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Han’s Worldwide Sightings: Nevada

Not only is Han K a big fan of Barn Finds, but he’s a world traveler who is armed with a camera and a love for old cars. He has spotted some interesting finds over the years and he has graciously offered to share his international finds with us! Han lives in Europe, but he was recently here in the States and spotted a field of cars while he was driving from Nevada to Arizona. He pulled the RV over, grabbed his camera and snapped a few shots for us!

Han K Nevada Finds

There’s nothing like a perfectly lined up row of sun baked American iron. Since Han was just traveling through, he wasn’t able to get the story behind this field. Does anyone recognize this collection?

Han K Nevada Finds 2

Han K Nevada Finds 4

Do you see anything here that you would be interested in having? We see a few projects we wouldn’t mind having. Chances are the owner is holding on to them untill they get a chance to restore ’em… We want to thank Han for sharing his finds with us! As a bit of a teaser of what’s to come, we have included some photos of a pair of cars Han came across while in Australia in the gallery below. We will leave it up to you to identify Han’s finds. Good luck!


  1. Alan

    40’s, 50’s, 60’s… What a time warp!
    The ’57 Ranchero is ultra cool, and looks as though it may even be a runner? I’d think that many, if not most, of those cars should be recoverable, whether to stock or resto-mod levels. At the far end of the first photo is a mid-60’s Pontiac that is a style I have always liked. The stacked headlights were for a while the HOT look for the big cars. I see the tailfin of a ’59 Galaxie sticking out…

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  2. Danger Dan

    great pics hans!
    thanks for stopping & sharing

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  3. Mike D

    Looks like the glass is broken out of most of them, but, otherwise they look pretty solid , my dad ( r I p) could probably identify those late 30s early to late 40s cars, I spotted a 56 Ford. I hear this is common in the mid west ( I am in the NE) only to have some bucks!

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  4. Dirty Dingus McGee


    70’s also. Looks like a late 70’s, maybe 78, Z-28 beside the T-Bird.

    My biggest issue in going to a place like this, is I would want nearly everything there. Unless my personal Holy Grail was there, 56 or 57 Dodge D-500. Or Lord have mercy a 57 D-501.

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  5. jimbosidecar

    Yes, I often drive by this salvage yard halfway between Boulder City, NV and Kingman, AZ. They’re a bit pricey though. The owner wants to sell the entire business.

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  6. lucascub

    There was a field of cars like that on the farm down the road from where I grew up. I looked on GoogleMaps a few weeks ago and apparently they are gone. It would have been a challenge getting them out since they were 1/2 mile from the road and were there since the 60’s or 70’s. The cars were from the 40’s – Packards and LaSalles IIRC. As dumb kids, we shot out the windows with BB guns.

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  7. Quinton B

    Anyone know what the panel truck is?

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    • Tom

      1957 3/4 or 1 ton Chevy.

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      • Tom

        Maybe a Napco. Sitting pretty high in the front. Even if it had a missing small block, Seems to be sitting kinda high.

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      • Quinton B

        Ya, in my comment below I thought it was a 50s chevy.

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  8. Quinton B

    First pic on the bottom is of a 1965 Ford Thunderbird, the second picture looks like a 1930 Chevy Sedan, third picture all the way to the left is a 1956 Ford Stepside pickup the other 2 trucks are 1930 GMC, the fourth picture on the bottom looks like a 1950s chevy panel? the middle one looks like a 1940 dodge? The other one looks like a 1930s Diamond T? Then the 2 cars looks like 1940s studebakers?

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  9. big brian b

    highway 93 and 7th Kingman, AZ mohave desert

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  10. paul

    I can always tell the difference between rust here in the east coast & rust in the west, so. west, these are all salvageable, with effort, but at least the metal is for the most part their to restore.

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  11. geomechs geomechs Member

    That Ranchero looks like it could be restored without too many problems but I also like that ’57 Chevy panel truck with 4×4 conversion although I’m somewhat skeptical about the conversion being period correct. Of course I like the ’37 Ford 1 1/2 ton too. Better keep me away from there; I might buy something.

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  12. Bloodaxe

    The ’53 De Soto Sportsman looks interesting. It looks to be in fair shape from what little we can see of it.

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  13. jim s

    any of the trucks would work. great find and thanks for sharing.

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  14. Charles


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  15. Jim-Bob

    Let me try my hand at the Australian stuff: 1964 Ford Thunderbird; 2 1930 Chevrolets; 1956 Ford F series truck, International medium duty truck (Navistar?) and a pair of 1946 Chevrolet trucks; 1956 Chevrolet panel truck, 1946 Chevrolet medium duty dump truck and 1936 Ford truck; Two Hudson Hornets with an interesting Australian market front end; same two Hudsons.

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  16. Charles

    I’d love to get an in person look at that maroon 65 Pontiac full size…

    Can’t tell if it is a coupe or 4 door from the picture.

    There is always a chance that it is a 2+2 or some other rare combination.

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  17. Han Kamp

    Thanks for the kind comments. My personal favorites are the ’57 (4wd?) Panel truck and the Ranchero. Couldn’t bring these home as hand luggage though :=))

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  18. rjc

    Thanks Hans for sharing your pics. Looking forward to the rest of your pics.
    Any from europen would be fun.

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  19. Shilo

    I like the old T Bird but really lots of cars here that would be cool.

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  20. Brucercolbert

    Hans, you are the man !

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  21. Todd Z

    These photos don’t look like that place on Hwy 93 between Kingman and Hoover Dam to me. There’s grass on the ground, SNOW, and too many buildings/trees/power lines in the background.

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