Radwood Ready: 1985 Honda Interceptor VF1000R

If you don’t already know, Radwood is a traveling car show that has become a major attraction for fans of 80s and 90s enthusiast vehicles. From big-body Benzes to period tuner cars, the scene is augmented by period-correct colors… more»

Holy Grail: 1948 Vincent Rapide Series B

There are holy grail motorcycles and there are Holy Grail motorcycles. This 1948 Vincent Rapide is a Holy Grail motorcycle and then some. This beautiful beast of a Brit bike can be found here on Craigslist¬†in South Strafford, Vermont… more»

Small Barn Find: 1946 Hiawatha Doodle Bug

I know that a few of you have to remember the classic old variety stores such as Ben Franklin, Woolworth’s, and Gambles? This classic 1946 Hiawatha Doodle Bug would have been sold by Gambles stores. This rare little barn… more»

Never Un-Crated: 1981 Honda CBX-B

Amazingly, this isn’t the first motorcycle we’ve featured that was discovered new in its crate. This 1981 Honda CBX-B appears to be a dealer delivery that was never un-crated, rendering it a brand-new, never titled road bike that’s now… more»

3 For 1: Touring Motorcycle Trio

While the seller titled this auction as being for only a 1986 Honda Gold Wing, it actually includes three motorcycles; there’s also a 1978 Gold Wing and a 1983 Yamaha Venture included. All three bikes are listed for sale¬†here… more»

Outstanding Handling: 1985 Honda VF500F

At first, this dusty and forgotten motorcycle may not get your heart pumping. But do some light reading and it becomes clear the VF500F from Honda, otherwise known as the Interceptor, was quite a bike. Consider the lofty 12,000… more»

Motor Still Turns: 1967 Honda Dream

The Honda Dream was among the freshmen class of Japanese motorcycles that began arriving in the U.S. as part of the company’s first large-scale exportation efforts. While not hugely valuable today, they are recognized as a great entry point… more»

Matching Numbers Road Bike: 1974 BMW R90/6

This awesome 1974 BMW R90/6 has been with the original owner since new and in storage since 1987. The seller is listing on behalf of that owner, and there’s a lot here to like. Frankly, it looks like the… more»

Monster Mini: El Burro Sand ‘N Sno Bike

Here’s a genre I wish would come back: mini-scooters with huge tires that are actually off-road capable. This 1971 El Burro Sand ‘N Sno Bike (what a great, great name) was built for road use and also designed for… more»

$700 for the Pair! Honda Gold Wing Package

The modern Honda Gold Wing is your bread-and-butter touring bike, made popular by long-distance riders all over the world. While BMW’s K-bikes are a close competitor, you’ll find loyalists in both camps who won’t switch brands for anything. This… more»

Vintage V-Power: 1948 Harley Davidson Panhead

For some of us in northern climates, the motorcycle season is winding down too quickly. However, this 1948 Harley Davidson is ready to roll and take you through the end of the summer and into the fall. Found here… more»

Pre-War Post-War Project: 1950 BMW R35

BMW has had an interesting history, to say the least. And when you throw a couple of world wars in the mix it gets really interesting. This 1950 BMW R35 is listed on eBay in Watkinsville, Georgia. Nobody has… more»

Reader Ad: 1995 BMW R1100RSL

There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road on a motorcycle, especially on a nice summer evening! Well, if you’ve been on the hunt for a nice bike that will be just as comfortable on long distance drives as… more»

Exclusive: 1978 BMW R100RS Motorsport

While most people know BMW for their cars, they also build some fantastic motorcycles. Reader Gerald T has decided it’s time to part ways with his ’78 BMW R100RS. This bike is in beautiful condition is one of only… more»

Rare Hauler: 1980 Heald Hauler Trike

Do any of you remember the Heath Kit radio kits? Some of us older folks remember those ads in the back of magazines to build your own radios and other electronics. Have any of you heard of Heald minibikes?… more»

On/Off Road Gem: 1975 Yamaha DT250

I should be so lucky to start on the first kick like the seller says about this 1975 Yamaha DT250. This great looking bike is listed on eBay with a current bid price of $3,200 and it’s selling to… more»