hold of a 1960s Plymouth or Dodge to drive or work on, the seller has not one but five of them for sale in Whitesboro, New York. They cover the 1962-64 period (except… more»

2022 Spring Classic – Lucky Collector Car Auctions

If you’ve never been to a classic car auction (or any live auction), put it on your bucket list. More and more auction houses are going to online-only auctions, but check it out if you can find a live… more»

Stash Of Vintage Race Cars For Sale

From the looks of things, the seller was formerly a racer in the Sports Car Club of America. And maybe a collector of British sports cars in general. Four specific automobiles are up for sale, including two MGBs, a… more»

3 for 1 Project: 1969 AMC SC/Rambler

The Rambler American had its swan song at American Motors in 1969, to be replaced by the revived Hornet nameplate the following year. But the car went out in style with a limited-edition muscle model called the SC/Rambler, a… more»

Collection of Cars in Cheyenne, Wyoming

The downside of collecting cars is that once you pass away, it’s left to your loved ones to either maintain or dispose of what you’ve amassed. And more times than not, they don’t share your passion for this car… more»

Stash Of Barn Finds Discovered In Minnesota

We recently featured a 1957 Cadillac Eldorado barn find that was clearly part of a collection of classics. The seller in the ad mentioned that there were more cars available, but didn’t provide more details beyond that. Well, reader… more»

Collection For Sale: 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Seville

The Cadillac Eldorado was one of the industry’s first personal luxury cars. In 1957-58, there were two versions: the Eldorado Seville (2-door hardtop ) and the Eldorado Biarritz (convertible). Many consider these cars to be some of the most… more»