Parked 50 Years! Original Paint 1948 Harley-Davidson

Long before the billet aluminum craze, Harley-Davidson owners were finding ways to customize their bikes. You can see some subtle modifications on this 1948 Harley like the gems that follow the curve of the rear fender. This bike is… more»

Ran Before Dismantled: 1986 Honda Z50R

Here is an interesting bit of two-wheeled motormobilia, a Honda Z50 mini bike. I’m used to older style minibikes, simple steel frames frequently powered by the Briggs and Straton horizontal shaft motor “borrowed” from your father’s lawn-mower, but not… more»

The Other One: 1985 Yamaha YT125 Tri-Moto

Most of us know of the famous Honda ATC90, arguably the one that started it all in 1970, as in the three-wheeler craze. This is the other one, or one of the other ones as many motorcycle companies made… more»

Pulse Project: 1985 Pulse Autocycle

If a person is looking for something that’s highly unusual or you just want to go full-tilt oddball with your vehicle collection, it would be hard to top this 1985 Pulse Autocycle. They are actually street legal and there’s… more»

1,517-Mile 1970 Velocette Venom Clubman

It’s a Barn Finds British Bike Blowout here this weekend! Well, only two of them were highlighted so that’s not exactly a blowout, but it’s not every day that we see a 1970 Velocette Venom Clubman come up for… more»

Crazy Suspension: 1969 Greeves Ranger

The British company Greeves has an interesting history and you can tell by looking at the front suspension, they also made interesting motorcycles. They started out by building vehicles for disabled folks and branched out into motorcycles. This interesting… more»

Sweet Survivor: 1967 Honda CB160 Sport

It’s vintage Honda week here at Barn Finds and I, for one, can’t see anything wrong with that. Most of us have good memories associated with either learning how to ride on a now-vintage motorcycle or own one or… more»

Small Survivor: 1984 Honda Z50R

Here’s another survivor Honda motorcycle, this one is extra small for those of us who are extra tall but for some odd reason like our motorcycles extra small. Why is that? Hmm… Reliving our childhood maybe, that’s my excuse… more»

Suicide Shift Survivor: 1952 Harley-Davidson FL

Suicide shift, jockey shifter, suicide clutch, whatever you call it, a hand-shifted Harley is a piece of nostalgia that some people crave. When this 1952 Harley-Davidson was new, it could have come with the “new” foot-shift/hand clutch, however, this… more»

528 Mile Trail 70! 1971 Honda CT70

I can’t think of another company that has made such an incredible variety of vehicle types over the decades, and they basically just got started after WWII in 1946. We all know their cars and motorcycles, but they also… more»

Stored Since The 1990s! 1973 Honda CT90K4

It’s hard to argue with Honda’s successful line of small step-through motorcycles such as this 1973 Honda CT90K4, or Trail 90 – the company sold millions of them. I have owned one and they aren’t fast or anything that… more»

Fastest Accelerating Bike? 1975 Kawasaki H2 750

Internal combustion engines usually have an even number of cylinders; lawnmowers and motorcycles are frequently a single, or a bike can be a double too. Fours, in-line sixes, V6s and V8s are the province of cars and trucks. There… more»

Planet Blue Survivor: 1975 Honda CB750

When it comes to vintage motorcycles, I’ll admit that I wish I knew a bit more about them. Over the years, I’ve seen numerous bikes left at junkyards for likely simple no-start issues, and have passed by them simply… more»

Vintage Pocket Rocket! 1975 Honda z50 Mini Trail

Honda 50’s are very fun! Whether you’re a youngster learning to ride a motorcycle or a kid at heart trying to squeeze your adult body onto a mini bike, they are a blast. This one is from 1975 and… more»

Dream Bike: 1966 Honda CA77 305 Dream

As kids, we all had that one friend who always had nicer things than we did. They had nicer clothes, a nicer house, a nicer bicycle, and even more painful, a nicer motorcycle. This 1966 Honda CA77 305 Dream… more»

Knucklehead Survivor: 1938 Harley-Davidson EL

Despite Harley Davidson’s ongoing financial troubles, its original bikes are still pulling big numbers on eBay. This is despite the fact that it seems bikes like this vintage EL Knucklehead keep popping out of the woodwork, needing a proper… more»