Hot Rods

Split Window Conversion: 1964 Corvette Coupe

There’s a bit of a mystery with this listing, but you shouldn’t worry about it too much—just accept this lovely car for what it is. The offering is for a very original 1964 Corvette in black with a 327… more»

Old School Cool: 1937 Chevrolet 2-Door Sedan

If we were to trace the roots of the hot rod scene in America, it has a history that now dates back a century. When Prohibition came into force in 1920, it led to an entire industry in bootlegging…. more»

Custom Or Hotrod? 1960 Dodge Dart Pioneer

This is a 1960 Dodge Dart Pioneer! It doesn’t look much like one but that’s how it started life before someone with an imagination and some pretty stout skills got a hold of it. There’s a whole lot going… more»

Modern Hot Rod: 1948 Singer Roadster

The old-school hot rod was born in the aftermath of World War II from the union of powerful engines and lightweight bodies of obsolete machines. And it is in this context that this 1948 Singer Roadster might be best… more»

Mopar Power: 1937 Plymouth P4 Rat-Rod

In the pantheon of pre-war cars, Plymouth is frequently left out of the hot-rod mix as Ford and Chevrolet take up most of the room in that arena. A lot has to do with sheer production numbers but it’s… more»

Hot Rod Project: 1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe

Traditional project builds have many attractions for some enthusiasts, especially when the project in question is an old-school hot rod. That is what is on offer with this 1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe. It is a vehicle where the build… more»

Hemi Powered: 1933 Dodge 5-Window Coupe

The owner of this 1933 Dodge 5-Window Coupe refers to it as a restomod, but this is a seriously tough old-school hot rod for my money. It presents beautifully, but its appearance doesn’t offer many clues about what sort… more»

A Pickup And A Dog: 1930 Model A Truck

I’m sure the little guy behind the wheel caught your eye as he did mine! Of course, for me that might have something to do with “Happy”, my daughter’s Cairn Terrier that is laying on my feet as I… more»

Old School Hot-Rod: 1946 Ford Flathead Coupe

Having covered many post-war Ford coupes in the past, I can clearly state that this example is probably the nicest yet to surface. It’s old-school all the way and a tribute to how hot rodding was many years ago…. more»

30 Years Owned 1930 Ford Model A Hot Rod

This was not Henry Ford’s first Model A. His initial naming system was alphabetical in nature, with cars going all the way up to the venerable Model T that made Ford Ford. The Model A, designed as a new… more»

427 Powered Rat Fink: 1931 Ford Hot Rod

There are a handful of names that are considered the “Godfathers” of hot rodding. They include Barris, Winfield, Hines, Edelbrock, Petersen, and of course Ed Roth. Roth’s art continues to remain popular today and one of his most iconic… more»

Stored for 30 Years! 1934 Chevrolet Master Project

The Chevrolet Master was introduced in 1933 to replace the outgoing Master Eagle as the more expensive model in Chevrolet’s lineup. I suppose a modern equivalent might be an Impala…something more upmarket without crossing the border into the more… more»

Hot Rod Potential: 1940 Ford De Luxe Coupe

Ford introduced its De Luxe marque in 1938 in response to General Motors’ plethora of varying luxury levels, and Chrysler’s Dodge, De Soto, Plymouth, and Chrysler. This expanded the Ford nameplates to include Ford, De Luxe Ford, Mercury, Lincoln-Zephyr,… more»

California Gold: 1957 Chevrolet Gasser

Building a custom car is an endeavor in hubris. The factory had an army of designers and engineers that designed our pride and joy to be stylish and reliable. Improving it to fit our vision is fraught with perils…. more»

454/4-Speed Hot Rod: 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air

Two-Lane Blacktop redux? That’s what I thought the moment that I spied this 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air hot rod. It has it all going on with its primer gray finish, straight front axle, and big-block power. There are only… more»

Old School Cool: 1933 Ford 3-Window Coupe

If you feel like capturing the look and feel of a less complicated era, this 1933 Ford 3-Window Coupe is a car that deserves a closer look. This is an old-school hot rod that is ready to be driven… more»