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Mystery Palm Beach Collection


Reader Claudio H. discovered this abandoned warehouse in the Palm Beach area. It and the property around it are littered with old cars. He tried to do some research to see if he could find out who the owner is and what the story is behind this collection. Sadly, he was unsuccessful at finding any information on it and is hoping the BF community can help him learn more about it.


This collection includes a wide variety of cars, from ’60s sports cars to big ’50s luxury sedans. Most are showing the effects of prolonged exposure to the elements and look to be in rough shape. The ones parked indoors look like they are in better shape, but not much.


Claudio has identified a few of the cars, but there are still lots left to identify. His list includes a ’60s Corvette, two ’57 or ’58 Lincoln Town Cars, a ’50s Cadillac Convertible, a Porsche 928, and what he thinks might be a ’70s Buick Skylark. Points go to whoever can identify the most cars. We want to thank Claudio for send in his find and we hope he can track down the story behind this collection. If anyone knows more about it, please share! Let’s hope someone will be able to save at least a few of these cars.


  1. Ken Kosakowski

    Get me an address. I’ll find the owner. Whole family is down there. Let’s bring them back

    • Mike Litscher

      I also have connection in the Ft. Lauderdale / Palm Beach area let me know if I can help.


    • Angel Peralta

      Is this Ken the pilot?

  2. Tom Rogers

    Are they for sale? I would love to pick out a couple as projects and make offers.

  3. Stuart

    I see a Triumph TR2-A and the rear end of a Datsun 2000 roadster but there aren’t any more pictures!!!

    • P"hilip

      Sorry Stuart but there is no such thing as a TR2A, there was a TR2 which became a TR3, then there was a TR3A ( there was a 3B whhich was a 3A produced after the TR4 came out), followed By the TR4, then the TR4A IRS, then the TR4 was produced again for American market only,dealers cried that they could sell more TR4s than TR4As.

      • stuart

        Okay well thanks for the ridiculous level of detail. The only british cars I’ve ever owned were Jags and they sucked. They looked good but Lucas, the prince of darkness always wins…

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    • Paul

      I think you are right on the Datsun Roadster, but something looks wrong on the rear of it. Obviously converted to a racecar.

      Is that an old Dodge next to the BMW?

  4. Skip Middleton

    Ok, I’ll bite, a ’67 ‘Vette (see the reversing lights above the license?) a mid ’50s Lincoln Continental mkII, a Triumph TR3, a ’60 Cadillac Convertible, hard to tell if its an Eldo or not, ’40(?) Ford, an ’80s 7 series BMW, a Volvo of about the same vintage, it looks like an early ’50s Studebaker peeking around the corner of one of the doors, a late ’70s Chevy pickup, an Austin of some vintage, a ’56 Caddy. There’s more, but the lower photos are too small on my monitor…

  5. rancho bella

    Get the address. Go to the tax assessors web page. Go to pay property taxes, type in the address and it may provide the owner/s name.
    Or one can go to the tax assessors office and look up the property and owner.
    At least that is what I do in my neck o’ the woods in SoCal.

    • rancho bella

      I’m lovin’ the Triumph………..but man………sitting outside and Florida isn’tt exactly a dry state……………..taint’ lookin’ good.

    • conservativesdefeated


      STOP with the common sense! lol

      Besides which Florida is a pestilent hole.those cars are toast

    • Harry

      Or just pull up a flatbed and load a couple on it. Do it openly and whoever owns them will come crawling out of the woodwork (unless he’s a dead drug runner). Just sayin’ . . .

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  6. Horse Radish

    First of all hardly ANY industrial buildings get abandoned.
    They get neglected by the owner as long s he’s getting his rent and by the tenant s long as he is paying the rent.
    As for the cars they’re not abandoned either, since I would say the owner of the property is getting his rent or else he would sell them fairly quick for lien owed on the back rent….

    But Why not cover the convertibles with tarps.
    The building is basically useless as the openings allow all rain in anyway…

    Here is my list just looking at them without research:
    1990s BMW 7 series
    1940ies Ford tractor
    1960 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible
    1966 Chevrolette Corvette coupe
    1956 Lincoln Continental Coupe

    1958 (?) Triumph Tr3
    1950ie Chevrolet
    1950ies Plymouth

    Looks like a 1935 Adler (?) convertible
    next to 1955/56 or 57 Cadillac Convertible
    next to a Facellia (Facel 3 ?) convertible
    (or a Datsun Failady roadster missing the taillights)..

    the outside pictures are too small to identify the cars
    except maybe the pink 55/6 Buick Roadmaster

    • Mike W

      Behind the red sports car is a 1950 Oldsmobile 88, very collectible.

  7. douglas birgfeld [BIG D}

    is that a olds coupe by that TR. 40 ford looks like it could be saved

  8. David Reeves


  9. paul

    all right spit it out, where is this?

  10. Matt Sebastian

    I am connected to a number of commercial real estate brokers in the area. If you share the address with me, I am sure they can get the owner for me. Glad to help if you like.

    • Philip

      There’s a vague chance that you’ve stumbled on the old plant warehouse of Briggs Cunningham where he buikt his Cunningham racers, he also raced boats in americas cup & yes he was quitr wealthy. He died in ’03, but this may be a place he stashed part of his personal collection & maybe the estate overlooked it.

      • Skip Middleton

        I doubt that the Colliers missed that much of it. And his personal collection was in Newport Beach Ca from 1966 to 1986 after being in Greens Farms, CT, I think.

      • Michael Nascimento

        There is a yacht in the back, look at the small picture. Google earth it and there are maybe 5-6 boats scattered on the property with the cars.

  11. MikeThePlumber

    Let’s liberate these beauties!
    Dibs on the TR! :-D

  12. Mike

    I know the owner guys & gals… You are all wasting your time. The owner is loaded and he will not sell these cars…

    • paul

      well we could figure that out other wise they would have been gone along time ago, but as usual with these finds these guys will just leave it to the elements to turn them to dust, usually they are pried from a cold dead hand , if you know what I mean.

    • rancho bella

      nice……………….good thing he is letting them rot……………

      • paul


    • Vicki

      Can you give me his name since you know him. Could be the first.

  13. Christian Swanson

    Here are working links to larger versions of the three little photos:

    I think photo 4 is two 50’s Chevys, a 60’s Steudebaker, a 70’s Cadillac, a 70’s Ford Van, and an airport shuttle.
    I think photo 5 is a late 70’s or early 80’s Chevy truck, a 70’s VW bus, an 80’s Lincoln and an Avante
    I think photo 6 is a VW Beetle, a Karman Ghia and a Tahoe

    • scot

      ~ thank you !

  14. Dan Farrell

    That Mark 2 Lincoln Continental is probably one of the rarest and most valuable cars in the photos.

  15. Scott McGrath

    Type the address in here – and you’ll have contact information. The Lincolns, Caddies and TR… damn… all of them should be saved. Email me if you need/want help tracking down the owner and saving them. It isn’t as if we don’t have the resources to get these things back in shape in PBC.

  16. Tom Rogers

    I would help with either of the Caddie convertibles in exchange for first right of refusal.

  17. Richard

    I drive by that place everyday…I have been wondering about it for the past 2 years! I am going to check it out more closely tomorrow

  18. Sunbeamdon

    Again and again – with empasis – “the tin worm wins again”

    Florida DMV was very helpful to me in verifying the “non existence” of a Sunbeam Tiger supposedly titled there. Maybe they can help??

    • Bernie H

      Hey Sunbeamdon, looking for a sunbeam 260?. Try in Arlington, TX. They have one with no title supposedly from Louisiana. I tried to buy this year, but Byron is still trying to get title from owner before selling.

  19. Brian

    If you zoom in on the bottom thumbnails, you can see an air cooled Beetle, 70s era Lincoln Town Car, and what looks like it might be an Avanti. Anybody tried looking at this place using Google Earth? The overhead shots might show more cars.

  20. Mark E

    Only in Palm Beach would you have a milestone classic car like a Lincoln MkII Continental sitting out and rotting with nobody doing anything about it. You can go to the county auditor or assessor to find out who owns the property and go from there but the quicker path may be to question the nearby neighboring properties. You’ll probably find out more than you want that way…

  21. JC

    205 Pike Rd
    West Palm Beach, FL 33411

    8083 NW 103RD ST
    HIALEAH FL 33016 2201

  22. JC

    Could be rented out to Panther Towing

  23. Noah

    somebody, PLEASE post this place’s address!!

  24. JC

    PPL linked to that address.
    Betty L. Dunn
    Lowell S. Dunn

  25. Sunbeamdon

    This is a sad case of neglect; on the other hand there are some winners (as opposed to us winers)

    A young client just called – he was cleaning the carpet for a family so they could sell the house. He discovered the 94 year old decedent’s, 68,000 mi ’53 Lincoln Capri 2dr HT, pristine condition – looks like he may get it for $9,000.00. He may end up flipping it, but in any event to a good home. As I pointed out, the primary risk is “hanger rot”. Gee, I just talked myself into stepping-up for this one!

  26. jim

    i’ll take the 8N. great find.

  27. scot

    ~ hoarding is a disease. the only cure (not a cure) is death of the hoarder.
    on my fb page today i linked to thesmokingtire article named ‘CraigsList Optimists’ and quoted, commented;
    ~ “Project” is actually a legal term many of us use to justify keeping old and/or decrepit things around the house. We use this term to ward off the scolding of a significant other, or to impress our friends, or justify procrastination.” too true. i have an acquaintance with hundreds of project cars deteriorating in various locations. he suspects several have been stolen but how could he possibly know?

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  28. Sprocket

    From what MIke says above, I’ve also heard from some friends of mine.
    He ain’t sellin’ and apparently he does not like tresspassers either. I’ve driven by it quite a few times myself, it’s very close to the intersection of two major roads in the area (one of which is a toll road). That Mark II has been siiting out for a few years now. Of course after reading about the father/son Vette story…..good luck to anyone to try to liberate them.

  29. Bob Hayton

    The MK II is a California car ,had the black plate on it and the wheel covers used to be there too. Someone has made it over the fence.
    The doors all blew out of the building in the two Hurricanes we had about 10 years ago and the cars have been exposed since. SUCKS !!

  30. Mike

    The building has been like that since 2005 when Hurricane Wilma hit it. Supposedly it is still in litigation over the damages so nothing is gonna happen until that is over. Could still be quite a while.

    • Mike

      It’s right off the Turnpike and Southern Blvd. it’s really a shame, they’ve been getting rained on for almost 8 years now and there was a good bit of rust in most of them before the storm.

      • paul

        wow really that’s around the bend from the fairgrounds where Barrett Jacksons is held every year, you would think he would get a hint!

  31. stigshift

    Hopefully this post show the property. Hopefully…

    • stigshift

      Nope, but it’s easily viewable at the NW corner of the Florida Turnpike and Southern Ave.

  32. Vicki

    Give me the address please and I’ll find out. Thanks! Vicki

  33. Mike W

    I found it on google maps at 249 Pike Rd, Palm Beach, Fl

    • Mike W

      Just google the address by hi- lighting it, or coping it and use the street view to go around to the back to see the little red car that looks like a custom tote motor used to tow things around the yard. Maybe a local can tell us what it’s made from or better, get some pics. We have a thread going about it on FB abandoned cars group.

  34. johnforsman

    In Europe the Facel Vegas can go for $100-200,000. Might be worth restoring. I’m in Italy now and it is car show season.

  35. Mike W

    In the back on Hooper rd there is a small red roadster beside the motorhome, can anyone id it?

  36. Rick

    Where the Society For the Prevention of Cruelty to Classic Cars (SPCCC) when you need them?

  37. Dwight Reed

    Drove by this many times, you can see the Vette from the Turnpike, allways wondered why the cars were wasting away,

  38. Dave M

    I live in the area. An address would be helpful. I could help trace it down. Would be interested in looking over a few of them.

  39. zincorange

    7653 Hooper Rd. Pam Beach Florida

    • Mike W

      When I google that address, I see the little red roadster, anyone know what it is? you have to zoom in on it to see.

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  40. BT

    That warehouse is just off the Southern Boulevard exit from the turnpike (just west of the exit on the north side of Southern Boulevard). I noticed the Triumph there about 5 years ago. It gets moved around from time to time, but the interior has been exposed to probably at least 300 inches of rain at this point. A hoarder is a good description because an enthusiast would not subject those cars to those conditions!

  41. stuart

    how do you get to the other pictures?

  42. Sunbeamdon

    Bernie: thanks for the Sunbeam lead – one never know what lurks in the bushes – I’ll contact them out of curiosity – see what it leads to.


  43. twwokc

    “The building has been like that since 2005 when Hurricane Wilma hit it. Supposedly it is still in litigation over the damages so nothing is gonna happen until that is over.”
    You would think the owner would have least boarded the place up. He knows what he has there or he wouldnt have bought them. Wonder what the motive is.

    • paul

      Motive you ask, why to watch them turn to dust of course! What else is their?

  44. Ed

    I drive past this place daily. I have not seen any change in years. That picture could have been taken years ago or this morning, makes no difference. On the north side of the building are the rotting remains of a DeTomaso Pantera too.

  45. sarah treays

    Sadly in UK , so too far away !!! Fascinating as really interested in old abandoned classics etc! 2 sad old ? Jaguar / x 1? awaiting something / restoration in Herefordshire – spotted ,must be about 1996 – outdoors but appear visually intact !! Fascinating, as just sitting in garden and being mowed around !!

  46. JC

    If you want the address, please look @ my post from earlier. All the info is there. Property address, owner’s address, and Google map link pointing directly to the property.

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  47. Cameron K

    I looked up Generation III on It could be several different people because there are several Generation III named (or similar named) incorporated in FL with addresses in the Dade, Broward, Palm Beach area. Do some easy investigative work and you’ll find your answers.

  48. Frank K

    if the google street view is accurate, those cars have not moved an inch in at least 2 years.

  49. buk

    Gold car is a 60’s Facel. Opposite side of the Caddy looks like an Austin 7???

    • Horse Radish

      Finally somebody sees it too.
      I personally think the other car is a 1930ies Adler

  50. Brian

    If you pull up the 205 Pike Rd address that someone posted on Google Earth, you can see that there’s over a dozen cars sitting outside of the building.

  51. Ian @ Jewel or Jalopy

    Shame, sounds like the owner is waiting for an insurance settlement.

  52. Dolphin Member

    Lots of interesting comments here, but from the time that’s passed, the condition, and the positions of the cars outside the building, I’d say this is owned by someone with an odd approach to things. Even if he’s waiting for something to happen, it would make sense to get them inside instead of leaving them out in the FL rain.

    I could be wrong, but my guess is that the approach to things that I’m guessing this guy has might not be good. Given that life is too short anyway, if I wanted any of these cars I would deal with people who actually want to sell their car by putting it up for sale, or I would put a ‘car wanted’ ad out there, which can sometimes bring good ones out of the woodwork. And nowadays it’s all free in CL, or almost free on eBay.

    Drive, baby, drive…..preferably sooner rather than later.

    • paul

      Obviously he is doing this because he can, does he really give a rats ass about these cars, not at all. I am sure this is just another insignificant thing the guy has. But what he doesn’t realize is this is So Fla. land of high humidity & their comes a point that the cars become pointless, so he might think the car’s are worth x but when he does try to liquidate he may find that there isn’t much value to any of it.

    • Mike W

      He probably got paid off by the insurance company and doesn’t even own them anymore. The insurance company does and they don’t think period!

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  53. buk

    I’m sure the guy is aware what S.FL weather does to a classic car…

    Insurance issues related to Hurricane/Tropical Storm would make perfect sense. Until the beef is settled, you shouldn’t touch what’s damaged. Damn shame! Would love to have a few of those.

  54. Mike Guthrie

    Maybe Ted Vernon in Miami knows the whole story?…He’d be a very good local authority

  55. Iron Mistress

    I think the Datsun fairlady is really an Elva courier/

    • buk


  56. Scott

    check out this link with more images

    • Scott

      zoom in and look then rotate direction for other views

    • paul


  57. tomokc

    Lot of interesting stuff in the bushes/trees too.
    Somebody has to be paying the rent/ mortgage/taxes on this place or it and the cars would have been seized by now.
    This just makes no sense whatsoever.
    If the hurricane story plays into it I can see a long drawn out scenario with an insurance company and lawyers. Bet there is some sort of litigation going on.

  58. Tom Rogers

    With reference to the two Dunns mentioned, this popped up on Google search:

    The Lowell S. and Betty L. Dunn Family Foundation, Inc.

    Updated 12/14/2012 – This profile of The Lowell S. and Betty L. Dunn Family Foundation, Inc. was created using data from Florida Department of State
    Company Reports from Dun & Bradstreet
    Lizbeth Arencibia
    Loretta S. Dunn
    Betty L. Dunn
    Lowell S. Dunn

    Loretta and Lizbeth are probably their two daughters.

  59. omar

    Motion picture cars!!! Left over after filming ended.

  60. MrBwok

    If this is owned by the Dunn Family, it may have been part of Lowell Dunn’s Collection and may be his shop, or parts cars. He was an avid collector who bought anything and everything he liked. he died in 2006 from lung cancer before his Museum in Georgia opened. Here is a link from an auction held in 2009 or 2010 i believe it was rescheduled or something

    • Mike Lliteras

      It is not the Dunn Family

  61. Mike Lliteras

    This is what is going on right from the owners mouth. Everything was damaged like I said before, during the Hurricanes of 2005. Most of the cars were immaculate before the storms. Now, for whatever reason, they are parts cars for his main collection and NONE of them are for sale. He has other warehouses with his main collection.
    Sorry for the bad news but these cars are not going back on the road.

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    • Mike Ll

      I told them I wouldn’t give out their name & number. If you email me and tell me what you want, I will ask them if its ok.

      • Mike Litscher

        Do you know if they have any Jags in the pile ?


  62. Vicki

    Would you pleased give me the owners name and number? I would like to speak to them.
    Thanking you in advance.

  63. kevin r

    my dad and i have been dreaming of that place for years ,we see it from the road everytime we are up that way and i have always wanted to walk around and dream

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  64. walter

    talked to them awhile back it is the owner of moroso park race track and would rather let them rot than sell any of them although they say you may be able to talk to the girlfriend
    there is also the betty boop car from the movie

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  65. Andy

    The ’56-57 Continental Mark II is not a Lincoln. It is a Continental.

    • SkipM

      Indeed it is. Bad habits die hard… ;-)

  66. Michael

    I have been watching this location for some time now. I spoke to a guy in the industrial park behind this location. I was informed that the owner is an old guy up in Ocala, FL and will not sell them as he has tried many times.

    My thought is this. Does anyone remember what happened in So. FL back in the 70 and 80’s? It was a HUGE Drug business. Most likely these cars are not moving because they have a stolen record against them.

    Also, the photos you took from the front does not show everything. Along the back fence there are a bunch of other cars that the trees have overgrown. I know I have seen the back-end of a 57 chevy sticking out.

    This is truly a shame that this owner has allowed this to happen. I would love to have one of these vehicles to restore with my son.

  67. Wayne

    Well, since Hurricane Matthew just past through here last week, this is the view now… Such a terrible waste!!!

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  68. Wayne

    The building roof collapsed as well as the front wall.
    There seems to be a caretaker on the property but I haven’t seen him in person, he stays in a camper in the front yard.

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  69. Wayne

    View from the building front of the collapsed wall.
    Only information I was able to find was what’s already been posted.

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  70. Mike the Plumber


  71. Commander Flash Gumby

    Crazy waste… :o(

  72. Gary Wolfe

    I know Dave Rupp use to own Moroso Race Track & he collected a lot of old cars,,,,,,,,,,, I think he passed away a few year’s back though,,, ! ,,,,,, Hmmm,,,,,,,,!

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  73. George R

    I’m sure that this building belongs to Dave Rupp, a south Florida car collector, and business man. When I moved to Florida in 1994 that 1956 Lincoln Mark II was in his warehouse down by the airport. He told me that it belonged to Lana Turner. The warehouse was torn down and the cars were moved to pike road. Don’t waste your time trying to buy the cars, he will not sell them to anyone.

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  74. Glenn Crooks

    I knew Dunn
    He had lung cancer and died in 06
    He had a collection in his mtn chalet I was lucky to see in Suches Ga
    About 14 in his air conditioned museum in his house.
    He had loads of car. Fabulously wealthy. Talked 199mph

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    • Mike

      That’s what I heard about him also. I’m surprised this thread is still going. It’s more than 5 years old.

  75. Wayne

    I’ll take a couple of pictures tomorrow post up. The building is completely torn down and the cars are just laid out for all to see. I think a few cars made it to the scrapyard, and a few more have been spotted laying across the far East of the property.
    However, I think some activity has been going on and a few cars are missing and a car transporter has been seen on the property.
    There’s still a watchman there and I haven’t had the chance to approach him.

  76. Scott F McGrath

    Any chance you might try to have a word with that watchman tomorrow? It’d be neat to have some more info. (…as well as the pics :) )

    • Mike

      I live about 45 min away. I’ll check next time I’m up that way tho.

  77. Mike

    They have another warehouse also so they might finally be clearing this place out. These were all supposed to be parts cars.

  78. Bob Hayton

    Last time by there , the cars were all outside and most of the building was taken down .

  79. Mike

    For everyone who’s emailed me or asked about these cars, here you go
    If this link doesn’t take you right to the page, search Dave Rupp’s Private Rat Collection or Toby Neverett Auctioneers

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