Last Bronco Ever Sold? 1977 Ford Bronco

This 1977 Ford Bronco may look like just a clean example of a first generation Bronco, but this truck has a very interesting story. Ford made a lot of these trucks and through the years they have been used, abused and modified. It is rare to find a nice original example but the history of this truck is intriguing, it was used by an Indiana Ford dealership from new in 1977 until 2013 when it was first titled. Prices of first-generation Broncos vary greatly, this one has a $102,500 BIN. Check it out here on eBay in Hamel, IL.

According to the eBay ad, this Bronco was used with a dealer plate by an Indiana dealership from 1977 until 2013. Occasionally we come across a vehicle that has remained in the hands of a dealership for years. What is really unique about the story is it seems the truck had enough use to accumulate some mileage, the current mileage is around 42,000 although it is not mentioned how much of that was put on by the current owner. Although it has been somewhat used, this Bronco is said to be one of the most pristine original examples in existence down to the paint and original factory markings.

Speaking of the current owner, the caretaker of this Bronco is the CEO of Gateway Bronco Seth Burgett. I would love to know more about the story of how this truck spent its life with the dealership, judging by the condition I assume it was gently used by dealer personnel and not used to push snow around the lot. Considering this is a high-end vehicle with a hefty asking price I would expect more pictures, the ad does not include any interior or underhood shots. The ad mentions the truck being on display at Barrett-Jackson and an upcoming article in the DuPont Registry so more information is to come.

Although the photos are limited the description says the powerplant is a 302 V8 attached to a manual transmission, desirable powertrain in my opinion. I would not be afraid to drive this truck since it is not ultra low mileage. The price tag is high, but there are other Broncos out there with a six-figure asking price and this one is a one of a kind. It will be very interesting to see the next chapter for this one.


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  1. Big Mike

    I don’t know story sounds a little far fetched to me. Most states do not allow Auto Dealers to keep Dealers plates on the same automobile for more than a model year, and used car dealerships can only drive a single car for so many miles at a time, or at least it is that way in Missouri, I managed a Auto body shop for a few years for a local dealer!!.
    I will say it is nice looking one of the best I have seen in years that has not been a total restore! But not worth that price!

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    • Ralph

      It varies from state to state, but when I sold cars, everything that the dealer owned or drove had a dealer tag on it, regardless of model year, we had 3 parts trucks of various vintages from a mid 80’s vintage C20 to newer WT1500’s and they all had dealer tags on them.

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  2. Dave

    Nice survivor, maybe Ford should buy it and learn why people are paying house money for rust buckets. Those never lasted more than a few years here in western Pennsylvania.

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  3. DanaPointJohn

    Why didn’t the seller spend some money to get this Bronco professionally detailed? Sure would have shown better, and the $100K+ asking price would have been more convincing. And at that price, toss-in the trailer!

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    • CapNemo

      For that price, add the house in too!

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    • Rocco

      What part of barn find don’t you understand!!

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    • Rocco

      Stupid comment it’s a barn find!!

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  4. tasker

    Seth knows his way around barn find Broncos…Believe he owns the very first one as well….

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  5. Will Fox

    Considering a company LITERALLY offers a brand-new Ford authorized re-pop of the `66 `77 Bronco body today (to build any way your heart desires) This guy is jumping on the current Bronco craze, which like mood rings & pet rocks will hopefully die off before long. Like VW buses, a strange interest got started on these by a small group, and prices shot straight thru the roof!! I could care less what Barrett-Jackson auctions trigger the price to; all I see is a last-year Bronco in decent shape. It’s NOT the Hope diamond, folks.

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    • papa bear

      It is his company that builds new Broncos…

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    • Carl Jackson

      Hey!!! my daughter loves pet rocks!!

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  6. Steve R

    The owner is fishing, every write up on this vehicle is advertising his company. He knows that, it’s smart, if someone actually pays that much for it it’s an even bigger win.

    Artsy pictures and a unusual story doesn’t equate to a six figure value. I don’t see how it’s history adds much if any value. It’s value stand or falls on its condition.

    Steve R

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    • Francisco

      Its value stands or falls on what nut is willing to pay a premium price for it. There’s a nut for every bolt out there.

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  7. J Liu

    Per Francisco….”Bingo”…lol

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  8. tony

    There only original once a vehicle in Ohio can stay on the MSO for as long as the dealer wants to hold a vehicle if there’s I don’t know about Indiana I do agree I think a price a little high but we’re going to find another one like it

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  9. Matt steele

    It’s nice but at a cost of a new vette and a mid priced jeep …no thanks

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    • Rocco

      Are you the Truck U Matt Steel??

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  10. Richard Hughey

    My Barn

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  11. Matt steele

    New vette $60k new jeep $30k.. That leaves $10000 to build a garage to put them in

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  12. Ralph

    66-77 Broncos….. suddenly the air cooled 911 of “collector SUV’s”

    Overvalued and overrated.



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  13. HoA Howard AMember

    That’s a hefty claim, I’d hope he has more documentation, and even if it is, big deal. They make it seem like it’s the last Bronco ever. IDK, for that kind of money, you got a tarp strap holding the spare tire on? I’m not familiar with this business, but I’m not too impressed, sorry.

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    • Bellingham Fred

      I was wondering about that tarp strap myself. OEM? or dealer add on? Aftermarket? Is it supposed to have that twist in it or is that a “hack” that someone came up with to get the proper tension after it has stretched out a bit.
      Then there is a yardstick on the hood. It is too short to measure the bankroll of the buyer, and too long to measure his or her IQ.
      For 100 large take the time to de-clutter the vehicle before you take the pics.

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  14. FargoMonkey

    I like these old broncos, always have, and the back story is cool, but in the end it’s still just a low miles, good condition old used bronco.
    To me, anything north of ten Grand for something like that seems ridiculous.

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  15. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.

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  16. MB

    Is it in nice condition, check, is it a desirable model, check. Is it a good value. NOPE. Seller on crack. 20K, yup. 25K, maybe. 30K, nope. 102K NFW.

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  17. local_sheriff

    At that price you cannot use this Bronco where it definately belongs;out on the trail or in a nearby bog playing all day long!

    Love these Broncos , however at that price this must be an utter joke…?

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  18. Blueovaldude

    Cool vehicle but not for the asking price. Especially with the DS fender tapped so hard it f-d up the door! $28G max to the right buyer!

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  19. Jake

    Weak representation and a BS story of the “last bronco sold”. A technicality and who cares. If it was the last one built, that would be something, but still not $100k. Also who cares about who Scott is and if he is a CEO of whatever. Not remotely relevant to the truck. The BS, self indulged marketing is going to turn more buyers off that help the sale. Do better.

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    • UK Paul

      100% agree.

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  20. MB

    Buy a Jeep TrackHawk instead, and have a better, faster, rarer, vehicle and save 30 grand for a garage and a lift….

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    • Francisco

      Or the Alfa Romeo Stelvio with 505 hp v-6 and 0-60 in 3.5 sec. All that for just 80 thousand.

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      • MB

        I love Alfa’s, but you can’t drive them every day, they suffer from same affliction as British cars. They only run 3 weeks a month, it’s your job to figure out which 3, or walk. Ask me how I know.

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      • Ralph

        $80g’s is a lot to pay to drive a loaner car 3 weeks out of the month…….

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  21. Malcolm

    Wait a year and buy two 2020 Broncos!

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  22. Jeep Guy

    Lets see….I can buy this Bronco or a 63 Corvette split window coupe for the same price…Hhmm. does not exactly sound like a difficult decision. Its amazing how a sentimental story adds $50k to the retail price of an SUV.

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  23. Captain

    We sell Broncos Daily, good luck to the seller but selling any car for 5x it’s worth because a dealer drove it privately and never titled it until 2013, then claiming “Last Bronco Sold” is a wrong way to do business.

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  24. Ted

    Soon as you see barret-ripoff mentioned you know that’s going to add a 40% premium.

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  25. Grant Parker

    There are some cars/trucks for which I might pay $100K-plus. This Bronco ain’t one of them.

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  26. Jan Snider

    The Buy It Now price is $102,000. Now what he really gets for the Bronco is anybody’s guess. Original? Yes, worth $102K? I do not think so. If you buy it at that price, you must really want a Bronco.

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  27. cmarvMember

    I was going to make a bid . EBay wouldn’t accept it .

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  28. Not high on drugs

    All I can say is , this guy must be high on drugs to think he can get someone to pay that price.

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  29. lbpa18

    If the seller was trying to figure out how to get $50K for this, this might be a good way. Some guy with a lot of money would see the $102K BIN price, make a “low ball” offer at $10K more than the stratospheric prices they seem to be going for and both he and the seller go away happy.

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  30. Bob

    I find it strange that some people suggest buying a new vehicle instead on an old Barn Find. To me, that is like comparing an apple to a freight train. Personally I love driving and owning old cars. I would not take the gift of a new car unless I could sell it and use the money to buy an old car. That’s only me. Thank goodness most people do not agree or there wouldn’t be enough old cars to go around.

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    • triumph1954

      Bob. So true, that is why you and I and other like minded folks are on BarnFinds. Some people don’t just get it!

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    • M. C. S.

      Bob, I am with you 100%.

      People always saying to “just buy a new car” seems totally tone-deaf and honestly disgusts me, especially on this site.

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      I agree. I think people do that, so they have something to compare the price to. $102,000 dollars can buy quite a bit today, with luxuries early Bronco owners only dreamed of.This is nothing more than the novelty BS, like FJ’s and AH 3000’s. I think people find out after the sale, they aren’t that nice.

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  31. Paul quinn

    I would like to see the guys wife has to say when he parks a $100,000 dollar Ford Bronco in the garage !

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  32. moosie Craig M Bryda

    What’s the significance of the yard stick? Bronco is too expensive!

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    • tballusn

      Craig – I’m guessing it is from the original dealership that drove it all those years based on storyline. Agreed, way too expensive more storyline that real. Look at rest of companies offerings – a “strike while the fire is hot” ripoff artist. Compare his pricing to what you can get “new” mustangs from Dyncorn – half what this “Richard Rawlings wannabee” is charging. Don’t get me wrong, love those old 1st gen Bronco’s, but they were a very spartan vehicle, not worth 6-figures.

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  33. John J

    Some vehicle stories are interesting and might add value, not this one.

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  34. JCF

    $102K? Please! $20K at most……….

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  35. Paul

    These ride terrible, handle worse and we’re not dependable when new.
    Also ugly… me anyway…….but there is a sucker out there that will buy it and loose a ton of money on it!

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