Should I Adopt This Pair of Berkeleys?

I am appealing to the Barn Finds community to help me decide whether I should bid on this pair of Berkeleys. I am knee-deep into a multi-year restoration of an S328. Parts are slightly rarer than hen’s teeth. Yet… more»

Customized Car/Boat! 1995 GMC Yukon

What do you get when you combine a large SUV with a speedboat? Why, you get a monster car/boat, of course. But it won’t float, so please don’t try. It’s strictly for street use and should turn heads wherever… more»

1-of-1 NASA 1969 Ford Galaxie XL coupe

When we hear “NASA” we think of astronauts and space shuttles and satellites and the like. We don’t usually think of the ground-based equipment that supports those missions. We present to you here a machine that is likely one… more»

Big Block Swap: 1975 Excalibur Roadster

One of the the bigger let downs with most kit cars is the powerplant. Typically, in an effort to make the whole kit work and also keep costs down, the original design called for a fairly humble engine, which… more»

Airport Transporter: 1968 Oldsmobile Toronado Jetway 707

When it came to passenger comfort considerations, one obvious advantage the Oldsmobile Toronado had over most competitors back in the sixties was front-wheel drive, which eliminated both the driveshaft and raised hump in the center floorboard, providing a nice… more»

Calling Dr. Buckaroo Bonzai: 1976 Bradley GT Boeing TurboJet

What’s a movie doing in a car review? Well, this car might have come from central casting for one of my favorite movies, The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the Eighth Dimension. The movie – a cross between Battlestar… more»

Magic Kingdom Mobile! Walt Disney World Trolley

If you ever made a visit to Walt Disney World as a kid, at least the location in Orlando, I’m guessing the chances are near 100% that one of these people movers transported your family from the parking lot… more»

VolksRabbit Kit: 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit EV

We tend to think the buzz around electric vehicles is a modern phenomenon, but the truth is, inventors and entrepreneurs have been trying to crack the code of alternative fuels for some time. To this day, we still see… more»

Half Off? 1939 Cadillac Front End

Johnny Cash sang his way into the hearts of all Americans who wanted a luxury car but could not afford one through conventional means.  His “One Piece at a Time” ballad tells the story of an assembly line worker… more»

Forgotten Kit Car: Gazelle Mercedes SSK Replica

The appearance of a dusty, forgotten car can make most of us want to own things we didn’t previously covet. I’m a victim of this, personally, spying an old car that’s been forgotten by everyone but me, and wanting… more»

Oxymoron Alert: 1979 Datsun 310

Oxymoron. Two things set side by side that clash with each other. Example: calculated risk. Further example: the 1979 Datsun 310 seen here on craigslist and given to us in a tip by  Pat L. The car is two… more»

Wego? 1988 Yugo GV Limousine

Talk about cheap advertising gold, this 1988 Yugo Limousine, which the seller refers to as a “Wego”, could be parked outside of your business and people would flock in to see it. It’s listed here on Facebook Marketplace in Pierz,… more»

Brand New in the Box! Gazelle Roadster Kit Car

This is one of the crazier finds I can recall seeing: an entire Gazelle kit car literally still brand new in the crate! We’ve seen motorcycles over the years still sitting in their shipping crates but this is the… more»

Oddball Beauty: 1972 Citroen DS

There are a few automakers which don’t follow the grain and just do their own thing. Citroen is a very good example of this, always shunning traditional design conventions and how a car should operate and look. Sometimes they… more»

Rare German Fuldamobil Microcar

The owner gives us very little information about his unusual car, which is a baby blue 1955 Fulda NRW 200. It’s here on eBay with a $13,500 Buy It Now. The catch is that the car is located in… more»

Off-Road Project: 1970 Action Age Got’cha

Some classics deserve to be treated seriously and with deep respect, while others offer an ownership experience full of laughs and adventure. This 1970 Action Age Got’cha fits into the second category, and the listing suggests it requires only… more»