Heidi Hetzer: Toughest Woman In The World!

Heidi Hetzers Hudson

The other day I passed this 1930 Hudson on I84 just before Boardman, Oregon. Further down the road I pulled into a gas station and soon thereafter there it was again. An older woman jumped out and starting pumping fuel. I noticed some stickers on the side of the car, so I asked her if she was driving across the country. She scoffed and in a German accent said “around the world… Look at the doors.” I tried to visit more but she was clearly in a hurry and on a mission with no time to chat! It wasn’t until later, after an Internet search, that my jaw dropped as I read about her adventure. This isn’t just a quick jaunt around the world, this is a round about journey that is going to take her 2 years to complete! Apparently, she is trying to follow in the footsteps of Clärenore Stinnes who completed a similar trip back in the 20s. Both of these women deserve some serious respect. Take a look at her blog Heidi Around the World here and be sure to say “hi” if you run into her!

Door Map 2

Door Map 1


  1. James

    Thanks for posting “Heidi around The World”.

    It’s a kick in the seat of pants reminding me that I haven’t followed her blog recently. Shame on me. I’m delighted to know that others not familiar with Heidi Hetzer, her travels and travails, will join in admiring such a delightfully mad (that’s a compliment!) motorist.

    Automatic transmission, air conditioning and other modern necessities – bah humbug.

    Referring to today’s computer foibles, Heidi states, “I do not that annoying technology anymore”.

  2. Dave Wright

    You can’t pump your own gas in Oregon……………

    • 365Lusso

      She probably told him that she’d kick his a$$ if he tried to fill her car…….awesome gal.

      • Dave Wright

        Have you ever tried that in Oregon? Those guys are like militant union workers with clubs………..

        Like 1
      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

        I tried that once when Josh and I were on a rally in Oregon. They got pretty upset. Makes you wonder what Oregon residents do when they leave the State…

      • Grant

        Jesse- We usually sit in our cars for several minutes waiting for someone to come, until someone tells us or we get smart lol. And I do believe that the law allows drivers to fill motorcycles and specialty vehicles. Or perhaps the gas jockeys out where I am are more laid back than the ones you met.

      • Dave Wright

        I did have one tell me it was ” legal” to pump my own diesel………it always makes me wonder about a government that has to use such arcane laws to keep there people employed………..like the firemen on trains the unions would not let go. For 30 years after they were needed.

    • Sid Member

      I have several special interest cars and when I fill them up in Oregon the attendance usually asks me if I want to fill the car myself or they might say they don’t want to fill the car and tell me they want me to do it. A few years ago, if I didn’t get prompt service I just went ahead and plugging in my credit card and started pumping. I tried that on my recent trip and after plugging in my CC the pump asked me for a a code that only the attendant knows. I bet this is probably universal in Oregon now.
      Slow service
      Don’t get your window washed without asking
      Good job Oregon lawmakers!!

  3. 365Lusso

    Hah!–funny :-). Bet she’ll take that club from him and stuff it where the sun don’ shine…..

  4. Cassidy

    Its so great that you ran into her at the gas station! Its awesome that she’s making this trek, but how does she get parts when Hudo breaks down? One great thing I didn’t realize about Hudson’s is their underwater capabilities. A good part of her journey is aquatic.

    I know, I know, she’s not really driving it underwater, but wouldn’t it be cool if that was a hidden “option” on Hudson’s? Was Jules Verne an engineer at Hudson? A guy with his smarts “dying” in 1905? Naw, I doubt it

    • 365Lusso


  5. MikeH

    No wonder the car overheated in the video. She added a gallon of water–a little water she says. That’s more than a little.

  6. Fred

    I have contacted Heidi and her daughter Marla and she is going to try and visit us in Marquette Michigan where we will treat her and Hudo as our guests

  7. Norm Labrie

    Here it is!!

    Will continue following your progress to the end..


    Norm Labrie

  8. Harit Trivedi

    I find it great and am mighty pleased that she chose an American car. I maintain that American cars right up to the early 1970’s are mechanically easier to maintain than others including RR, Bentley, Italian and French exotics etc. Maybe Mercs can go well, but parts are expensive. Over here we have overhauled a lot of engines and the Americans were easy and last well.
    Just an appreciation. Cheers

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