Subaru EV: 1981 Jet Industries Electra-Van 600

I always think of Stevie Ray Vaughan when I think of Austin, Texas, and when I’m there I always visit the SRV statue on the banks of the river. One thing I rarely think of when I think of… more»

Make Local Deliveries! 1963 Jeep FJ Fleetvan

Most people associate the Jeep brand with small, off-road vehicles that date back to World War II. But did you know that Willys Motors and Kaiser-Jeep were also in the delivery van business? They built the little FJ Fleetvan… more»

52 Years of Storage and 55K Miles: 1935 Ford Sedan Delivery

Like our primate cousins, we are curious creatures.  We dream about what might be inside when we see something that potentially hides a prize.  Like how people playing “Let’s Make a Deal” with Monty Hall on TV would bet… more»

Time Capsule: 1963 Fiat 600 Multipla

I’m sure Chrysler thought itself clever, coming up with the minivan. But while the Dodge and Plymouth “magic wagons” introduced in 1983 fit the bill for millions of consumers for decades to come, back in 1956 Fiat had already… more»

Rare Combo: 1984 Ford E-Series Half-Ton 351 CID V8 4×4

Here on eBay in a no reserve auction is a well-optioned half-ton 1984 Ford Econoline, bid to $6585 and located in Moreno Valley, California. While the Econoline was produced by the millions, this one is a cut above, with… more»

From the Farm: 1955 Ford F-100 Panel Truck

I am going to write this whole article without mentioning the “P” word, though that descriptor is certainly applicable in this case. Listed here on eBay is a 1955 Ford F-100 panel truck, looking for a starting bid of… more»

Rare “Van Up” Conversion: 1979 Dodge B300

We’ve seen a few Dodge van / pickup / hauler conversions over the years here at Barn Finds, but this is by far my favorite one. Although, unless I were hauling a fifth-wheel trailer, which is never going to… more»

Potential Custom Van: 1977 Dodge Tradesman B200

If you grew up during the seventies or eighties like I did, there’s a good chance you went through the wanting a custom van stage.  For me, the interest began when my high school principal bought a Chevy van… more»

Dumb and Dumber Tribute! 1997 Ford E-150 Van

Are you a fan of the 1994 Jim Carrey movie, Dumb and Dumber? If you are, you might also be a fan of the “Mutt Cutt” van used in the film. With its outrageous appearance, it’s the kind of… more»

Special Delivery from Your Past: 1972 AMC Jeep DJ-5 Dispatcher

As we are thrust headlong into a world with autonomous cars, drones, and cyber everything, it is refreshing to look back at how simple life was when we were growing up.  Little things that were somewhat unnoticed constants in… more»

Restored Panel Van: 1937 Chevrolet Master 1.5 Ton

Here’s something you don’t see very often. A 1937 Chevrolet panel van, from the Master Series, and rated at 1.5 tons of payload capacity. The seller has largely restored this one, indicating a few final changes may be needed…. more»

Custom Patina Tribute: 1950 Chevrolet 3100

The Advance-Design Series of trucks and vans were Chevrolet’s first new ones after World War II. Built from 1947 to 1955, they were the market leader at the time whereas Ford dominates that space today. This long-wheelbase panel delivery… more»

Rapid Delivery Sleeper: 1978 Ford Econoline 427

In the glorious days of yore, gearheads with a certain sense of humor constructed “sleepers.”  What is a sleeper you ask?  It is a nondescript, average vehicle with a monster motor lurking under the hood.  The idea was to… more»

Delivery Sedan Project: 1957 Chevrolet 150

During the Tri-Five era of Chevrolets, you could order a Delivery Sedan. It was a 2-door 150 station wagon with no side windows. My uncle had one of these for his bakery business, a 1957 hauler like the one… more»

Last Mile Project: 1960 Cadillac Hearse by Eureka

When your time on Mother Earth comes to an end, taking your last ride in a Cadillac should be the way to go. No doubt many folks traveled their last mile in this 1960 Cadillac which was converted into… more»

Former Mail Carrier: 1963 Studebaker Zip Van

As the sixties decade was approaching, Studebaker was struggling and the end of their car and truck production was just around the corner.  But a small ray of hope came about in 1963 when the company struck a deal… more»

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