No Rust All Original! 1955 Dodge Custom Royal

This 1955 Dodge Custom Royal is one amazing car. Not only was it the top of the line for Dodge, but it also has a Hemi V8, everything works, and there is no rust at all, according to the seller! This gorgeous car can be found here on eBay with no reserve and a current bid price of just over $2,600. It’s located in Syracuse, New York.

This was and is a fancy car for Dodge, known for mid-level cars made by Chrysler Corporation. Chrysler was supposed to have the super fancy cars, not Dodge. This blue beauty “has original paint, thin on the roof and hood. No rust what so ever.” That’s so rare for a car of this vintage to not have any rust, this either was never driven in Syracuse in the winter or it’s not a New York car.

The seller is relisting this beautiful Dodge for the third time, believe it or not, due to deadbeat bidders. Actually, I can believe it, unfortunately. The trunk “has factory cardboard, trunk mat, spare tire, and jack.” I’m yet again stunned at the photo quality or lack thereof. These are all vertical-format images and most of them are chopped off rather than showing the whole car. I continue to be amazed at how even in 2018, a full 4+ decades after Al Gore invented the internet (hee hee).. photos in online ads aren’t much better than they were years ago. But, enough of the soapbox, back to this beautiful car.

The interior, what little we see of it, does look almost perfect other than a stain on the back seat. The seller says that the “Gas gauge, E brake, heater, dome light, and instrument cluster all work properly. Headlights, tail lights, turn signals, and license plate light all work properly. All factory tinted glass in very nice condition with no clouding.” They go on to say that the “tires are very old. The brakes should be serviced along with general maintenance to be road worthy again.” Still, this is such a great looking car, it sure would be fun to tinker with this beautiful machine over the winter to get it ready for summer cruising and show season.

Here’s a major draw of this car, other than the rest of its other qualities: Dodge’s Super Red Ram 270 cubic-inch Hemi which would have had 183 hp in 2-barrel carb form or 193 with a 4-barrel carb. This one “runs good, shifts, and stops.” This car only has 35,000 miles on it and it sure looks like the real deal, doesn’t it? What a beauty. Are any of you fans of these big mid-50s Dodges?

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  1. canadainmarkseh

    What a differance a year makes this car makes the 54’s look primitive. I like these Mopars this car has loads of class to bad it wasn’t a 2 door hardtop, but I’ll bet they’re scarce. I like what I see under the hood too. It’s worth saving even as a 4 door. JMHO.

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  2. That AMC guy

    Nice car, lousy photos! I guess in 1955 it would be be a two-speed Powerflite transmission. What is it with so many photos these days being blurry on the sides?

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    • Scotty GilbertsonStaff

      That AMC guy, most of the photos were vertical format or didn’t fit the horizontal format here so that’s why they have the weird look on the sides on some of them. We’ve been doing that for years with vertical photos to get them to fit the horizontal format.

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  3. Del

    Here is an example of the bidding that iis rampant on these auctions.

    He has listed it two prior times and the winning bidder was a NO SHOW, both times.

    So when you see that a car sells for a ridiculous price , it has not really sold.

    This is a wonderfull low mile example. Wished I lived closer and could go see it.

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  4. junkmanMember

    It’s called “shill bidding” just have one of your pals bid it up for you, when nobody bites, they don’t have any consequences. A lot of it going on on E Pay.

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  5. Del

    Yeah. I know about schill bidding.

    But I am not accusing a lot of sellers of this.

    What I am seeing is unrelated bidders just going crazy with no intention of honouring their bids. Dont know if its kids or mentally unstable people.

    But its rampant and people believe the car sold, when it did not.

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  6. Pete in PA

    My parents owned the downmarket Coronet version of the 55 Dodge at the time I was born in 1960. The story goes that I escaped mom’s supervision, got in the Dodge, and started playing with all those fun knobs and levers. I managed to release the parking brake, the car rolled down the driveway (facing forward) and rolled into an electric pole that stood in our lawn. I don’t remember the event but I do remember the caved-in left front fender seen in later photos of the car . Now where are those photos…

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  7. Carl

    So I wonder if I know this car, I have been going by a car that looks just like it everyday in the summers with a for sale sign in the windshield. I stopped in 2 years ago and the owner wanted $9000 for the car.
    The car needed brake work like this one. Plus the owner pulled inside in rainy weather and I have not seen it since the snow has started falling here.

    If its the same car it is in great shape.

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  8. Carl van Kesteren

    I have been driving by what I think is this car for sale on my way to work every day in the summer. I stopped by 2 years ago and the owner wanted $8500.
    Its a nice car, if its the same car

    I just left the seller a message on E Bay asking if its the car I think it is

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  9. Bob C.

    Pre Forward Look Dodge. I think those horsepower ratings are pretty good for its displacement and the time. If I remember correctly, Sergeant Carter drove something like this during the early episodes of Gomer Pyle.

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    • Don

      First year of Virgil M. Exner’s “Forward Look” was 1955. This is a beautifully designed car, far better than the ugly, old-fashioned 1951-1954 models.

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  10. stillrunners

    Like the Dodge wagon….the owners of these two should get a clue – their cars aren’t that well liked to bring in big money.

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  11. edh

    Who bought these when new? How can you look at the ’55 Chevy and say “no thank you, I’ll take the ugly Dodge.”?

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  12. Gay Car Nut

    Awesome looking car! I’ve never seen one in person, but I’ve seen pics of the 55 Dodge Custom Royal. I find the 1955-56 Dodge to be the best looking car of the 50s. I hope this car went to a good owner.

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  13. Del

    No one would prefer a 55 Chev before this car.

    In its day, it would have blown the Chevs doors off

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