Nomad Project: 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

The seller of this ’57 Nomad states that it’s all original, but a few things are a little off. There’s definitely a few pounds of Bondo hiding under the paint, which obviously isn’t factory original. It’s been parked in the seller’s garage for a number of years with plans of one day restoring it, but as things often go, they never got around to it. It’s hard to say exactly what you will be getting into during the restoration, but being a Nomad, it deserves to be saved! You can find it here on eBay in Taunton, Massachusetts with a current bid of $10,101.

The 283 V8 is also said to be the original, which could very well be. The orange overspray would suggest that it’s been worked on at some point. It’s said to have not run in years and the condition is unknown. It would at least be nice to know if it turns over or not.

The interior shows signs of older restoration work. A closer look at the door jambs reveals paint runs and overspray. And obviously, the carpet isn’t original, but that’s pretty minor all things considered.

The area under the tailgate definitely isn’t original! It looks like there are some serious rust issues hiding in there, so you might want to have a closer look at this one before buying! That being said, with bidding already up to $10k, clearly there are more than a few people out there that would love to have it! So, do you think this Bel Air Nomad is something you’d want to take on?

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  1. PaulG

    Run Forrest RUN!!

    • Steve R

      Three pictures of the headliner trim, four of the dash and front door panels yet none showing the door jambs, rockers, lower quarter panels or other rust prone areas speaks for itself. The sellers description is also light on specifics.

      There are more than a few red flags with this one, anyone interested in this car would be wise to thoroughly inspect it before finalizing the sale.

      Steve R

    • Wrench97

      Over spray? looks more like it was painted with a roller or brush……….

  2. Jeff

    RUN To The Bank With A Wheel Barrel RUN Forrest RUN!!

  3. jw454

    It appears there’s more mud in this car than in the Mississippi river. It has the wrong air cleaner so that’s about a $500.00 part right off the bat if you plan a correct restoration. This one is going to take some seriously deep pockets to get it into top shape either original or resto-mod.

  4. Beatnik Bedouin

    JW is right – this Nomad is full of ‘Bondo, Bondo, Bondo’ (to incorrectly paraphrase an old song).

    I think this may be more of a horror story for the next owner, sadly, which is a shame, as being a V8/stick, it’s an unusual combination for Chevy’s top-of-the-range wagon.

  5. Alan (Michigan) Member

    How many pounds of Bondo is in the car? Well more than “a few”! Every piece of brightwork is corroded and/or pitted. Every steel body area is filled below the beltline. No underside photos, and I’m not surprised at all about that.

    This is what remains of an amateur “Mud and color” job, done not that long ago, IMO.

  6. Mountainwoodie

    Bondo Wagon Ho!

    Wow……This poor Nomad looks like it was marinated in a pond. Why would anyone do such a poor job repairing the extensive rust on this? Isnt it worth replacing the panels? Under the doors is downright scary. That said I’m guessing the seller decided against investing the money needed to fix this poor dog. Even so if it was the only way to get into a Nomad.somebody will take it…….and get out the cutting torch.

  7. JohnD

    “All original” except for paint, carpet, seat covers, air cleaner . .. And that “carpet” is just laid in there. . . Why does it look like it covers the spot where the floor used to be????

  8. Will Fox

    Unfortunately, this Nomad is hiding some serious horrors that I feel don’t even come close to warranting $10K. Not sure how many replacement panels for `57 Nomads are made today, but that seems the most practical way to go, if one is truly serious in resurrecting this. It’s not even apart, and the list of body panels needing replacement are too much to list here.

  9. Tim A Householder

    Get the thing running, lower it a bit,California rake), some decent tires/wheels, and drive it, have some fun!!

  10. Dan in Tx

    Use it to get lumber and cement at the hardware store. That’ll freak out all the gear heads!

  11. John

    Different folks have different ways of using the word “original” do they not?

    • 71FXSuperGlide

      Yep. But there’s only one way to phrase ‘Caveat Emptor’.

      No thanks.

  12. kevin fay

    Wrong air cleaner should be oil bath one lots and lots of bondo car needs a total strip down to see whats useable engine shouldnt need much this type of car is fairly easy to get up and running just spark and gas and make sure timeing in place still going to cost a lot to make real pretty and chrome is a big cost car reminds me of one I had in 70s that was in worse shape these cars are getting harder to find still Is a good find for some one

  13. Mike

    Come on you guys, the description says “the body is in good shape”. So, there shouldn’t be any problems. 🙂

    • 71FXSuperGlide

      Well, I guess if I was that age and my body looked like that, I might be tempted to say my body was in “good shape” also.

      Hmm..come to think of it.. 😀

  14. James Martin

    Prime example of people paying way to much for a name plate. And which is it a 150 210 or Belair big difference in price guide for each car.

    • Andyp

      Nobody has paid anything yet. The 10K bid is most likely a shill. As many have said. Run

  15. Johnmloghry

    Rust fast lane to bust. 57 Nomads are the coolest wagons (includingSafari’s) but to much restoration equals to much money. There are nice ones available, pass on this one.

    • Steve in Charlotte

      I love Nomads however given a choice I’ll take a ’57 (my Birth year) Safari!

  16. Wayne Thorpe

    I restored a 1957 Chevy BelAir Nomad 20 years ago that was in about the shape of this one, I think, not seeing the frame. I replaced the lower portions of the quarter panels, the floor, part of the dash, and list went on. My chrome was in better shape and the headliner bows were in much better shape. I agree with the others that say RUN. Unless you have VERY DEEP pockets and will be doing much of the work yourself, this will be an expensive restoration. My car was a 3 1/2 year project during which it was like having a part time job. Save your time and frustration and buy a nice one. You’ll be glad you did.

  17. Wrong Way Member

    Even though I despise any car that wears a bow tie, I have to admit I would love to have this Nomad! Probably the only Chevy I would ever allow into my garage!

  18. P T Cheshire

    Sitting untouched for years . . .but has 4 new Coker radial on it?

  19. Jason

    Josh, what auction are YOU reading because NO WHERE do I read where the seller stated this thing is all original as you state? If you’re going to do these articles you have an obligation to the readers to be correct in what you write!

    • Craig

      Not sure what you’re looking at but the word Original is about the 7th word on the heading of the ebay ad?



    Seeing and reading these story,s of barn finds is very discouraging I saw and drove and worked on most of these veh when they were NEW !

  21. Gary Wylie

    In this case, ‘all original’ only means that it’s NOT a retromod… 🙂

  22. Oliver Felix Rojas

    Obviously this car is iconic in nature. It is a dream for anyone who has memories of them on the road.

    If I saw this vehicle for sale, I’d admire its styling, be thankful I came across it and walk away.

  23. P

    If you think this will be in my driveway….

    You have a better shot of seeing Paul Lynde JUNIOR!

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