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What A Nose! 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Survivor

This is either the most flattering or least flattering angle for this 1977 Cutlass, depending on how you look at it! With only 15,000 miles on the odometer, this might be the cleanest example on the market. From this angle, you can really see the styling that Oldsmobile was going for and it worked. Though not for everyone, this front end is very Oldsmobile! The last year of the third generation Cutlasses, this car can be found here on eBay in California with bidding at $10,177 as I write this and no reserve. Thanks to reader Bob J. for sending this one in! 

Supplying some power is an Oldsmobile 350 with an output of a whopping 170 horsepower. Though none of the pictures are great, they all show this engine to be in aged but original condition. With the exception of some chipped and faded paint, this engine bay is in cosmetically excellent shape. Though it looks to have been cleaned, perhaps a deeper cleaning would make a big difference on this engine! A nice survivor like this would certainly draw a crowd at an event. Even the R12 A/C blows cold!

If the paint and engine didn’t sell you on this Cutlass, perhaps the interior will! Though this car is brown inside and out, after all it was the late ’70s, the interior is a 9 out of 10. The seats, dash, and carpet all look like new with the exception of wrinkling and minor wear on the driver’s seat. If I were new car shopping in 1977, this probably would’ve caught my eye because of this nice warm colors! Based on the low-mileage and care, somebody obviously liked these colors on this car too.

While this Cutlass may not be as valuable as some of the generations that surround it on both sides, it is without a doubt a seriously nice vehicle. The seller describes this car as as “time-capsule” and after looking through the ad, I do not disagree. I will be curious to see what this car brings, as finding a nicer one for sale right now might be a challenge. As nice as it is, I would be afraid to add miles to it. Would you drive it? Or keep it locked up safely?


  1. Tom Member

    I wish I could buy it right now. Bad timing !! I would drive it locally – cruise nights – etc. 15K miles is very low but enough to where putting a few thousand more on it won’t make a difference. 15, 150 or 1500 miles = different story. Wow, what a nicely kept car. Not sure what the value is on this one. No HP but one of the nicer cars from the mid-late 70’s for sure.

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  2. Terry J

    If I recall the TV ads, this (and the years around it) were the #1 selling car in America. Like them a lot myself. :-) Terry J

  3. Dallas

    How about the t-tops?

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  4. 68 custom

    nice old Cutlass that unfortunately has those T-tops. I guess as long as it stays a garage queen it is of no matter. otherwise nicely equipped with buckets and console plus the olds 350 responded to emission equipment better than most.

  5. Art M.

    I would drive the wheels off of it. They are meant to drive. Just consider it a new car, just without a warranty and way cooler. I like the t-tops, you don’t see many with them.

  6. redwagon

    Olds Cutlass was the best seller in 1976. New style Impala claimed that crown in ’77

  7. Alan

    Last year I bought a 1979 Hurst/Olds W30 Gold/White combo beige interior with 7K original miles. Only approx 2500 of these were ever made. Looks lime new and drives like new. Asking price was 23K I got it for 21K

  8. jw454


  9. Rustytech Member

    These were the #1 selling car for a reason, and this ones beautiful! Many didn’t like brown as a car finish, but I thought they we’re classy. I’ve had several GM cars with the t-tops and never had a leaker, the trick is to keep the seals and the channel mating surfaces clean.

  10. MrBlueOval57

    Though I’m basically a Ford fan, I always liked the Olds Cutlass’ and T-Tops so even a brown/tan one is appealing to me.

  11. Andre

    Not valuable enough to justify garage queen, but stylish and reliable enough to drive. Great car and buy.

  12. nessy

    The 76/77 Cutlass models were the number one selling cars in America along with the 77/78 Chevy Caprice. I have a 77 Supreme Brougham in black with the firethorn red pillow velour interior with T Tops. The 77 Cutlass Supreme was one of the most beautiful looking cars of the year. Just look at that front end!

  13. Rabbit

    Great selling cars when new, then again as used cars. Back in the mid-80’s, we couldn’t keep a Cutlass on the lot. Even if there was more filler than metal in the doors, they just sold. In Buffalo, they were pretty bad rust buckets. See also: 75-77 Grand Prix, Monte Carlo & Regal.

  14. JohnD

    This one has everything — almost. I had a 77 Buick Regal as my first car, but really loved the look of the Cutlass with its squared fender wells and stylish grille. Bucket seats a T-tops, yeah I’ll take it. A Rallye steering wheel like my Buick had should make it even sweeter!

  15. JohnD

    Look at the condition of that spare and trunk. These leak badly as they age, further evidence of this examples rather pampered life in the dry Cali climes.


    learned to drive in my dads 76 Brougham. triple black with 60/40 pillow top seats.
    The styling of these cars hold up so well most wouldn’t guess its from the 70’s The brown dont cut it for me though.

  17. BRAKTRCR Member

    Always loved these. Had a friend that had a 73 which as all of you know was the first year of this body style. He ORDERED it brand new. When it came to the dealership, he, and the salesman, realized they didn’t check one box on the order sheet. It was the box for POWER STEERING. Everyone was shocked, but my friend was ok with it. I can still see him wrestling that wheel.Even then power steering was pretty much on everything.
    This 77 looks to be a great car, and at under $11k seems like a bargain. I think I would rather have my wife in this, than her 2015 Malibu. Not sure she would agree though….

  18. David Miraglia

    great car always liked the design.

  19. glenn

    what was that i saw sticking up from the roof from the back?

  20. AMCFAN

    I remember these in the 1980’s with the quarters and rear bumper rusted off. Some clever drivers would even install a wooden plank for a rear bumper to keep the lawman at bay. Ahhh fun times.

  21. Steve

    My dad bought one brand new. Great date car!

  22. W9BAG

    My Mom bought a ’76 in ’77 with 19K miles, silver, with a burgundy Landau top, and matching interior, 350 4bbl. I loved driving that car. VERY comfortable. Great body style.

  23. K-Mack

    Ordered one new in 77. Brougham, black on black, 350-4 barrel, super stock III wheels, everything but T-Top. A great car and ws much faster than people thought.

  24. Brian

    sold $12980

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