Stalled Custom Wagon: 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle

Chevrolet introduced the mid-size Chevelle in 1964 to fill a gap between the compact Nova (and Corvair) and the full-size Impala (etc.). It was highly popular overall, but one of the least seen versions was the 2-door station wagon…. more»

Who Done it? 1953 Cadillac Professional Car

Here’s a continuation idea, a “Who done it” series to try to figure out the origins of some of our more unusual finds. Take this 1953 Cadillac for example, Peter R. found the listing for this Nashville, Tennessee domiciled… more»

Ostentatious Wealth: 1941 Cadillac Town Car

Many historians agree that the Great Depression officially started on October 29, 1929.  Determining an end date is a bit more difficult.  The general consensus is that World War II is what ended it.  In America, millions were out… more»

What is This Thing? 1956 Pontiac Superior Coach Camper

When you go to shows like the Amelia Island Concours they usually have a number of cars on the field that you have never heard of or have only seen in pictures.  This 1956 Pontiac Superior Coach camper, if… more»

Concept Car Replica: 1955 Lincoln Futura

Holy Green Machine! At first glance, it looks like the Batmobile had a run-in with a bucket of seafoam green paint. But this car is really a tribute to the Lincoln Futura that inspired the vehicle driven by the… more»

5.0 Power? 1953 Ford Zephyr Mark I

This British Ford Zephyr initially caught my attention because I think I had a matchbox version when I was a wee one. The thing is, this 1953 Zephyr has a whole lot of non-Zephyr-like stuff going on but it’s… more»

Shorty Wagon! 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air

From 1955 through 1957, Chevy’s Bel Air series offered a 2-door station wagon. But it was the sporty Nomad which failed to catch on with buyers at the time. But you could get the Bel Air as a 4-door… more»

Former Show Car: 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

The 1964 model year brought a wave of intermediate or mid-size cars to General Motors. In Chevrolet’s case, it was the Chevelle, which was similar in size to the 1957 Chevy. The full-size models had gotten bigger over time,… more»

“One of a Kind” Custom 1984 Chevrolet Chevette

Everybody focus front and turn to page 1984 in the Book of Why? Seemingly an answer to a question nobody asked, this 1984 Chevrolet Chevette finds itself narrowed, shortened, and otherwise modified to accommodate a driver only. The insane… more»

1980 El Mercedes-Benz Camino 300D?

Today, I’ve got another outrageous Mercedes mash-up for you. Yesterday it was this 1966 230 S drop-top and today it’s a 1980 300 D with a heavy El Camino flavor. What is it with these modified Mercedes? Must be… more»

Custom One-Off DeSoto Sport Custom

The dreams of a homebuilder have been realized in this combination of DeSoto parts and expertise! The car is listed for sale as a 1957 DeSoto custom here on craigslist. It’s currently located in La Puente, California and the… more»

Vacation Tribute: 1988 Ford LTD Country Squire

By the 1980s, Ford’s top-of-the-line station wagon would have a very long name: Ford LTD Crown Victoria Country Squire. The wagon had miles and miles of fake woodgrain paneling on the doors, fenders, and just about everywhere else. Which… more»

Custom Interior: 1968 Corvette Convertible

As you live your life your tastes change.  You look back on pictures of you and wonder who bought you those funny clothes.  Just look at Elvis.  Elvis’s style got frozen in the 1970s by his unfortunate passing.  He… more»

Last Ride Project: 1959 Cadillac Eureka Hearse

Because of its size and luxurious appointments, Cadillac is one of the most popular cars to be converted into hearses and ambulances. This 1959 Cadillac was built by the Eureka Mfg. Co. whose roots go back to 1871. It… more»

Cruiser: 1951 Ford Custom Convertible

I wish we knew more about this 1951 Ford Custom Convertible; the ad description raises more questions than it answers. It’s listed for sale here on eBay but even with more than 50 bids, the reserve has not yet… more»

Tastefully Modified! 1964 Ford Wagon

I freely admit I was partially sucked into this car by the stunning photography–there are over 250 photographs in the online ad here on eBay, and for once someone really knew what they were doing taking the pictures (Scotty… more»