What Happened? 1955 Cadillac 62 Convertible

Alright, this one is a bit confusing. From what I can gather from the seller’s rather short description that they discovered this Cadillac convertible in a barn just recently. After getting it out of the barn they installed a few replacement parts, sprayed some ridiculous looking flames and then took it to the Hershey Swap Meet to sell it. Clearly, they weren’t able to find a buyer for it there, so they’ve now listed it on eBay. Given the amount of rust and various other issues, it rather perplexing why they wasted time spray painting flames down the sides of this once prestigious drop top. You can find this huge project here on eBay in Poolesville, Maryland with a $9,500 asking price.

If they were asking this kind of money at Hershey, it’s no wonder they didn’t find a buyer! This is a desirable Cadillac, but it’s in rough shape and getting it back into tip top shape is going to get expensive. The seller states in the ad’s title that it had the dual quad carburetor setup, which if it is a factory 270 horsepower car, Hagerty values a #4 at $45k. The problem is, the engine currently has a single carb installed at this point. While rust is also an issue, find the missing parts will likely prove to be a bigger and more expensive issue to deal with.

It looks like much of the interior is gone, although the front seat and dash are present. The convertible top frame is also here and looks to be in decent shape. We don’t get a good view of the full interior, but the seller does include photos of the floors from various angles.

Here’s the car as it was found, in all of it’s dusty and rusty glory. Without the flames, it’s a bit easier to see the car’s condition. Whether the seller added them to hide some of the issues or to make it stand out more in a crowd, we don’t know, but at least they provided lots of close up photos. If you can do the body work yourself, you might be able to get this Caddy back on the road without breaking the bank, but making it a #1 isn’t going to be cheap. So what do you think of the asking price and do you think you could restore it without being upside down?


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  1. Coventrycat

    If it’s that bad, why not have some fun? I’d paint a big ol’ racing stripe right down the middle and say it’s a rare, early CTS prototype.

    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      Haha not a bad thought Coventrycat!

  2. JW

    I wonder if they did a quick hand sanding job then sprayed paint and flames right over the patina.

  3. Wayne

    Note to seller, “ Don’t do drugs”.

  4. AF

    Used as prop in stage production of “Grease”

    • TriPowerVette

      +AF – That was going to be my comment… Thumbs up.

  5. Karguy James

    It would have done better with the new “fad” of patina all over it. Another example of a once glorious cat falling into the wrong hands.

  6. danny ruble

    Reminds me of a piece of old furniture that someone decided to refinish. Upon inspection, someone in the know inspected it and proclaimed it to be a rare French Louie something and offered 35 k USD. The people were thrilled and began whooping, high fiving dancing a jig to celebrate their good fortune. The somewhat stodgy appraiser ruined their day by informing them that had it been in rough, but original finish it would have been worth easily triple the price. It is only original once.

    • Mark S. Member

      The thing about this only original once is the real original is long gone. The real original is a shiney new Cadillac not this beat down relic full of rust holes we see before us. This car needs restoration and paint anyway so why not have some fun with it. IMHO this only original once is waaaayyyy overrated. I’d like to see it after a good driver quality restoration with single stage paint just like they did in the factory when it was truely original. I guess I just like things to look shiney like when they were original. PS. if this car doesn’t get some fab work done soon there will be nothing left to save, one could argue it’s all ready there and is nothing more then a parts car. Personally I hope it gets bought by a skilled guy who wants a Cadillac convertible who isn’t all that worried about making a profit, just a classic.

  7. Mike B

    The vandalism was done by salt. In the long run spray paint didn’t hurt anything & someone had fun.

  8. sir mike

    Looked better when found……and might have sold

  9. ruxvette

    I think they’re called beer flames…

  10. Duffy Member

    I’m Sorry, but these sickco’s that did this to this vehicle should have their hands cut off. The drugs probably got involved. Just a hint, the asking price should be $950.00 and that is stretching it. Should not have had this vehicle on Barn Finds, I think this is the worst one I have seen. Just makes me sick to see this vehicle looking like this. I am sorry if I offended anyone.

    • grant

      “The drugs.” Lol. Cutting off hands is a little extreme, though. And this site has featured multiple Chevettes. Chevettes for Pete’s sake!

      • Rdkdave

        Speaking of Chevettes, I took my son to a car show and some lady had her super fancy chevette there. I put my hand on the top of the door where the window rolls down to by simple habit, and boy did I get screamed at. I know I shouldn’t have touched the car, but it was an innocent slip up, since all I did was look inside because my grandmother had one the same exact color, except hers was a diesel. Yes,I said that correctly. Diesel. thing sounded like it was going to blow up any second. Lol
        But yes,I did learn not to touch a car at a show, even if it was a rusted out chevette.

      • TriPowerVette

        +Rdkdave – When I used to show my CORvette (needed to make that clear), I had crowd controllers. They were large dowels in coffee cans full of hardened cement. They were dressed up with velvet and had a velvet rope through eyelets at the tops, running the circumference. Nobody touched my car, unless I said it was OK.

        It’s her fault. Bring a car to a public venue and take responsibility for keeping them at bay. People are people.

        Besides; before you touched that Chevette, did you make sure your shots were all up to date? At least a tetanus booster, afterward?

  11. Fred w.

    As tacky as those flames look ( I airbrushed some just like them on a 4-4-2 as a kid in the 70’s) they are easily undone with a media blaster, or maybe even just a pressure washer if they didn’t sand it.

  12. Rob S.

    Should’ve just painted it silver or white and tried to sell it. Flames certainly don’t help it. Cool car with the right paint job. Would really help the sale
    Looks like it’s from the “warriors” movie.

  13. Poptheclutch

    Maybe some of these people are the ones responsible for…you know the kind that spray graffiti on those box trains…
    And one of them said hey I got a brilliant idea. Let’s do the same thing on this caddy
    And ask 9k for it…we can’t lose!

  14. Dovi65

    Tho she’s a little too far down to be restored to #1 for a reasonable sum, I would bring her back to a good driver quality. Hopefully someone takes on this project as a labor of love. That Eldo wheel on the right front might bring a few dollars


    That thing is a roach. Have it dipped and there will be nothin left. PARTS CAR

  16. Madmatt

    Looks like about a $3500.00 rat rod to me,
    Nice driving originals can be had for under 30g
    Other than for love?,there’s not much sense in restoring
    it to original.Throw in a 472, nice custom interior,get body at least
    “solid”and in a colored primer with clear coat.would be a fun cruiser!
    Seems way high on the greed scale to me.!…?

  17. Steve H.

    They say rust never sleeps and it certainly didn’t nap when it came to this one.

    $9500? >>insert Picard facepalm here<<

  18. Maestro1

    Parts are not that much of an issue if one joins an owners club and/or subscribes to Hemmings Motor News, where all the parts are. Getting this car to a driver is North of $45,000.00 and isn’t worth it. You can buy fairly stand up cars of this ilk for less.

  19. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    Fred W “…if they didn’t sand it…” Do you think the sellers did anything in terms of prep? I was able to get my last MG down past two layers of paint to the original, beautiful, baked-on factory aconite purple by simply running a razor blade across the surface of two poorly applied, chalky paint jobs. Put this Eldo next to the black Continental Mark II from two weeks ago and pray you win the lottery to restore them right!

  20. newfieldscarnut

    Clown car .

  21. Ponyman1

    Note to seller…

  22. Ponyman1

    Note to seller….do us a favor and stay away from our beloved automobiles. Whoever spray bombed that needs their trigger finger removed.

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