Government Affairs: Navy-Owned ’67 Ford Bronco

This 1967 Ford Bronco was purchased by the federal government to be used in the “Civic and Government Affairs” division of the U.S. Navy. Unlike most taxpayer-funded acquisitions by our fair leaders, this Bronco actually seems to be providing a healthy return on investment considering it still runs and drives all these years later. The period headlight guards are a rarely seen cosmetic tweak, and despite some body issues, this example here on eBay runs and drives and is bid to a reasonable $7,800 at the moment. 

The seller notes that the Bronco will require a fair amount of bodywork, as the rockers are rusty (and look to have been previously repaired), the floors have been done at some point, and the rear drip rail along the roof is damaged. Still, we’ve seen rustier Broncos find new owners via eBay, so this one is well within the threshold of reasonable restoration. Supposedly, most of the military-spec Broncos were either crushed or sold for parts when their assignments ended.

The original Navy plate inside the cabin is a trip to see and leaves little doubt as to the Bronco’s original owners. The seller notes that the engine has been swapped to a 200  I-6 at some point, so this truck will likely never be a numbers matching example. It will start, run, and drive, but the brakes need attention and the gear linkage is suitable crunchy at the moment, so it gets jammed up.

All things considered, the interior isn’t horrible, but it will require a good amount of work if you’re shooting for a top-notch restoration. What’s more interesting is the research you’ll find on that does a deep dive into the history of the Broncos going into military service. You really owe it yourself to scan through if you’re a Bronco (or history) fan, as it claims only 13 trucks were known to exit military service with their ID tags still in place. I’d love to know if the individual behind the research counted this truck when coming up with this number. There are just under two days left in the auction, so check it out soon if you’re intrigued.

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  1. Todd Zuercher

    The military trucks seem to be getting more attention these days – along with all Broncos, of course. This one has the headlight guards, rear bumper, and data plate that you want to see on them. I’m sure there are more than 13 around with data plates still intact.

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    • Big J

      i own a 1967 all stock USMC military issue Bronco . Mine came with a small front bench seat to allow the soldiers to climb in from the passenger side . I am looking for the back bench seats that are mounted to the fender wells . This is still one Climbin machine . I’ll take for a spin, every chance I get .Mine came with a tag but was removed by the previous owner and he said he can’t seem find it . The dashboard has the small screw holes where are the plate was mounted .

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  2. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Cool old rig, bid to a reasonable $7,800. Not reasonable in my book, but perhaps for the military service connection. cobra427_03 is a flipper for sure. 17 bids so far so there is interest. I bought my old Willys wagon for $2500 needing brakes. 4by4. Pretty similar drives. I guess what your wants are explain your bid. I do hope the winner is happy!

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    • Drew

      You are apparently not familiar with the Early Bronco market over the last several years. Common non running rust buckets without the Military provenance often bring much more than the current bid.

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      • leiniedude leiniedudeMember

        Hi Drew, I am familiar with Bronco prices. They come up here often. I was never aware of the Military provenance. I will do some reserch on the Military rigs. As I said, not worth it to me. As you say rust buckets without the Military provenance often bring much more than the current bid. Not for me, but to some people ok. Take care, Mike.

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  3. local_sheriff

    Finally a classic Bronco (as of yet)not in the 5figure field! The mil-spec option would be an interesting detail about it, though shouldn’t be the deal-breaker.

    While 8k is a lot of $, it’s not all that bad should one really want a Bronco. This one is in a condition where one can actually justify putting it on the trail (mind one doesn’t need to wreck a vehicle though it’s used off road!).Fix the mechs,put on a mild lift and mudders and enjoy it on the trail; restore it later when you’ve forgotten what you paid for it

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  4. seth karpen

    they all had shift problems with the 3 speed on the tree shifters

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  5. Joseph

    Our ship’s vehicle in the Navy in the Norfolk area was a 66 Bronco six cylinder much like this one. It got abused by too many sailors driving it and very little maintenance. My parents said not to say anything if I couldn’t say anything good about someone/something. I’m through.

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  6. Smiley

    I have one of these parked on my carport and my husband has had it for maybe eight years and hasn’t done a darn thing to fix it up!
    I love antique trucks!
    Still looking

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