Massive Muscle Car Stash In South Dakota!

If you are a Mopar fanatic or a Muscle Car nut, you will not want to miss this upcoming Vanderbrink Auction! We recently heard from Yvette about this auction with a few details about the collection and the man behind it. Alan Rietz, who sadly passed away last year, amassed an amazing collection of cars ranging from Road Runners to Imperials and just about every other desirable Mopar ever built. His widow has decided his cars need to go to good homes, so everything is going to be auctioned off on June 9th, 2018 in Mansfield, South Dakota.

It’s truly amazing just how many Mopars Alan was able to collect. It looks like he was really into Plymouth Road Runners, he even found a 1969 convertible big block 4-speed car that is one of only 1,800 or so built! Yvette shared a few photos of the collection with us, but with so many cars and parts to catalog it will take them a little while to get photos of each individual cars posted. They just recently posted a video of the collection, which you can view below.

Another look at the Rietz Mopar Collection to be sold no reserve June 9th 2018 in Mansfield SD.I'll be loading lots of pics and more in Spring.Www

Posted by VanDerBrink Auctions, LLC on Wednesday, January 3, 2018

If you aren’t much of a Mopar fan, don’t fear, there are other cars in this collection that might be of interest. Alan was just starting to get into Chevys prior to his passing. He owned quite a few Imperials, a hand full of Corvettes, a couple dragsters and plenty of pickups. There’s also lots of parts, ranging from car engines to motorcycle parts. While you will be able to bid on all of the cars online, bidding on parts will be on-site only.

We hopefully will be able to make it over to the auction preview on June 8th to see Alan’s collection. I want to personally express my condolences to Alan’s widow and I hope the auction goes well. I also want to thank Yvette at VanderBrink Auctions for the early preview and we will be sure to do an update as more photos and information becomes available! So do you see any vehicles in Alan’s collection that you would love to have?


WANTED 70 to 73 Dodge cuda or challenger looking for a driver , small fixer upper if required Contact


WANTED 1964 Ford Fairlane 500 2 dr HT I need both rear quarters Contact

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  1. Dean

    Eagerly awaiting the listings


    Unbelievable, wow, just told the family were going to SD for vacation .l would be happy just to walk around and admire this gold mine.

    • Dusty50x

      I only live a few miles from Allen’s Collection 18 miles to be exact and there is a lot of stuff on that sale. Once he got a Mopar he never sold it no matter what so I have no idea what there is out there because there’s so many. I’m not a Mopar fan I’m Pontiac but I knew Allen

      • Barry

        Dusty50x, I’ve been trying to find his place on Google Earth, but only see a few farms with very few vehicles sitting around. Can you elaborate as to where his farm is located from Mansfield or 281. Thanks!!

      • Barry

        Disregard, I finally found it on Google Earth.


    The old ” a huge collection in the Dakota’s ” story eh?

  4. Dean

    I do recall seeing a lot of black widow spiders hanging out in old cars when I was a kid up north. That will temper my enthusiasm…some

    • Dave

      Haha..and poisoneous snakes everywhere too.

    • Ryan

      This part of the northern plains, not much for black widows or poisonous snakes; possibly a brown recluse or 2, but thats about it.

  5. Matt Member

    About a 45 minute drive for me, im going! Taking my neighbor “Mopar Dan” with, it will be great….

    • Dan allen

      You know it Matt I knew alan I hope to end up with something alan was hardcore Mopar like me Mopar dan

  6. Dt1


  7. Dave Mc

    I see a ’70 road duck vert. My ’69 didn’t look like that from the front. I don’t do Assbook so I’ll have to leave the rest to imagination.

    • Jim

      Whats a road duck vert??🤔

      • Dave Mc

        Back then a Road Runner was a road 🦆 to the Ford guys.

      • half cab

        I’m pushin 6oh n never heard that ether

  8. 86 Vette Convertible

    Wow! That had to take him quite a bit of time and $$ to gather up that many vehicles.

  9. JamestownMike

    WOW! You can sure bet Mark Worman from Graveyard Carz will be attending the sale!

  10. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    RIP Alan Rietz. Do not waste your time on the 10 minute video. Instead, take your favorite old rig for a cruise. This auction proves again that life is short. Best of luck to those of you who attend!

  11. Mike

    Hard to watch in vertical video. Like looking through a keyhole.

  12. dwise

    Wouldn’t it be so awesome to be so filthy rich you could just buy the whole farm with everything on it.
    I’m not that big of a mopar fan but I’m 50 years old and would love to have everything there and just go through one car at a time and make each one the best possible and sell it.

    If I worked 6 days a week at it I could probably never be done with all of them in my lifetime.

    But it sure would be fun to try.

  13. Steve

    Instead of telling everyone “its not for sale”, maybe he could have made sure the cars went to good homes before he died and left this enormous task to his wife. Makes no sense to me. Not a real good caretaker of these vehicles if you ask me.


      I doubt that he planned to pass away at only 64 years of age. I imagine that he figured that he probably had another 20 years left in him. Without knowing the circumstances of his death we have no idea if he even could have put a plan into place to move the cars and parts onto others. Or perhaps his plan was to start selling things when he reached a certain age and to use the money for his retirement. Unfortunately he did not get to that age to put his plan into effect.

  14. Aref Burns

    found his obituary, its a pity we couldnt be interviewed about his collection before he wet RIP!

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Thank you Aref.

  15. Barzini

    I wonder how the huge inventory of parts will be auctioned. There looked to be more than a dozen engines among other parts.

  16. Buick Fan

    Hopefully the stories and specifics were shared with someone to help inform the sale.

  17. MikeSuperSport

    I can understand people wanting to hold onto their cars to the very end. What I don’t understand is the mindset of folks who have so many cars they know they won’t have time or the means to fix, restore or use and they let them rot or simply deprive true Car guys/gals from enjoying. I have seven collectible cars but don’t want to burden my wife with liquidating them when I’m gone so plan on selling one a year as I get older to spend on vacations. There will be one I’ll keep to the very end – my first car 70Nova SS and she knows that.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      A great idea Mike on selling one a year. I hope you have youth on your side. Also agree about to many cars to restore. But if he was anything like me, he probably liked just looking at them. A cool feeling. I hate to be the Grim Reaper here but a pirate looks at 60 comes to mind. I know, Jimmy sang 50. I have been giving away and selling a bunch of my cool crap to people that will enjoy it now. I could check out any day now and would prefer it to go to a motorhead as opposed to going in a dumpster. Sorry, I have nothing for a 70 Nova. Although I do have some finned Corvette valve covers for a small block if you would like them. Take care, Mike.

      • MikeSuperSport

        Thanks Mike. I have a 66 Corvette- if the valve covers are for a C2 you can reach me at
        Good luck and thanks. Mike

    • Chris

      A lot of car collectors are just simply hoarders. They just hoard something we also like. But they seem to take care of them the same way the people who hoard animals do.

      • Buick Fan

        Land of the free! Hoard what you like, but animal abuse is a crime.

    • Steve

      Mike, what other cars do you have that you wil e selling ?

      • Steve

        will be

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Mike, I will dig them out and email you a photo. Take care, Mike.

      • Allen

        What do you suppose the bidding will start at on the RR’s I have always wanted a RR ever since I first saw them

  18. Morley Brown Member

    Oh Boy another (YAWN) Mopar collection!

    • glen

      Thumbs down!

    • terry vicena

      as long as you are not bidding these things… up

    • Derek

      Morley instead of being so negative why not just let the people that enjoy looking at these pics? If it was so boring why did you take the time to look and comment why not just move on? I love ALL old cars I don’t understand you overgrown high school types (my Ford is better than your Chevy). I don’t get people on here that have to run everything down if they don’t like it.

  19. Ikey Heyman Member

    In a well-publicized auction like this with desirable cars (that have a strong following), how can anybody expect to get a “deal”? If you’re on a budget, I would think you’re better off looking elsewhere.

  20. gaspumpchas

    Will be interesting to see what this stuff brings. Some of these guys bid hot and heavy then come down with Buyer’s remorse when it comes time to settle up. This happened when Yvette auctioned off a bunch of Chevies that had zero miles on them, the ones that sat outside took a beating/ Like Ikey said, you probably wont get a deal…

  21. David Miraglia

    Like the Plymouth Valiant in the photo.

  22. Radarone

    You just never know, Ikey.

  23. stillrunners LAWRENCE Member

    If THAT’s the recently bought/found 1970 Plum Crazy RR convert – it’s a one of one…a Hemi….4 speed…..sold already if it is.

  24. GP Member

    Looks like a lot of good cars/trucks there and I might go to the sale. I hope the person taking the video has a real job though.

  25. Maestro1 Member

    If i was closer i would go. There are always opportunities in situations like this.

  26. DB

    This guy must have lived and breathed Mopar for a LONG time. I did see what I think is an A100, the van pickup. Betting folks will need a huge bankroll to even come out with anything worth buying. I am not a Mopar guy but I do know the value is high on a lot of those cars, but not all of them. Good luck if you attend.

  27. angliagt angliagt Member

    I drove through Southern South Dakota last October –
    it’s like Nevada/Wyoming North.

  28. Derek

    Fascinating to look at these pics of people that stash stuff away for years. Even if I am not interested in any of them it is fun to see these stories.

  29. Walter Joy

    If that brown/Orange RR is a 440-6 bbl Auto Car, I may have found my cousin’s old car. He bought one new

  30. Big Mike

    This Gentleman reminds me of another Gentleman Farmer around East Prairie, Mo. He collected Ford Trucks and cars, and Ford Farm equipment, never sold or got rid of any of it. My Grandfather had talked about Mr. Bevo Howell for years, and all his “STUFF”, Mr. Howell died back in early 2000 in his 90’s, and when the Family decided to clean out his “STUFF” so when I hear about the auction, I had to go. The auction took 5 days and was broken up into section, like Cars Trucks, Tractors, equipment, etc etc. Well the report I had heard was after the auction was over the family pocket well over 750K. I remember the hours of walking from building to building, (15 barns) on the 1000+ acre farm. 90% of the stuff was in great shape and they brought in big money. His pride in the collection of “Stuff” was 3 – 1/4 scale working Peerless steam engines/tractors that he built, they were given to a museum in Tennessee for display, as a kid I can remember a day Grandpa took me over there for some reason and he had one of them fired up and running. I always loved steam engines, and have been to Mount Pleasant, Iowa many time for the Steam show up there. On well the stories!!!!
    I want to Wish the Family Good Luck with the auction!!!!

  31. T Mel

    These auctions are fun to attend, but agree with those who said the hype pushed a lot of prices beyond what similar cars sell for elsewhere. Some are justified for rare engines or other options. But what disappointed me most was Yvette’s apparent lack of very common car knowledge. Don’t get me wrong she’s a great promotor, but after 16 yrs of doing these auctions I just would have thought she would have picked up more car knowledge. The one auction I attended she was getting basic stuff like year, model names, and engine sizes wrong much more often than my OCD could tolerate. VanDerBrink process, fact checking, and info accuracy didn’t seem very professional to me.

    • Kevin in Iowa

      Her lack of basic knowledge of ANYTHING she’s auctioning is annoying at best. Her staff as well. Considering she grew up in an auto parts salvage yard you’d think she’d know more. That’s Nordstrom’s Auto, rural Garretson, SD. Her sale bill’s always have numerous typo’s. She’s nice in person but online (Facebook)……..DO NOT correct her because no matter what, she’s right and you are w r o n g! I’ve been to two of her auctions, old vehicles near Beresford, SD (30 miles away) and a huge motorcycle & parts auction in Greenfield, IA (200 miles away). I filled up my truck with parts at Greenfield and resold at a hefty profit. Overlooking her lack of knowledge, she is nice in person.


    was There In Neb @ her auction where she sold the chevy dealership lasted 3 days i think. A lot of rotted out junk went for Wayyyyyyyyyy too much money.The owner just stored his used cars in A field outside of town. Was in business for almost 50 years. SHE IS GOOD PEOPLE. YOU CAN REST ASSURED THAT THERE WILL BE A LOT OF PEOPLE THERE SOME BUYERS AND SOME LOOKERS. SOME OF THE STUFF WILL GO FOR BIG BUCKS LIKE THE SUPER B THE RR CONVT THE CHARGER STUFF LIKE THAT AND WHO KNOWS WHAT PARTS WILL GO FOR. IF I KNOW AUCTIONS SHE WILL GET THE MOST SHE CAN PARTS MAY OR MAY NOT BE BUNDLED . WE WILL SEE.

  33. RoughDiamond

    It will probably be an awesome experience, but with these cars now being investments, I doubt if there will be any good buys to be had. I hope though that someone on Barn Finds goes and gets lucky.

  34. chevyman

    Good to see seven corvettes inside the buildings and not laying out in a field exposed to the elements. Glad he had his priorities in line

  35. KSwheatfarmer

    Quite a collection

  36. Tom Hergert

    Just organized an auction very similar to that and it was a ton of fun. You get a lot of Internet commenters saying “everything will be overpriced!” but found that to not be the case at all at most of these. Sure the high end cars they promote (Super Bee, Road Runner Convertible, probably the Chargers) will go for a lot but bet you will be able to get deals on a lot of the parts especially if you aren’t competing with online bidders. Just remember (and no offense to those who live there) but it’s in the middle of no where and they will limit the crowds. Now if I can get out of going to the concert I bought my wife tickets for for Christmas that is on the same day…

    Here is the auction I organized last summer:

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