V6 And A 4-Speed: 1976 Ford Pinto

This 1976 Ford Pinto looks a lot like one we featured in 2016, with some key differences that are hard to ignore. This Pinto features a distinctive plaid interior and Cologne V6 with a four-speed, just like the one… more»

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Another Pickup Conversion? 1980 Mercedes 300TD

We have had a run on custom Mercedes pickups here lately on Barn Finds, with at least one other W123 in recent memory. This is a conversion I had not seen much of prior to these last few months,… more»

Dock Find: 1954 “The Dream” Ferry

If you’ve run out of space to park your collection and happen to live near a deep body of water, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy a genuine Washington State ferry may be worth a look. The boat, originally known… more»

Rare Hardtop Included: 1974 VW Thing

Despite looking fairly downtrodden, the seller of this 1974 Volkswagen Thing claims he has the ignition key and title for it, which may offer the next owner some comfort that it was loved before being abandoned. I say this… more»

Shorty Seville: 1981 Cadillac Seville Opera Convertible

Across the history of the automobile, there exist styling trends that defy logic. Of course, big picture thinkers not hamstrung by convention have created some of the most beautiful cars on the planet, but creativity can sometimes be too… more»

Seicento! 1960 Fiat 600 Garage Find

One of the nicer things about owning a pocket-sized classic like this 1960 Fiat 600 is that you can store it almost anywhere! After having been stored inside since 1980 this tiny car is now listed for sale here… more»

BF Classifieds Find: 1974 VW Super Beetle

One feature of Barn Finds you may not be aware of is our classifieds section, where sellers from all over get an inexpensive opportunity to show off their cars for sale to a very focused audience. We have a… more»

Northstar-Powered McLaren: 1983 Manta Montage

Kit cars, by and large, can be disappointments, especially when compared to the heroes they were meant to emulate. VW Beetle chassis, VW Beetle running gear, and an exotic body with shrunken proportions. But sometimes, there are examples that… more»

Excitement On Three Wheels: 1983 Tri-Magnum

“What on earth is that weird thing?” is what most people say when they see these for the first time. This interesting thing is for sale here on eBay out of Dayton, Ohio, and it’s essentially a real road-legal… more»

Rare 3-Wheeler: 1934 Morgan Super Sports

The Morgan Super Sports 3-Wheeler was a car that seemed to strike a chord with many people. So much so that even though production of the original Super Sports ended in 1937, Morgan chose to revive the car with… more»

Deckers Race Sled: 1975 Ski-Doo Snowmobile

While it’s not uncommon to see vintage sports cars with true racing pedigrees, I can honestly say this is the first time I’m writing up a snowmobile that falls in that category. This 1975 Ski-Doo once belonged to Richard… more»

Some Serious Attitude: 1977 AMC Gremlin Hot Rod

There were AMC Ramblers, Pacers, Javelins, AMX’s, Hornets, Gremlins and then there are GREMLINS or maybe, in this case, Mr. Gremlin, as that is exactly what we have here, located in Delano, Minnesota and available here on craigslist for… more»

Evil Knievel’s 1971 Cadillac El Deora Wagon!

This is just what your car collection needs! Thanks to JohnU for sending us this listing which can be seen here on kijiji.ca. This celebrity car is a 1971 Cadillac wagon once owned by Evil Knievel.  The asking price… more»

Fancy Figaro: Customized 1992 Nissan Figaro

While there are plenty of desirable vehicles that Nissan failed to offer to the United States market, it’s safe to say most enthusiasts won’t flock to the quirky Figaro subcompact car over more enticing models – even with a… more»

Mudslinging Muscle: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

Well there are many cars and many projects that some of us have yet to realize that we “need”. Well this mudslinging 1969 Chevrolet Camaro 4×4 is an interesting machine, which is certain to draw attention at the local… more»

Cushman Trackster: Going Places!

The Cushman Trackster was introduced in 1970 as a vehicle that could “…take you to places you couldn’t go before!” and I think that still holds true today. This one is listed for sale here on eBay and is… more»