Hot Rods

Old-School Cool: 1934 Ford 3-Window Coupe

I sometimes wonder whether we ever reach an age where using the word “cool” to describe something is no longer appropriate. I hope not because that word perfectly suits this 1934 Ford 3-Window Coupe. It has been created to… more»

No Nomad: 1955 Chevrolet 150 Wagon

When it comes to Chevrolet two-door station wagons, the stylish 1955 Nomad is the 800 lb. gorilla in the enthusiast’s realm. Stylish and collectible, the 68-year-old icon still grabs major attention. But the Nomad wasn’t the only two-door game… more»

Grand National V6: 1946 Plymouth Special Deluxe

In 1946, U.S. auto manufacturers were starting to build automobiles again after WW2. Most of the new cars were continuations of what had been produced in 1942, with all-new products not appearing before 1948. So, this 1946 Plymouth Special… more»

Old-School Cool: 1932 Ford Roadster Hot Rod

It could almost be said that hot rods developed out of necessity. Their creators typically didn’t have the cash available to buy the latest and greatest Detroit offering. They would adapt whatever was available on hand or could be… more»

Fabulous Fairlane: 1961 Ford Club Coupe

Back in the old days (Boy, I do sound old!) you could order a a car pretty much any way that you wanted. You could select a lower trim level like this 1961 Ford Fairlane 500 Club Coupe (two-door… more»

1947 Lincoln Continental “Wildcat”

Post-war Lincolns (’46-’48) make regular appearances here on BF and they are instantly recognizable for their distinctive styling. Actually, that vintage of the famed Continental, such as our 1947 subject car, is little changed from the pre-war (’40-’42) iteration…. more»

Bowtie Under The Bonnet! 1980 MGB

It’s a 1980 MGB, one of the last, as ’80 was its grand finale. Yes, it has those outsized black rubber bumpers which seem to be the bane of ‘74.5 and later Bs. Anything else remarkable? Well, I guess… more»

“Divlo”: 1959 Divco Milk Truck Rat Rod

It’s not often one meets a celebrity in the form of a milk truck, but here we go, on eBay, the star of an episode of Bush Wreck Rescue, “Divlo”. Divlo is a 1959 Divco milk truck restored in… more»

BF Auction: 1952 Ford F1 Ratrod

I have been involved in the classic scene for decades, but I regret that I spent too many years failing to understand or appreciate Ratrods. My attitude has changed as I realize that what makes these classics unique is… more»

Three Window Coupe: 1932 Ford Deluxe V8

I’ll admit that I don’t know a lot about hot rods. I have read and been told that an all-steel ’32 Ford three-window coupe, such as this Deluxe model, which is cooling its hills in Mount Dora, Florida, is… more»

Nailhead Powered: 1930 Ford Hot Rod

Some classics are so stunning they almost defy the written word. Such is the case with this 1930 Ford Hot Rod. The attention to detail is exceptional, and its bullet-proof drivetrain combination features a modern twist that should offer… more»

Body for Sale! 1934 Ford Steel Three-Window

In popular music, The Police song Roxanne pleads with the would-be partner not to “sell your body to the night,” and many enthusiasts might wonder why anyone owning a hot rod like this would offer its Henry Ford steel… more»

Barn Found Hot Rod! 1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe

1932 was a transitional period at Ford, as March of that year saw Model A production ceasing and the company rolling an all-new successor, a car that Henry had no idea back then would become one of the most… more»

Ultimate Lowrider: Space Junkie 1.5

And now for something completely different: here on facebook Marketplace is Space Junkie 1.5, based on a 1931 Chevrolet, with an asking price of $150,000, negotiable. You might be able to buy the truck and trailer for Junkie, too,… more»

Hot Rod Time! 1948 Ford Super Deluxe V8

Many years ago, I managed a punk rock band (and I have the lack of hearing to prove it!) and for a while, one member of the group was a pretty successful songwriter. Some 45s and EPs got released… more»

Daily Driver Hot Rod! 1948 Ford V8 Coupe

Tired of fake patina? Here’s the perfect antidote: for sale on craigslist is this 1948 Ford Coupe hot rod, assembled in the 1960s, driven avidly, garaged in the 1970s, and sold to a dealer by the builder’s family in… more»